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James Ruse offers elective study in three foreign languages: Japanese, French and Latin.

Year 7 A compulsory 13-weeks taster course in Japanese, French and seven weeks of Latin (Latin study is in Term 4). The order of study of Modern Languages is rotated from year to year.
Year 8 A compulsory 100-hour course in Japanese or French or Latin. Students select the language for study after their taster course in Year 7.
Year 9 Elective study: Japanese, Latin and French.
Year 10 Elective study:  Japanese, Latin and French.
Year 11 Elective study: Japanese ( Latin in 2017)
Year 12 Elective study: Japanese

Japanese is an established and highly respected part of the syllabus at James Ruse. It is taught from Year 7-12, including the Extension Course in Year 12. 

The standards and the results of the students at James Ruse in all years of study are highly respected by other schools who regularly seek copies of assessments and programmes.  Many of our students go on to continue their studies of Japanese at university or resume their studies some years after completing high school so they can use the Japanese to complement their studies of medicine, law, economics, international studies, communication etc.

It is the LOTE department's philosophy gifted and talented students should not only be extended in their studies but also enjoy their studies. For this reason, LOTE bring a mixture of traditional teaching in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing as well as cultural aspects and a variety of entertaining learning forms to break down the usual trudge of learning. This gives the students a chance to relax, learn and achieve high results in a more well-rounded fashion. Our high academic achievements, with placings in the top ten of the state in all levels in 2004 and regular placings in the top 1% of the state in other years, show our methods of study are having the desired effects.

Every two years we offer the opportunity for students to spend two weeks in Japan travelling to some well known sites.
Of importance in choosoing to study a language other than English is enjoyment of the subject.  If students are enjoying their study then they should be enouraged to continue but if they don't, they should be steered towards another elective. There is nothing as long and as arduous as a two-year study of a subject a student simply doesn't want to be doing.

French  - Years 8-10
The French course:
  • Speak and understand the target language on a range of topics related to everyday life 
  • Read and understand a variety of materials (both fiction and non-fiction) in the target language
  • Write simple material (emails, letters, recounts) in the target language
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the way of life of speakers of the target language
Course topics include:
  • Family life    
  • Travelling 
  • School life
  • Leisure activities
  • Eating habits
  • Shopping
  • Describing appearance
  • Expressing opinions
French Continuers Course - Years 11-12
Depending on numbers that elect to study the course.
In the senior years the skills listed for the Years 8-10 are further developed through the study of topics grouped within three themes:
  • The individual
  • The French-speaking communities
  • The changing world
In this course students gain a broader and deeper understanding of French and the culture of French-speaking communities and extend and refine their communication skills in the language.

Languages other than English have a special place at James Ruse where it is believed a variety of study and global education with a broader perspective makes for a better-rounded student.