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Code of Conduct

To ensure a safe and happy learning environment, all students have rights and responsibilities they are expected to uphold. These are outlined in the table below.

Everyone has the right... Therefore, it is is each student's responsibility to: be happy and to be treated with respect, understanding, tolerance and dignity.
  • Be tolerant, caring and respectful of others
  • Try to understand other students and teachers, and offer help where appropriate, be fair, don't tease, bully, verbally abuse or belittle other students self-expression.

  •  Listen to and respect opinions of others learn.  
  • Learn all you can, and don't disrupt the learning of others
  • Work hard in class, complete homework and assignments on time
  • Be prepared for class and arrive on time
  • Ask for help if you need it
  • Listen to others
  • Work cooperatively with others a safe and healthy environment. 

  • Act in a safe and considerate manner a pleasant, well-maintained school.  
  • Look after school buildings, grounds, equipment and furniture
  • Put rubbish in the bin
  • Handle equipment carefully expect their property to be safe.  
  • Respect the property of others
  • Be careful with your own belongings and do not interfere with those of other people
  • Hand in any lost property you find
  • Ensure your name is on all your property go to a school of which they can be proud.  
  • Uphold the good name of the school
  • Always behave in a way that will reflect credit on our school