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Principal's Newsletters, Week 3, Term 1, 2016

posted Feb 12, 2016, 1:06 PM by Unknown user

Last night a small number of us were thrilled to be able to watch our HSC Drama students from 2015 perform as the opening piece at On Stage. Kelvin Zhai Liu, Brian Mar, Wiley Ye and Bob He were spectacular in their humorous and thought provoking piece – Daddies for Dummies. Congratulations to Kelvin, Brian, Wiley and Bob. Their teachers, Ms Amy Murphy and Mr Jamie Gerlach are very proud and also deserve our sincere appreciation.

Save the Date – Friday April 1st and Saturdays April 2nd – Our students from Years 8-11 have been developing the 2016 musical for the last 10 weeks. This fabulous event is a very important part of our school culture so please keep these dates free. In 2016 we will be presenting the Musical Comedy, Spamalot.

Year 7 have now completed their 10 day Creative and Critical Thinking program.  Hugely successful, it has been fabulous watching our new students embrace new challenges and seize opportunities. It has been amazing watching students work so well with each other, making new friends and creating superior quality work samples. For three days students explored a big concept – Social Responsibility – examining aspects of “how Australia fits into the world” – and on Wednesday we witnessed their presentations. Congratulations Year 7 and thank you to our creative team for their inspired leadership – Ms St Louis, Ms Novotni, Ms Ng, Ms Englefield and Mrs Bowen.

Thank you to our Prefect Body for ensuring we all had a wonderful week celebrating the joy of Valentines’ Day at Ruse. The Dance was fantastic and their assembly memorable.

Our fabulous and very supportive parents, under the guidance of Mothers’ Club have donated $15000 to air condition two of our new laboratories. As well as supplying wonderful equipment to our labs, it is fabulous that Mothers’ club are able to ensure a comfortable learning environment for our students. Mothers’ club raise their funds through food days, running sessions / activities and selling the Entertainment Books. It is a superb effort. Thank you.


Thank you to the COJR for hosting our ex-students - Alice Cao, Jessica Bulluss and Wilson Liu - on Tuesday night. The tips and advice they gave was inspirational. The importance of parents was emphasised - showing support, rewarding effort and telling your children you love them. Of course they also love being spoilt while in Year 12 with lots of yummy food (a tip from Wilson). On Thursday 18th February Mothers' Club will host Stephanie Wu and Tally Zhuo - it will be wonderful to hear their experiences and ask lots of questions. 


The Lions Club run a fabulous program – Youth of the Year. This is a prestigious event for young people, which boasts many high profile Australians amongst the ranks of former entrants. Through entering the program, which is now in its 50th year, you will have an unequalled opportunity to experience an interview situation – in a friendly atmosphere – and a chance to practise your public speaking skills. The best way to enter is to talk to your local Lions Club. If you don’t know how to do this then please email the Australian Chairman at and he will contact a local club. More information can be found at . Entries are due very soon.


Connecting with James Ruse via social media:

Our school Facebook page can be found at


Our ex-students also connect with us via their Facebook page –James Ruse Union


If you log on to our intranet you can also subscribe to receive notifications and links to publications such as the “daysheet”.


An ex-student who is an accomplished drone pilot visited our school in the holiday – if you would like to glimpse a bird’s eye view of the school -   Mark has offered to visit the school again when he is in Sydney.

An urgent message:

Could you please check your child’s bedroom, bags, studies for any school books / texts / novels that may have been issued to them last year? Unfortunately we will need to invoice any student who has not returned books. Please ask your child to return resources to the appropriate staffroom or library as soon as possible.

Other students are waiting to borrow these resources.

Good luck to all our teams who are participating on Monday in the Quad School’s Cup.

Week 4B                      

Monday 15th February              Quad Schools

Tuesday 16th February              Duke of Edinburgh Year 10 and 11 Training

Thursday 18th February            Swimming Carnival

                                                Mothers Club Meeting 9.45am

Friday 19th February                High Achiever’s 2015 Assembly

Week 5A

Monday 22nd February              Staff Professional Learning afternoon 2.30-5.30pm

Tuesday 23rd February             Zone Swimming

                                                Year 12 Information Night 6.30pm for parents and students

Wednesday 24th February        Zone Swimming

Friday  26th February               ASPIRE Day

Sat 27th / Sun 28th                 Duke of Edinburgh Hike – Direct Silver / Bronze

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors