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At James Ruse, talented and interested students have the opportunity to participate in Olympiad activities. Olympiads exist in the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Informatics and Mathematics, and take the form of examinations which challenge and enrich even the brightest students. Every year, the Australian Government funds and coordinates the Olympiad programs through the Australian Science Innovations and the Australian Mathematics Trust, which involves competitions, training schools, and eventually, the sending of an Australian Team to each of the International Olympiads, regarded as the pinnacle of success for high school students around the world.

James Ruse teachers offer extensive training programs in the Olympiads, involving after-school classes which help enrich and nurture the interest of all students involved. 


The Biology Olympiad goes beyond the HSC course into 1st year university territory. At James Ruse Biology Olympiad is highly structured and taught by experienced tutors, resulting in high rates of success in previous years and highly positive feedback. As it does not involve much maths and is fairly relaxed, Biology is the olympiad of choice for people looking to be scholars and advancement in their HSC studies.





James Ruse has a rich tradition of success in the Mathematical Olympiad Program, a result of the excellent training and enrichment program, taught by experienced teachers and past International Mathematical Olympiad medallists. Mathematics at the Olympiad level, although very demanding, is extremely rewarding in terms of critical thinking skills, logic processes, and many participants have had success in university  (some being accepted to Cambridge, Oxford and MIT), as well as in later life.