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The HSIE (Human Society and Its Environment) faculty has the very important task of introducing students to the humanities and social sciences.

Ample opportunity exists for our gifted students to achieve their potential through a variety of extension and enrichment activities which have been incorporated into all teaching programs. Our faculty also has a strong focus on development of our students’ literacy, research and critical thinking skills.


The HSIE faculty offers a broad range of courses.

Year 7

All Year 7 students complete the Mandatory Stage 4 History Course.

Year 8

All Year 8 students complete the Mandatory Stage 4 Geography Course.

Year 9 & 10

All Year 9 and 10 students complete the Mandatory Stage 5 Geography and History courses. In each year they do 2 semesters each of Geography and History.

Students also have the option of studying Commerce and/or History Elective in Year 9 and 10.

Year 11 & 12

The senior courses offered are: Economics, Ancient History, Modern History and History Extension.


Excursion opportunities vary from year to year, but some of the regular opportunities our students enjoy include:

·         An Ancient/Medieval Weapons and Armour Show for Year 7 History students

·         Fieldwork at Warragamba Dam and Penrith Lakes for Year 8 Geography students

·         Fieldwork at Bicentennial Park for Year 10 Geography Students

·         11 Modern History students go to the Sydney Jewish Museum


We encourage our gifted and talented students to participate in a range of competition, some of which include:

·         History Mastermind Competition for Year 7 History students

·         Australian Geography Competition for Years 8,9 & 10

·         Australian History Competition for Years 8 & 10

·         History Debating for Year 11 History Students

·         ABS Business Studies Competition for Year 10 Commerce Students

·         ABS Economics Competition for Year 11 and 12 Economics Students