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Principal's Newsletter, Term 3, Week 2, 2015

posted Jul 25, 2015, 9:51 PM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our talented year 10 students who competed in and won the NSW Final of the BrainBee championships last week at UWS. Thank you to their mentors Jade Pham (11) and Mrs Lyn Flanagan.

Linus Cooper of Year 9 won the NSW Junior Chess League's Winter One Day Tournament during the school holidays. Congratulations Linus.

To the right is a photo of Jessica Guo (10) receiving her Gold medal at the State Cross Country Championships which were held at Eastern Creek Raceway on Friday. A fantastic effort, especially considering the conditions she had to compete in. We now wish Jessica the best of luck as she competes at Nationals in Melbourne in August. Congratulations Jess.

Congratulations to the many parents who contributed to the success of the 2015 Korean Food Day. Our wonderful Korean cooks spent hours making the beautiful food we were all treated to. It was also fabulous to see the friendships that exist between our parents and their willingness to give up their time to run such an event. The CoJR has raised many funds over the years that are being spent on refurbishing our science labs – which start this weekend. Our Korean Food Day will contribute to the laboratory refurbishment.

We thank -

Catherine Jo (Christine Jo 7)

Hyunjoo Cho (Dahee Kim7)

Celina Lim (Edward Lim)

So Young Lee (Joon Ki Jung 7)

Younghwa Jung (Justin Eun 7)

Seung Lae Shin (Min Ji Lee 7)

Catherine Jin (Tiffany Jin 7)

Grace Shin (Christy Kim 8)

Yungok Jung (Clair Gang 8)

Soojin Lee (Flora Cho 8)

Yunseon Shin (Calla Lee 8)

Kathy Kim (Eunice Seo 8)

Lois Kim (Grace Kim 8)

Tina Lee (Iris Joo 8)

Mia Park (Jerry Kim 8)

Jina Song (Janet Shin 9)

Taennie Cha (Minho Cha 9)

Chloe Choi (Eric Choi 9)

Hyunjoo Jun (James Jun 9)

Okyi Song (Joseph Jeong 9)

Jungyi Ha (Jeany Lee 9)

Elizabeth Moon (Yelin Nam 9)

Haejin Kim (Michael Kim 9)

Monica Sim (Dennis Yoon 10)

Jung Sharma (Geena Sharma 10)

Hanna Yoon (Michael Yoon 10)

Jee Hee Kim (Helen Park 10)

Min Heung Chi (Daniel Choi 10)

Sarah Lee (Nathan Lee 10)

Su Jung (Lucas Myung 10)

Eui Sook Ahn (Jong Bang10)

Helen Park (Jayden Choi 10)

Karren Kim (John Lee 11)

Hee Sook Lee (Chaewon Lee 11)

Miae Lee (Chris Song 11)

Hee Sun Kim (Sean Kim 12)

Year 9 High Resolves are working on their School Action Leadership Project. Pictured below is Mrs Jenny Bowen, working with Year 9T, on their language immersion program. 9T aim to showcase and share a number of languages and cultures with Year 7 in an interactive workshop on August 13th.

At the end of last term, many of our students and staff participated in Red Nose Day. 85 students sold merchandise in Martin Place on Friday 26th June supervised by Ms Amy Murphy. Back at school our judges were still wearing their red noses.

Our first ever MAD concert was held last night. This fabulous showcase of our talented Music, Drama and Visual Arts students was made possible by our equally talented CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) staff – Ms Ashlee Walker, Mr Ian Goggin, Mr Jamie Gerlach, Mr Richard Brus, Ms Rachel Hann and Ms Amy Murphy.

Our Year 12 students begin their STUVAC and Trial examinations next week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are preparation days for both the Trial Examinations and UMAT examination. On Thursday 30th July our Trial Examinations will begin. We wish all our HSC students the very best of luck. This year is our first year with accelerated PDHPE and we wish these students well. Parents of HSC students: the trial is a very difficult time and lots of love, patience and good food is needed for your children. Please encourage lots of sleep. If a student is unwell they must see a doctor and not sit an exam at that time – parents should ring the school and speak to Mr Long and apply for Illness and Misadventure. Students must not sit an exam if they are unwell.

Early next week 25 staff members will complete the mini Certificate of Gifted Education, designed by GERRIC and delivered by Bronwyn Macleod. This fabulous professional learning opportunity will allow us to cater to our gifted students by using strategies based on the very latest research.

Raffle Tickets – This week raffle tickets have been given to each student. The proceeds from our raffle each year contribute to the donation the CoJR is able to make to our school improvements. We are all benefitting from past students and parents as we use the lecture theatre, air conditioning, bus bay shelter and now the science lab refurbishment. I ask that all students return their raffle tickets sold to the uniform shop or their roll call class on the special collection days each Friday.

Year 7 Creative and Critical Thinking – Yesterday Year 7 completed their creative and critical thinking program which involved the discovering of clues and resources and culminated in the production of an “Agricultural Themed Art Work”. It was a fabulous afternoon of energy, laughter and enthusiasm. Thank you to Mrs Bowen, HT Gifted and Talented, for orchestrating this day. Mrs Ramsay (Year 7 Advisor) and Mrs Twomey (Assistant Advisor) were keen observers of the fabulous interactions between the groups.

Our Year 12 Economists were once again interviewed by the ABC – 24 program for their views on the current economic conditions. This program should air each night next week.

Our band students performed and competed at the Waverley Eisteddfod last weekend.  All students had a great time and performed exceedingly well.

Eunice Cheung (Year 8) competed in the Sydney Eisteddfod in the school holidays. Mrs Fernandez, her year advisor, was honoured to watch her performance.

Next Tuesday night at 6.30pm the CoJR will host an information night within their meeting in the lecture theatre. The aim of this talk is to enlighten parents and students on the process of applying to overseas universities. I have asked Richard Tong and Allan Lin to come back and speak to us. Both Richard and Allan are about to leave for the US - Richard to study at Harvard and Allan to study at Columbia. We will look at the application processes and how to prepare your child for this. We will look at both the UK and US processes.


The talk is suitable for all parents and students - but particularly years 9 and 10 - as students need to position themselves early if they wish to study overseas. Students and parents are all welcome.


Richard and Allan will be speaking to interested year 12 students on August 13th at 2.30pm - so no need for Year 12 to attend.


Coming Events

Week 3A

Monday 27th July         Year 12 STUVAC before Trial Examinations

Tuesday 28th July        ICAS English, Year 9 Study Skills

                                    Community of James Ruse Meeting 6.30 pm in the lecture theatre

Wednesday 29th July   Year 7 Brainstorm Productions

                                    Ryde Eisteddfod

Thursday 30th July       Australian Mathematics Competition

                                    TRIAL Examinations begin

Week 4B               HSC Trials Continue all week

Monday August 3rd       Prelim PDHPE Ski Trip; Year 11 meeting P4

Tuesday August 4th      Prelim PDHPE Ski Trip

Wednesday August 5th Prelim PDHPE Ski Trip; ASOE Chemistry Exam; Great Science and Engineering Challenge; Year 10 Seminar

Thursday August 6th     Visit to JRAHS of 16 teachers from Shanghai

Friday August 7th         ASOE Earth and Environmental Science; Year 10 and 11 History debate


Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors



FARM UPDATE - Term 3 2015

Welcome to the first newsletter from the farm for Term 3.

Prime Lambs – The first lambs of the new lambing season have arrived. Healthy twins were born during some of the coldest days we had this year.  This arrival came almost 150 days (the length of a sheep gestation period) to the day after the ram was joined with ewes back in February! Ewes are currently being supplementary fed on 2-3 biscuits of Lucerne hay every morning. The hay feeder is being utilised over the weekends. We also placed two bales of pasture straw on the floor of the old dairy to provide a warm place for the lambs (and any new arrivals) to take refuge from the chill off the snow covered Blue Mountains this week.

Show Chickens - The new purebred ‘show’ chickens have arrived and have taken up residence in the poultry barn. Two trios, one black and one buff (orange!), were kindly donated by Keith and Jeanette Dubber. Keith and Jeanette’s son attended Ruse during the leadership of Principal Hoskin. Keith also has fond memories of tending to the roses outside Barrengarry House during this time. Keith is the secretary of the Pekin Bantam Association and has been breeding this line for 40 years. He assures me they are close to perfect for the breed standard description and from award winning parents. On picking them up I was also given a tour of his property where he also took pride in a whole garden of bonsai plants and beautiful ponds of koi carp – all interests which require a keen eye for detail. We look forward to beginning a breeding program and entering these chickens in our local shows, the Sydney Royal next year and possibly the Pekin Anniversary show in Mudgee 2016.

Cattle - Calves have been weaned using the Easy Wean nose ring system, with the youngest to be weaned early August. This allows the herd to stay together, reducing stress on both calves and cows, but stops them from drinking from their mothers. We are currently feeding out a whole bale of Lucerne each day to them and a whole bucket of barley when it comes in from the brewery. We will be taking the bull out of the herd within the next couple of weeks to make it safer for classes to use the cows in the yards for practical lessons. The Cattle Husbandry Group has been breaking in our youngest calf, Lorna.

Broilers - The final batch of Year 10 broilers have been completed and frozen chickens are currently for sale. We processed these chickens at 5 weeks at an average live weight of 2.6kg and they came back at an average of 1.7kg dressed weight.  This lower dressed weight seems to suit the requests from our School Community market and therefore I will be taking this into consideration when formulating the 2016 Broiler Trial roster.  It will also save us some costs on the extra weeks feed.  The Year 10 Enrichment group will manage the next two batches to be raised in term 3 and 4.

Katie Twomey

Relieving Farm Manager