Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 3, 2017

posted Sep 3, 2017, 12:53 AM by Ms. Connors

On Saturday 26th August our school community farewelled our former student Edward Zhang (2016). Edward had been tragically killed in an accident on the 12th August. The service celebrated Edward’s fun loving, happy and caring personality. Many friends filled the auditorium. As a community we pass our condolences to Edward’s family who have been wonderful supporters of our school over the many years Alex, Christine and Edward attended. Edward’s friends reminded us to appreciate our lives, our friends and our family.

On Tuesday night our HSC class performed their fabulous pieces. It was a wonderful concert with a wide variety of instrumental pieces. Congratulations to our Year 12 and Year 11 students. We all wish them the best for their HSC performance examinations next week. This is the first year of our accelerated Music course and already it is proving to be a success. Thank you to Mr Patrick Wong for preparing our students.

Our HSC class:

Julia Tran,     Leona Jiao,     Chelsea Baek,     Hannah Wrigley-Carr,     Bill Chen,    Brian Feng,     Adrian Law,

Aimee Death,     Victoria Soo,     Shirley Wang ,    Edward Xu ,    Ivan Shen ,    Nicholas Rewell ,    Elton Yan,     Victoria Lawson.

On Sunday Ben Tran and Hugo To played in an adult orchestral concert at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre. Dr Anthony Clarke, the conductor, asked the students to participate and was very proud of their achievements. The concert was a great success. Congratulations to Ben and Hugo.

Our HSC students are now preparing for HSC exams. The last weeks of school are vital in ensuring adequate revision and constant practice. Please make sure your child attends every lesson, I have been concerned by the late arrival of Year 12 students in recent days.

This week we received news of the Australian Mathematics Competition – congratulations to the many students who achieved an invite to the AIMO by winning a Prize.

We wish Year 8 a wonderful time on their Year 8 camp next week.

Last Friday we played our first game in the new Gymnasium – a staff versus student netball game. Unfortunately youth prevailed and Year 12 came out winners on the day. It was great to see our new gym full of students cheering for their peers and teachers.

In Week 9 of this term, we have been advised that Year 7 and 9 students will participate in an online version of NAPLAN. The purpose of this testing is to ensure our systems and the DEC network are able to administer NAPLAN online in 2018. Please see the attached factsheet which is to provide information for parents.


Coming Events


Week 8A


Monday 4th September                        Year 8 “Resourceful Adolescent Program” Camp


Tuesday 5th September           HSC Drama Showcase 6.30pm


Wednesday 6th September      Year 7 Science Practical Test


Thursday 7th September         Year 8 Geography Excursion


Friday 8th September              Cadet Passing Out Parade


Week 9B                        NAPLAN ONLINE for Year 7 and 9


Monday 11th September           Awards Day Practice

                                                Year 8 Agriculture Incursion


Tuesday 12th September          Awards Day



Wednesday 13th September     Period 4 Farewell Assembly for Mrs Sue Briggs

                                                SRC Trivia and Movie afternoon


Thursday 14th September        Year 11 Information Night 6.30pm

                                                Year 11 Visual Arts Excursion


Friday 15th September             Year 8-11 2018 Orientation Day


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors


Principal's Newsletter, Week 6, Term 3, 2017

posted Sep 3, 2017, 12:49 AM by Ms. Connors

Principal’s Report

An exciting week at Ruse, we moved into our brand new gymnasium. Our wonderful new facility is finally ready to be used. After 25 years of fundraising by our parents, students and staff, our $3.2million has created this fantastic resource. We will have an official opening later in the year and invite our ex-students and parents back to celebrate. This week we hosted a first aid course in the gym, shared with parents from Mothers’ Club and the CoJR, invited students on a guided tour and played our first game – a staff v students’ netball game. Please enjoy the collection of photos below. Thank you to all the many members of our community who have donated and fundraised for so many years for our gym.

Peer2Peer is a wonderful program started by Year 12 James Ruse students – Victor Fang, Sanchit Gupta, Phillip Xie and Travis Wu. The students wanted to start a weekly board game activity at Parramatta where students from all schools could socialise, have fun and unwind from school work. The boys had to sort through the logistics of gaining a room at Parramatta Library and attracting other students. As you can see by the photos, students of all ages attended and played many different games. This is fabulous initiative for our local community.

Our Year 9 science students and their teacher Mr Hutchinson enjoyed a video conference on STEM in Science week. A great use of our fabulous video conferencing facilities.

Congratulations to our Year 7 and Year 9 students who received very pleasing NAPLAN results this week. Year 9 displayed an impressive growth in areas such as writing. In 2018, NAPLAN is moving online and Year 7 and 9 are required to complete a “readiness test” for NAPLAN in week 9 – this will involve 2 X 2 hour online exams. The trial is to test the online environment and the capabilities of our network. The 2018 version of NAPLAN is targeted to be more intuitive allowing students to reach higher levels of questions than the paper version. 

On Tuesday afternoon we began our 2018-2020 school planning process. Staff discussed the areas of “Learning”, “Teaching” and “Leading”; the three domains of the School Excellence Framework. At the Mothers’ Club meeting on Thursday, I asked parents to share their suggestions on how the school could support their child’s learning and development into successful, happy James Ruse Men and Women. A number of years ago we surveyed our entire school community – students, staff, ex-students, parents, ex-parents – on who they thought the James Ruse Man and Woman should be – the results revealed:


A James Ruse man or woman of the future will be a person of strong values, integrity, determination, creativity, success and most of all happy.


The survey specifically revealed the following characteristics and the purpose of our next 3 year plan will be to continue to develop these values and characteristics.


Summary of 2014 survey results:




Friendly, outgoing


Able to handle failure with positivity/ resilient


Reliable/ responsible


Confident/ self-assured


Passionate/ inspirational


Respected by others

Good communicator



Happy or content






Healthy and fit


Work ethic

Tries best at everything they do

Have big goals/ passionate

Successful – not necessarily material wealth success

Innovative/ critical thinker /inventive


Hard working

Creative /flexible



Motivated to achieve success but not selfishly motivated




Treatment of others

Caring/ compassionate/empathetic

Community orientated

Encourages others

Socially aware – interested in affairs of the state and world and how they can make a difference






Financially successful







































Also at Mothers’ Club we enjoyed listening to the journeys of our former students – Nicole Wong, Rohan Swami and Milton Lim. 

Thank you to Mothers' Club for the wonderful donation of almost $20000 to finish the air conditioning of the school. Parent fundraising over the past 5 years has now air conditioned every classroom in the school.


The CoJR have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this year’s raffle. Thank you to the Executive of the CoJR for the many hours they have dedicated to fundraising for the school. Thank you to all students and parents for bringing back the sold raffle tickets. Congratulations to the many winners of fabulous prizes.



Week 7B


Monday 28th August                Preliminary Assessment


Tuesday 29th August               HSC Music Recital Night 6.30pm


Thursday 31st August              Australian Informatics Olympiad


Week 8A


Monday 4th September                        Year 8 “Resourceful Adolescent Program” Camp


Tuesday 5th September           HSC Drama Showcase 6.30pm


Wednesday 6th September      Year 7 Science Practical Test

                                                SRC Trivia afternoon


Thursday 7th September         Year 8 Geography Excursion


Friday 8th September              Cadet Passing Out Parade


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors





Principal's Newsletter, Week 5, Term 3, 2017

posted Sep 3, 2017, 12:45 AM by Ms. Connors

Thank you to Mrs Jenns, Mr Pakes, Ms Chelsey Killey, Ms Lauren Killey and Mrs Ramsay for supervising Year 9 on their beautiful Bronze Hike in the Royal National Park.

Thank you to Mrs Steele for organising another great Ideas Forum. Eileen Wang (Year 8) wrote the following report for the newsletter and provided the photographs:

Ideas Forum 2017 occurred last Friday where anyone could go on stage to talk about anything and everything. Some of the amazing performances included speeches, slam poems, drama skits and Q&A panels. Large crowds turned up every period thanks to the many teachers who took their classes to watch and they were certainly not disappointed. Topics ranged from political rants to cherishing friendship and there were several fantastic Slam Poem performances. Q&A with Winston gave us all many tips and advice for the years to come as well as insight into being a School Captain. The panels in the afternoon had many interesting questions and even more interesting responses. Overall, the day was a huge success thanks to the organisers Mrs Steele, Aditi and Wayne. A huge thanks to SNL who ensured that the day went smoothly and to all the speakers and audience who came to watch and listen.

 Please come along to our Mothers’ Club meeting on Thursday morning at 9.45am in the Lecture Theatre. As well as holding the AGM, Mothers’ Club will host three fabulous guest speakers – Milton Lim, Rohan Swami and Nicole Wong. I had the privilege of teaching both Nicole and Rohan Economics and Milton was one of the first students I met when I came to Ruse in 2005.


Brief biographies are listed below.


Nicole Wong


Traded Market Risk Oversight Analyst, Commonwealth Bank


I began my role in Traded Market Risk Oversight at the Commonwealth Bank in March 2016. In this position, I monitor the market risk of the non-linear trading desks (including Interest Rate, FX and Equity Options), as well as perform impact analyses on prospective trades and upcoming economic shocks with regard to regulatory requirements, risk and profitability.


I joined the Bank as a summer intern in my penultimate year of university in 2012. I returned as a graduate in 2014, where I undertook four six-month rotations within Risk Management: Wealth Management Market Risk, Retail Credit Risk, Credit Risk Modelling, and finally Traded Market Risk Oversight. Prior to this, I was a corporate auditor at KPMG as part of the KPMG Cadetship program in 2010.


I hold a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of New South Wales, with majors in Finance, Business Economics and Econometrics. I attained the Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification from the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) in 2017.

Rohan Swami


Rohan graduated from James Ruse in 2009. While studying a Bachelor of Commerce at UNSW, he completed a 2 year internship program with EY (a 'big 4' accounting firm offering scholarships for full-time work and part-time university). At the completion of his internship, he dabbled in not for profit, management consulting and tech start-ups while finishing university. Since completing his degree, he has been at Oneflare - an online marketplace helping 50,000 Australians every month hire local service providers from plumbers to accountants. There he is a product manager, enjoying the unique combination of business strategy, software engineering and data science.

Milton Lim


Milton Lim is a graduate of James Ruse Class of 2006. He studied Actuarial Science at UNSW on a Co-op Scholarship and worked as a consulting actuary for 5 years. He took a career break for a year to travel the world, visiting over 30 countries so far. He is currently studying a double master's degree at HEC Paris and the London School of Economics, as well as founding a start-up company with fellow MBA classmates based on packaging flights with airlines.


Thank you to our fabulous parents who ran the Korean Food Day on Monday. The organisation of the day was superb and the quality and variety of food magnificent. It was inspiring to see the many different parent teams working in their year groups. So much work also happened behind the scenes. A special thank you to Tina Joo, our coordinator. The food day raised an amazing $6110.10. Thank you everyone.

Korean Food Day

Parent Name



Eun Jin Park

Andrew Kim


Ji Hyun Hong

Brian Cho


Hee Seon Lee

Byungjun Kim


Monica An

Celine Kim



Chelin Hwang


Eun Jung Pyo

Chris Ahn



Claire Kang


Amy Na

Daniel Hwang


Hye Eun Kim

Daniel Kim


So Ra Park

Eric Park



Eugenie Choung


Nam Hee Kim

Hannah Lee


Kyung Min Jang

Joseph Kim


Jin Young Kim

Josiah Kim


Kyoung Ha Hwang

Kangmin Kim


Ok Young Park

Min Jeong


Esther Chae

Minha Lee


Mi Ran Lee

Olivia Kang


Min Ji Kim

Seongchan Kim


Kyung Lim Yu

Seoyeon Jang


Hye Young Hong

Victoria Hong





Sunyoung Kim

Sophie Kim


Estella Koo

Daniel Lee


Jin Hwa Kim

Jinwoo Lee


Jungyi Ha

Kevin Lee



Jeany Lee


Mee Gyeong Yi

Monet Kong


Eunkyoung Kang

Joshua Kim


Sujung Hyun

Won June Choi


Jackie Kim

Harry Choi


Jin Hee Kim

Eric Kim


Catherine Kim

Eric Seo



Eunice Seo


Minjoung Yeo

Hannah Cho


Jung Hwa Hong

Taewoo Kang


Misuk Jeong

Sarah Phae


Hye Sook Kim

David Wang


Jay Kwak

Joshua Kim


Seonghee Shim

Rachel Kim


Gina Jun

Jasmine Jun


Miyong Han

Jungwoo Lee


Kyoungah Kim

Maria Jang


Eun Young Jeung

Ian Jeong


Eun Sook Oh

Juhee Lee






Korean Food Day


Tiffany Jin


Celina Lim

Edward Lim


Sung Hee

Sooji Hwang



Min Je Hwang


Hyunjoo Jo

Dahee Kim


Catherine Jo

Christine Jo



Minji Lee


Juwon Jin

Kevin Kong


So Young Lee



Tae eun

Rachel Kim


Esther Chung

Christina Lee


Soo Young Kim

Brianna Kim


Younghwa Jung

Justin Eun


Hee kyung Kim

Christie Park





Kelly Han

Andy Lee


Soo Jin Lee

Flora Cho


Julia Kim

David Lee


Lois Kim

Grace Kim


Kim Song

Irene Song


Luchia Sim

Stephanie Zhu


Yun Shin

Calla Lee



Helen Lee


Helen Han

Gahvin Park


Grace Shin



Mia Park

Jerry Kim


Youngo Jung

Clair Gang


hesuk Park

Tony Kim


Tina Lee

Iris Joo


 Sunghee Kim

Minje Hwang


Catherine Kim

Eunice Seo





Taennie Cha

Minho Cha


Su yeon Kim

Eric Choi


Hyunjoo Jun

James Jun



Eric Roh


Jin A Song

Janet Shin



Yelin Nam



Joseph Jeong


Nam Hee Kim

Seungwon Byun


Ji Sun Ok

Brian Yoo


Hejin Kim

Michael Kim





Hee Kyung Lee

Andy Hwang


Jee Hee Kim

Helen Park


Su Ran Jung

Lucas Myung


Kyung Hee Oh

Nathan Lee


Hee young Park

Jayden Choi


Hyun Jung Yoon

Micheal Yoon


Yoon Kyung Shim

Dennis Yoon


Min Heung Jee

Daniel Choi






Patrick Oh



Coming Events

Week 6A



Monday August 21st                 Preliminary PDHPE – Senior First Aid


Tuesday August 22nd               Urban Challenge Parent Meeting in Lecture Theatre for Year 10 parents 6pm

                                                CoJR Meeting in the Staff Common Room


Wednesday August 23rd          Year 7 and 10 Wellbeing Seminars


Thursday August 24th              Year 9 High Resolves

                                                9.45pm Mothers’ Club in Lecture Theatre


Friday August 25th                  Duke of Edinburgh Silver Hike


Week 7B


Monday 28th August                Preliminary Assessment


Tuesday 29th August               HSC Music Recital Night 6.30pm


Thursday 31st August              Australian Informatics Olympiad


Friday 1st September               Year 7 and 10 Slam Poetry



Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors



Principal's Newsletter, Week 4, Term 3, 2017

posted Aug 12, 2017, 4:22 PM by Ms. Connors

Principal’s Report

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who succeeded in the Science and Engineering Challenge on Tuesday. Although we are still waiting for a confirmation of results before we proceed to the next round, the students did extremely well scoring over 100 points in excess of other teams. The students have spent many hours working after school with their teachers, Mr Kowalski and Mr Stevenson. Thank you to both Mr Kowalski and Mr Stevenson for giving up so much time to help the students.

On Monday our Korean Food Day will occur. Our Korean parents and members of the CoJR have worked tirelessly to ensure a fabulous food feast. Please make sure you send students with lots of lunch money to buy the fabulous food.

Our HSC students have completed their trial examinations – well done. It is now the most important phase before the HSC; time to consolidate without the pressure of assessment tasks and work collaboratively with peers. It is very important that students attend all lessons and are at school every day. We wish our Japanese students well as they prepare for their speaking exams which occur tomorrow.

Our very talented Software and Design students had the fabulous idea to completely revamp our JRAHS Intranet. Shalini Vijeyakumar, Hayes Choy and Julia Tran of Year 11 have worked for two terms on the complete overhaul of the Intranet website and the finished project is fabulous. The students presented to our Staff Meeting on Monday afternoon. They are waiting for staff to upload more content and will go live in one month. Thank you Shalini, Hayes and Julia.

On August 24th Mothers’ Club will host their Annual General Meeting and has invited former students to share their career journeys. The meeting starts at 9.45am in the lecture theatre.

Year 10 enjoyed a fabulous Geography Fieldwork excursion on Monday. Thank you to Ms Belevski, Mr Federico, Ms Silvestro, Mr Flood and Mr Pakes.

Mrs Ashhurst was so impressed by her Year 7 student Celine Kim who could not purchase a real tamarillo (as they were not in season) so created a clay model of both varieties. What talent!

Congratulations to Cameron Greig and Daniel Selvadurai who competed in the final of the Evatt United Nations public speaking competition at State Parliament.

The school, both staff and students, have been hit by influenza and viruses. I have asked students to remain home if they are unwell. The flu seems to take 6 days to recover from. Students must rest at home or we just spread the illness. Year 12 cannot afford to contract illness at this time – please keep sick children at home.


Coming Events

Week 5B

Monday August 14th                 Korean Food Day

Tuesday August 15th                Whole School Assembly P3

                                                Year 9,10,11 Music Samba Workshop

Wednesday August 16th           Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

                                                Year 8 and 9 Slam Poetry

Thursday August 17th              Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

Friday August 18th                   Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

Week 6A


Monday August 21st                 Preliminary PDHPE – Senior First Aid


Tuesday August 22nd               Urban Challenge Parent Meeting in Lecture Theatre for Year 10 parents 6pm


Wednesday August 23rd          Year 7 and 10 Wellbeing Seminars


Thursday August 24th              Year 9 High Resolves

                                                9.45pm Mothers’ Club in Lecture Theatre


Friday August 25th                  Duke of Edinburgh Silver Hike


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors


Principal's Newsletter, Week 3, Term 3, 2017

posted Aug 4, 2017, 3:51 AM by Ms. Connors

On Monday to celebrate Education Week, we held our celebration of our Year 8 Literacy Writing project. This project involved working with Dr Bernard Cohen (author), Cumberland High School and Carlingford West Public School. Dr Geoff Lee, MP, presented our finalists with their certificates. Our Year 8 students formed part of the audience to listen to the stories and poems of the finalists. The level of writing across all three schools was impressive and captured the essence of their observation walk in the Hunt’s Creek Reserve. Thank you to our MCs of the event, Colin Cui and Emilie Wu of Year 10. Our finalists were: Mahica Jain, Adrian Lai, Sarah Phae, Natalie Le, Linda Wang and Afra Kamal.

I have attached our finalists’ pieces later in the newsletter.

Here is also the link to Parramatta Sun Ginko article

This week our Year 10 Preliminary PDHPE participated in our annual Ski Trip. This wonderful opportunity allows students to enjoy a new form of outdoor education. Many of our students have seen snow for the first time. Thank you to Mr Peter Low, Mr Ian Goggin, Ms Chelsey Killey and Ms Monique Bobanovic for organising and supervising this excursion.

Ninety students sat the Chemistry Olympiad Qualifying examination this week, others will also attempt the Earth and Environmental NQE, Biology NQE and Physics NQE. Thank you to our teachers, Mr Mansour Khoury and Mr Daniel Hutchinson and also our Year 12 tutors for preparing our students for these exams.

Today our students participated in the collection of funds for Jeans for Genes day. Every dollar collected helps scientists at the Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

Congratulations to all our students who performed so well at the Regional Athletics Carnival. Our Under 15s Boys’ relay team did particularly well, achieving second place and are now competing in the state final.

Coming Events

Week 4A

Monday August 7th                  HSC TRIAL exams continue

                                                Year 10 Geography Excursion

                                                NQE Biology Olympiad Exam

Tuesday August 8th                 Science and Engineering Challenge (Year 10)

Wednesday August 9th            NQE Physics Olympiad Exam

Friday August 11th                   Ideas Forum

                                                Science and Engineering Challenge (Year 10)

Saturday and Sunday 12th and 13th      Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Hike

Week 5B

Monday August 14th                 Korean Food Day

Tuesday August 15th                Whole School Assembly P3

                                                Year 9,10,11 Music Samba Workshop

Wednesday August 16th           Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

                                                Year 8 and 9 Slam Poetry

Thursday August 17th              Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

Friday August 18th                   Year 10 Bathurst Agriculture Excursion

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors


From the Farm

“Calling to all JRAHS families. If you have any egg cartons at home, could you please have students bring them in to the 

Agriculture staffroom so they can be refilled with fresh JRAHS eggs. These eggs can then be purchased from the canteen at $4/carton."

It’s that time of year again, 5 months after Valentine’s Day and the lambs are appearing. We had three single births over the past 2 weeks and today, our first pair of twins were born. Our ewes are all first time mothers and so far they are doing a very good job of caring for their offspring.

With the farm so dry and having to supplementary feed our animals on JRAHS farm, it is hard to remember that at the end of March we were being inundated with water when these cattle decided to investigate the netball courts

Year 8 relearning to prune peach trees and attacked this one with gusto. Not a bad job in the end and just as the first blossoms emerge to mark the beginning of spring. The peach orchard should be as ‘pretty as a picture’ in a few weeks during blossom time.

Those beautiful flocks of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos we see around the school that destroyed our Sunflowers and Sweet corn crop last year, decided to have a go at our orange orchard this year and significantly reduced our harvest. Being between seasonal crops at the moment, it seems these lovely native species had become bored so attacked the insulating covering of our native Tetrogonular stingless beehive!!

Principal's Newsletter, Week 2, Term 2, 2017

posted Aug 3, 2017, 1:54 AM by Ms. Connors

Congratulations to Ms Fernandez, Aisha Abdu (10), Sabiqul Hoque (10), Christy Ma (11), Daniel Forrest (11), Jeffrey Kennedy (10) and Aniruddh Chennapragada (11) who represented us at the World Gifted and Talented Conference. Our team presented on a “student’s perspective on life at James Ruse”

The presentation followed the Department of Education’s Secretary Mark Scott’s Keynote Presentation in which he mentioned the review into our current DEC’s Gifted policy and development of a new Gifted policy to come out later this year. A transcript of his speech can be found at

Our presentation:

2.1.2 A student perspective snapshot of life at James Ruse Agricultural High School, Sydney, Australia

James Ruse Agricultural High School is a beacon in our education system, as a school for the exceptionally and highly gifted. Programs exist to assist students to reach their potential in academia and to promote positive wellbeing, develop leadership skills and an awareness of global and social justice issues in a culturally diverse context. Students excel in various fields of endeavour as they are provided with a range of opportunities within the curriculum and in the extra-curricular environment. The school has achieved first place in the NSW HSC merit list for the past 21 years.

We presented to a packed audience who were thrilled to hear the views of our students. The students chosen to present were all students who had arrived new to James Ruse when in Year 9 – hence they have a unique perspective on their school.

This week Linus Cooper (11) competed at the International Mathematics Olympiad in Brazil. Linus achieved a Silver medal and solved a problem that only he and one other could solve. Below is Linus’ bio as published by the AMT.

Linus has had a love of numbers, patterns and logic since he was a child. With a keen interest in languages and board games, Linus is looking forward to meeting talented students from all around the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad. When asked about his plans for the future, Linus said, ‘I expect I will be involved in research and algorithms, possibly connected with finance’.

Congratulations to our Physics Olympiad Scholars. Steven Liu and Yuyu Ma both received Bronze medals in the IPhO.

Our NAIDOC week assembly was a highlight. Our guests Des Barton and Jo Cavanagh engaged our students through dance and the playing of the didgeridoo.  Our guest speaker, Edward Santow commenced his five-year term as Human Rights Commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission in August 2016.  Prior to joining the Commission, Ed was chief executive of the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, a leading non-profit organisation that promotes human rights through strategic litigation, policy development and education.

As Human Rights Commissioner, Ed leads the Commission’s work on marriage equality and other human rights issues affecting LGBTI Australians. Ed also leads the Commission’s work on the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) and the Commission’s work on freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom of religion.

Edward gave a thought provoking and interested speech to our students.

At the end of last term, I was invited to a number of fabulous year meetings. The student performances were dazzling.

We received another beautiful email recently praising another student from 7T – Hiya Patel. Congratulations to all the students who regularly show such inspiring values.

Hey James Ruse,

I just wanted to acknowledge the great values you have imbibed in your students. I'm saying this from my experience at Parramatta Station today. I was waiting at the station when a train arrived and when the doors opened a blind, elderly man was trying to get out but people were crowding around the doors. Then a girl in a James Ruse uniform cut through the crowd and not only helped the man get off the train but also lead him down the elevator. The whole time she was having a polite conversation with the man. When she came back to the platform I asked her what her name was and what grade she was in. She said that her name was Hiya and she was in Grade 7.

It’s great to see such children who still help other people around them and I'd like to congratulate your school for having such students and imbibing these values in them.


On Monday we celebrate our Year 8 Ginko Writing Project. The 6 winners from James Ruse will read their work to a large audience.

On Tuesday night the CoJR hosted four ex-students who shared their journey into medicine. The lecture theatre was full of both students and parents who gained great insight into becoming and working as a doctor.

Dr Rashi Minocha

Rashi graduated James Ruse in 2007. She is currently training to be a Dermatologist at Royal North Shore Hospital. She has completed her medical degree at Newcastle University in 2012. Since then she has obtained a Master of Medicine and is currently completing a Master of Philosophy in Dermatology research. She is an associate lecturer at the University of Sydney and a keen participant in various community organisations.

Dr Frances Yuen

My name is Frances Yuen, and I graduated from James Ruse in 2010. I completed my MBBS at the University of Adelaide, which has become my firm home away from home. After 6 amazing years, I decided to make the move back to Sydney for my internship. I am currently working at Mona Vale Hospital right next to the Northern Beaches of Sydney and am loving life - I can see the ocean from our wards every day! As for my future, I'm not sure where I will end up or what kind of doctor I will be, but the beauty of medicine is that there are so many different avenues to choose from that you are bound to find something right for you and your lifestyle. 

Vincent An

Vincent graduated from James Ruse in 2010, and entered the combined Science/Medicine program at USyd in 2011. He is currently in his final year of medicine and will be working at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in 2018.

Dr Ben Wan

Ben graduated from James Ruse in 2009 and went on to study Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He is currently a Resident Medical Officer at Royal North Shore Hospital with an interest in Critical Care Medicine. 

Congratulations to our bands who achieved fabulous success at the NSW School Band Festival last weekend.

Wind Orchestra - Gold!

Symphonic Band - Bronze

Jazz Orchestra - Silver

Thank you to Mr Richard Brus and our conductors.

It was wonderful to hear that our Year 11 Debating team won the Western Sydney Regional Final.

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors


Principal's Newsletter, Week 1, Term 3, 2017

posted Jul 21, 2017, 8:06 PM by Ms. Connors   [ updated Jul 21, 2017, 8:07 PM ]

Congratulations to the SRC who organised a fabulous SRC week, which encouraged fabulous student involvement by all years. The SRC Dance was also a fabulous success and a great night had by all. Our Captains Fayanne Cui and Winston Woong certainly had a great time.

Thank you to Mr Bruce McFadyen and Mr Peter Low and the Cadet Under Officers for organising a fabulous Cadet Bivouac in the last weeks of Term 2.

Thank you to our teachers and parents who have participated in the various parent teacher nights that have occurred. Year 9, our last one, will be next week. Over the last year we have seen an enormous increase in the attendance of parents.

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Prefect Body who were elected late last term and will be inducted on Monday. 

Byun, Seung Won

Cha, Minho

Chennapragada, Aniruddh

Cho, Monica

Choy, Hayes

Chui, Natalie

Dalal, Aditi

Forrest, Daniel

Guo, Jia Min

Heckenberg, Joshua

Jeong, Joseph

Jiao, Leona

Lee, Jeany

Lee, Nicholas

Leung, Adam

Li, Jason

Liu, Dragon

Ma, Christy

Rewell, Nicholas

Selvadurai, Daniel

Shin, Janet

Sun, Jack

Tiong, Megan

Tran, Julia

Wang, Angela

Wrigley-Carr, Hannah

Yosaviera, Aletheia

Yu, Haoze (Jack)

Yuan, Athena

Zhou, Janet

Congratulations to our new School Captains Julia Tran and Daniel Forrest, our new Vice Captains Aditi Dalal and Aniruddh Chennapragada and Senior Prefects Aletheia Yosaviera and Jack Yu. Congratulations to our Sports Captains Jason Li and Jeany Lee.

During the holidays Ivan Hou successfully competed in the International Chemistry Olympiad and achieved a Silver Medal. Well done Ivan. Yu Yu Ma and Steven Liu have just begun competing in the International Physics Olympiad and we wish them well.

During the school holidays, Eunice Cheng, Eva Ge, Alexander Tran and Kexin Kathy Li spent four days immersed in the world of Historically Informed Performance (HIP). 47 students from 22 schools throughout Sydney and beyond came together in the beautiful Santa Sabina College to play Mozart’s ‘Haffner’ Symphony. Musicians of the Australian Romantic & Classical Orchestra tutored the students in rehearsals, sectionals, and workshops, applying musical stylistic practices from Mozart’s time. Students were able to experience period instruments and learn about how European musical styles have changed through time. Finally, the Haffner Symphony was brought to life in an exceptional performance for friends and family which showcased the abilities of our Young Mannheim Symphonists. Congratulations Eunice, Eva, Alex and Kathy.

We welcomed another Ruse family member on the 7th July. Ms Amy Murphy and her husband Joel become the proud parents of their second daughter Scout Hikari Savage. Congratulations.

Kelly Xu has been selected to represent New South Wales at the Australasian Under 19 Badminton Championships to be held on July 7th – 16th in Adelaide, South Australia. Well done Kelly.

Thank you to Rehan Gunawardana (10) who presented to us on the importance of language to this year’s NAIDOC celebrations.

Yesterday students were given their 2017 raffle tickets. The CoJR have accumulated a large number of wonderful prizes. Please encourage your child to sell tickets as soon as possible.

Congratulations to our Band students for completing the 2017 Band Camp. Thank you to Mr Brus, Ms Annetts and Mr Pronger for supervising the camp. Thank you also to Ms Elton for her wonderful organisation of the Band Program and Camp.

Next Tuesday night, 25th July at 6.30pm in the school Lecture Theatre, the CoJR will host their forum meeting for Term 3. Students and parents are both welcome to attend. The focus of this meeting is "Pathways to Medicine". Four ex-students will share their stories into studying medicine and becoming a Doctor.


Vincent An       Sydney University Post Grad ( in Final Year)


France Yuen     Adelaide  ( now working in Sydney)


Ben Wan          UNSW ( now working in Sydney)


Rashi Minocha Newcastle (now working in Sydney)


The presentation will include a Q and A section.

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors




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Principal's Newsletter, Week 9, Term 2, 2017

posted Jul 9, 2017, 5:58 PM by Ms. Connors

Congratulations to Steven Liu (12), Yuyu Ma (12), Ivan Hou (12) and Linus Cooper (11) who had the honour of receiving their Australian Olympiad Blazer at a ceremony on Monday at Parliament House, Canberra. Ivan is part of the Chemistry team, Linus the Mathematics team and Yu Yu and Steven in the Physics team. Thank you to Mrs Heather Weber who represented our school in Canberra to witness this tremendous honour for our students.

On Monday afternoon our students in Year 7-10 enjoyed an ideas filled lecture given by Dr Karl Kruszelnicki. Dr Karl led the students through a journey of the latest discoveries across a range of industries and sciences; inspiring students to follow their passions, to set high goals and be active and responsible citizens.

Thank you to Ms Katrina Jenns, Mr Neil Pakes, Ms Lauren Killey and Ms Kaarin McKenzie for organising and completing our latest Duke of Edinburgh Hike. Thank you in advance to Mr Bruce McFadyen, Mr Peter Low, Mr Neil Pakes and Ms Lauren Killey who will take our cadets to Murramurra (a beautiful national park on the outskirts of Sydney) this weekend.


Congratulations to our Mothers’ Club and the amazing parents who worked so diligently to prepare lovely dishes of food for our staff and students to purchase.  It is also so impressive to see our former parents come back to guide and assist us. The amount raised was $5246.30 – a fabulous total – this will be of great benefit to our purchase of equipment for our science laboratories.


2017 Mothers’ Club Food Day Helper List


Team Leaders  Annie Chen/Wendy Lin


Co-ordinators  Angela Tung

                        Susan Wu

Curry -             Doris Pua

                        Cindy Chong

                        Michelle Soon

                        Peiling Tiu

                        Rebecca Troung

                        Angela Li 

                        Jennifer Ho

                        Laura Chen

                        Sophie Wang

                        Sue Fung

                        Karen Lim


Gua Bao -         Tian Chuan


Laura Chen

                        Eva Lu

                        Jenny Chen

                        Winie Chen


Rice -               Kerry Huang

                        Belinda Xia


Rice Noodle-    Amy Ou

                        Jenny Luo

                        Huang Song (c/o Teng)


Deep Fried Chicken -   Sharon Su

                                    Xiao Ying

Pearl Milk Tea -           Marissa Li

                                    Agatha Jo

                                    Ayisa Ha


Deep Fried Wonton -   Effie Lee

                                    Susanna Law

                                    Boey Wong


Pre-Order -                 Teng Teng Gan

                                    Cora Yung   

Roti                             Tracy             

It was lovely to receive an email from ex-student Yang Song (2015) earlier this week. Yang shared a newspaper article he is featured in. This is the link::  . Yang is still very appreciative of his education at James Ruse and also the help we gave him in his completion of the application process to gain entry into Princeton. A generous young man, Yang would be very happy to help others with advice and guidance in applying to overseas universities.


At James Ruse we will celebrate NAIDOC week in Week 1 next term with an assembly on Thursday. However during the holidays there are many wonderful opportunities for students to embrace. It is very important that students expand their horizons and experience our Indigenous culture. There are plenty of ways to get involved in NAIDOC Week: from films to feasts, tunes to talks. Here are some picks of the program, which runs from 2 – 9 July.

 Klub Koori

It’s an all-female line-up for the latest edition of Klub Koori at Carriageworks on 6 July. Casey Donovan leads the charge alongside emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists Jess Beck, Mi-Kaisha Masella and Thaylia.

Blak Markets at Barangaroo

Aboriginal artists from 11 remote Australian arts centres will bring their artworks, sculptures, textiles and accessories to Sydney for the Blak Markets at Barangaroo on 2 July. You can join in Tjanpi weaving workshops, watch demonstrations of Rarrk painting and pandanus weaving and sample bush tucker.


3. NAIDOC in the City

Book a long lunchbreak on Monday July 3 and experience Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance, song, food and more in the heart of Sydney. NAIDOC in the City is a free, family-friendly day out. There will be lunch cooked in a traditional earth oven, performances by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander musicians, market stalls, weaving demonstrations, sports workshops for kids and so much more.


4. NAIDOC Week cultural cruise

Spend the afternoon on Be-lang-le-wool (Clark Island, National Park). Tribal Warrior’s NAIDOC Week Cultural Cruise will take you to the centre of Sydney Harbour, where you’ll have your pick of activities, from hand stencilling, guided tours, cultural dance and Yidaki (didgeridoo) performances.

5. Lunchtime Film Screenings

Immerse yourself in a series of free lunchtime film screenings at Museum of Contemporary Art during NAIDOC Week. The program features documentary The Tall Man, about the death of Cameron Doomadgee at Palm Island Police Station as well as much-loved 2006 film Ten Canoes.

More information can be found at .

Thank you to Ms North for organising and implementing a superb learning experience for our Japanese students. Professional chefs were brought in to teach our students how to make sushi. The hall was transformed into a restaurant for Year 8’s dining pleasure.

Year 7 and 8 enjoyed year meetings today. Thank you to Mr Ng and Ms Sami-Pullay our Year 7 Advisors and Ms North (our newly appointed Year 8 advisor) and Ms Zhu for organising such positive celebrations of the term. The student performance is always a highlight.  Many students had received awards from their teachers. This term we recognised students that regularly exhibit enthusiasm and participation in class.

 Congratulations to our Year 10 Brain Bee team who not only won the Brain Bee finals but also achieved 1st and 3rd place in the individual competition. Congratulations to Wenjing Chen on achieving 1st place and Chelsey Teng for coming 3rd. A fabulous effort by all concerned. Thank you to Mrs Pooviah for training and supervising the team.

 I recently came upon the following article written by Dr Louis Wang, an ex-student of Sydney Boys (HSC 2000) and recommend it to you. .

Being studious and getting good grades count for very little in the great lottery of life. Rather, where we end up and our own future happiness are determined by a multitude of other factors, such as being open to new experiences, exploring one's interests, learning and honing new skills, being able to communicate our ideas, and making informed choices.”

His message certainly made me reflect and I ask that parents and students do the same. In our recent Tell Them From Me student survey it was pleasing to note that our students do value the so-called “soft skills”. As a school and staff we dedicate our time and resources to ensuring our students can lead a full extra-curricular life, experience new things and follow passions. I am often very disappointed by the number of hours our students report they spend in tutoring and the lack of free time to explore they may have. To gain these soft skills, students need to spend many hours in the metaphorical ‘sandpit’ as Dr Wang suggests.

“At school, our children will work from the syllabus; at home, we can also help them understand not only what they need to know but also the sort of person they should strive to be. We can role-model compassion, integrity, resilience in the face of adversity, tolerance and acceptance of other people's differences, respect for one another and the environment, the importance of hard work, and the satisfaction of doing a job well. And as our children cross the threshold into school, not only do they carry our hopes; they also remind us of our pledge. With everything that is going on in this world, theirs is the generation that may one day help save us all. We just need to show them how.”

Louis Wang is a Sydney doctor.


As we approach the holidays please demand that your children seek each other out, go on outings, practise a little independence and have lots of fun. Next week I urge you to encourage students to attend the SRC dance on Wednesday evening (5.30pm – 8.30pm). Please note that we do not allow students to leave the hall without their parents and ask that you come through the pedestrian gate to collect your child.

Coming Events     

Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th June       Cadet Bivouac


Week 10A


Monday 26th June                    SRC week

Tuesday 27th June                   Prefect Voting

                                                Yr10 Debate V’s Strathfield Girls

                                                Yr 10 meeting

                                                Yr 11 meeting

                                                Yr 9 Debate V’s Strathfield

                                                Year 10 Parent Teacher Night 4pm

Wednesday 28th June              Drama IP HSC Trial

                                                SRC Dance 5.30pm

Thursday 29th June                 Announcement of School Captains and Prefects

                                                Yr 8 Taster and Information day

Friday 30th June                      Prefect Assembly


Term 3


Week 1B                                


Monday July 17th                     NAIDOC week.

School Development Day

                                                Band Camp begins.

Tuesday July 18th                    Band Camp continues.

Wednesday July 19th               Band Camp continues.

                                                HSC Drama Trial Performances

Thursday July 20th                  NAIDOC Assembly Period 3

                                                Year 8 Parent Teacher Night

Friday July 21st                       Year 9 Study Skills    


As this is the last newsletter for Term 2, I wish everyone a wonderful break and refreshing holiday.

Megan Connors


Deputy Principal's Newsletter, Week 8, Term 2, 2017

posted Jun 19, 2017, 12:44 AM by Ms. Connors

Deputy Principal’s Report

Deputies’ Conference

On Thursday and Friday last week Mrs Mayers and I attended the 18th Annual Selective Deputies’ Conference in Bowral.  We were lucky enough to hear some fabulous speakers. Ruth Phillips presented A New Approach to Identifying Who may be Vulnerable to Underachievement. Ruth is a lecturer at the UNSW. Kathryn Taylor the Director of Turning Point presented on Leading A Talented Revolution. On day one we were able to share our ideas from our own school on differentiation and supporting gifted and talented students with deputies from other Selective High Schools. Another session we shared was focused on Supporting GAT students to connect, Succeed and Thrive. On day 2 Dr Andrew Marin presented on Motivating High Ability Students and Steve Den-Kaat a clinical psychologist spoke about Supporting Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Magda Pollack and Louise Courtney updated us all about the writing task in the selective test and also data from the Selective Schools Unit.

It is a huge advantage to share with colleagues from other selective schools. We have created a strong bond with these deputies and we support each other and also share some ideas that would suit those particular schools.

On Tuesday this week Year 9 and Year 10 attended the Nyholm Lecture. Thanks to Ms Jenns, Ms Kong, Mr Khoury and Mr Kowalski.

Debating still continues its strong connection at Ruse. On Tuesday James Ruse debated against Kellyville which they won. They had to debate the next day and they won the regional final. We wish them all the best for the next round.

Year 7 Parent Teacher Night

Wednesday afternoon parents of Year 7 met with teachers to discuss the wonderful achievements of our junior students. It was a great afternoon and it was wonderful to meet interested parents.

Alumni Night Tuesday 13th June

Tuesday evening saw our annual Alumni Night. Months of preparation has gone into finding ex Rusians who are now employed in various fields. The list this year is extensive.

We had Robert Spooner-Hart Associate Professor of Sustainable Plant Production Systems, John Cadogan Journalist and qualified Mechanical Engineer, Samantha Thomas Sonographer and Janice Hancock, Physiotherapist, Brijanthi Rajeev, Senior Counsel Consumer Law, Sandra Pedram, Dental Surgeon, Mathew Rudd Lawyer and public servant, Quang Chen, Gastroenterologist, Bowei Zhao Management Consultant, Elena Ng Corporate Lawyer, Norman Ma Software Engineer, Rex Huang Dental Surgeon, Trevor Liu, Business Analyst, Benny Lee Digital Content Producer, Bryan Zhu Masterchef contestant 2017, Isabella Kwai Editorial Assistant for the New York Times, Marilyn Pan USYD Tutor / final year of Law/ Economics and Neil Nguyen Analyst Deal Advisory . Year 9, 10 and 11 students were invited to attend and ask these wonderful Alumni about their career paths.

Thanks must go to the executive team of the SRC – Daniel Forrest, Julia Tran, Jack Yu , Leo Yu and Aniruddh Chennapragada who have worked tirelessly in searching, inviting , planning the evening and making the whole event a huge success.

Harvard Summer News

Michelle Chen from Year 11 has been accepted into the Harvard Summer School Program for her desired course; Digital Media, Society, Culture and Economics. The two-week course provides an introduction into the role of digital media in culture, politics and our daily lives. Through visits to various museums, daily readings, lectures and assignments, she will learn about the role of technologies such as social networks, computer generated imaging and the IPhone, in relation to cultural production, political activism and the global workplace.  She is looking forward to meeting people who share the same passions as well as experiencing what college life is like. Feel free to ask her any questions regarding the application process or the course.


Coming Events


Week 9B


Monday 19th June                    Year 9 and 10 Shakespeare Interactive

                                                Period 6 and 7 Years 7-10 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

                                                Year 11 – ‘Wired’

                                                Cadet Parent Information Night 6pm

Tuesday 20th June                   Zone Athletics

                                                Year 7 Shakespeare Interactive

Wednesday 21st June               Zone Athletics

                                                Year 8 Japanese Incursion

                                                Year 11 Debate

Thursday 22nd June                 Year 10 Subject Selection Night 6.30pm

                                                Whole School Assembly Period 4

                                                Brainbee Yr10

                                                Yr 12 Chemistry – Uni Of Sydney

Friday 23rd June                      Year 11 Camden Ag Excursion

                                                Year 7 Meeting

Saturday and Sunday              Cadet Bivouac


Week 10A


Monday 26th June                    SRC week

Tuesday 27th June                   Prefect Voting

                                                Yr10 Debate V’s Strathfield Girls

                                                Yr 10 meeting

                                                Yr 11 meeting

                                                Yr 9 Debate V’s Strathfield

                                                Year 10 Parent Teacher Night 4pm

Wednesday 28th June              Drama IP HSC Trial

                                                SRC Dance 5.30pm

Thursday 29th June                 Announcement of School Captains and Prefects

                                                Yr 8 Taster and Information day

Friday 30th June                      Prefect Assembly


Annetta St Louis

Deputy Principal





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