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PD/H/PE stands for Physical Development, Health and Physical Education.

The school recognises that besides contributing to the healthy physical growth of adolescents, team games and organised sport are of great value in the development of qualities such as school spirit, leadership, loyalty and initiative.  Consequently every encouragement is given to students at James Ruse Agricultural High to take part in sporting activities.  

The school has its own oval, cricket practice wickets, athletics equipment and netball and basketball courts.  Teams are entered in the various inter-school sporting competitions and swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals are a popular feature of the school calendar which also includes participation in those competitions organised for combined high schools.  

Within the school, activities are conducted between the houses - Jones, Mullavey, Rassack and Toft - named after past educators at our school.  We have several teams entered in the local weekend competitions including sports such as cricket, netball, baseball and badminton.