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Music is an academic subject in which JRAHS students demonstrate excellent School Certificate and Higher School Certificate results with our students consistently nominated for Encore in both performance and composition. The school's teaching staff ensure outstanding academic achievement through to the HSC Extension Course level, including first and second place in the NSW HSC.

The department offers a wide range of musical experiences. Academically, Music is offered at all levels:
  • The mandatory course is studied by students in Years 7-8
  • The additional course is available to students in Years 9-10
  • Music 2 and Music Extension are available for HSC study
  • Accelerated studies through the Pathways Programme is available to the most gifted and talented students

Music Courses and Curricula
Music - Years 7-8
Students study the Board of Studies' mandatory music course. Through a variety of context areas including notation, rock music, instruments, and music in film and advertising, students gain skills in performing, composing and listening. The music computers are utilised throughout the course with students becoming familiar with software packages such as Sibelius.

Elective Music - Years 9-10
Students study the Board of Studies' additional music course and expand on the areas covered in Years 7 and 8. Through the various contexts studied, students refine their ability to listen, perform and compose. Topics covered include:
  • Western classical music 
  • Music theatre 
  • Music for solo instruments and ensembles 
  • Jazz 
  • Australian music
  • Asian music 
  • Other topics chosen by the individual student
Students have regular access to the music computers and become familiar with various software packages including Sibelius.

HSC - Music 2 (Years 11-12)
All students study Music 1600-1900 in Year 11 and Music of last 25 years in Year 12. An additional topic is also chosen by the student in each year of the course. The students continue to develop an understanding of the musical concepts (duration, pitch, dynamics and expressive techniques, tone colour, texture, and structure) through experiences in performance, composition, musicology and aural. All students will perform at least one piece and compose one original work (maximum duration of 2 minutes) for the HSC examination and an elective performance, composition, or musicology itme is also chosen by the student.

HSC - Music Extension (Year 12)
Music Extension is only available to students studying the Music 2 course and provides an opportunity for the student to specialise in performance, composition, or musicology.

Extra-Curricular Music
Information about our extensive programmes is available in the Extra-Curricular section of this website.  Please use the link at the top of the page in the dark green navigation bar.