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Rural Ruse

Rural Ruse is a large co-curricular group at James Ruse AHS. 

The group's mission statement sets out Rural Ruse at James Ruse Agricultural High School promotes and fosters the continued active participation in rural activities by all young Australians.  

We achieve this through:
  • Active promotion of participation in farm activities 
  • General promotion of agriculture 
  • Fundraising to sponsor students participating in State Rural Youth activities

The annual membership fee is $12.00 with membership compulsory for ALL students involved in the following activities:
  • Poultry feeding and care 
  • Cattle group 
  • Aquaculture group 
  • Bee group 
  • All other on-farm co-curricular activities

Many competitions are held by Rural Youth for its members each year, including:
  • Active contribution to the Castle Hill School Schools Display
  • Achievement book competition
  • Club publicity scrapbook competition**
  • Creative sewing competition 
  • Fashion review 
  • Literature competition (short story, poem or job application) 
  • Rural Youth Member of the Year competition 
  • Photography competition 
  • Public speaking competition* 
  • Quiz competition* 
  • Impromptu debating competition* 
*  Requires the competitor to attend the Annual Conference
**Competitions for our club as a whole

Most of these competitions have cash prizes and two $500 scholarships are also available.