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Community of James Ruse

The Community of James Ruse (COJR) plays an integral role in the James Ruse Agricultural High School community.  We aim to bring parents, staff, students and citizens together to advance the interests of the students and the school.  We raise funds through the annual contribution made by the parents and various fundraising activities.  The funds are donated to the school to improve the school facilities and support the identified projects.
COJR  Executive Committee 2015
President: Para Parameshwaran
Vice Presidents: Ash Dey and Gavin Rewell
Secretary: Constantine Lawrence
Treasurer: Kane Ragavan

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COJR  2015 Dates (TBA)

COJR Recent Accomplishments

  1. $175000 towards the renovation of three science laboraties
  2. $27000 for new textbooks to support the introduction of the Australian Curriculum
  3. $114,600 towards air conditioning to most of the classrooms
  4. $12,000 towards library resources
  5. $7,500 towards Gifted & Talented Subsidies
  6. $7,821 towards school diaries
  7. $2,000 towards the purchase of baby grand piano
  8. $1,173 towards the printing of calendars