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Principal's Newsletter Term 4 Week 9, 2013

posted Jan 24, 2014, 10:40 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jan 25, 2014, 1:07 AM ]

Principal’s Report

In working towards and being successful in gaining the position of Principal of James Ruse Agricultural High School, I spent many hours reflecting on myself, the school and the future of James Ruse Agricultural High School. I was asked in preparation for my interview “How different will James Ruse be after five years of your leadership?” I would like to share my answer with you and hope that together we can devise a truly spectacular shared vision for JRAHS.


 “How different will Ruse be after 5 years of your leadership?” 

  • JRAHS will be a world leader in the delivery of a holistic education for gifted learners.

Presently the highest performing school in the State and perhaps Australia on external testing data, in 5 years the bar would be set even higher. Academically we would have moved further in front of other high achieving schools and be seen as a feeder school to the very best universities in Australia and the world.

Our students would continue to be academically successful and also be known for their creativity and innovation across all fields. Our students will be great communicators and leaders who collaborate to achieve team goals. We will be known as creators of knowledge not just users of it. Our curriculum will continue to diversify and thrive.

  • All (staff, students and parents) will flourish as lifelong learners who follow their passions and become resourceful and active citizens.


  • James Ruse will continue to value Agriculture but will have transferred our love of the Farm and Agriculture into the achievement of a “green school”. Our completed gymnasium and state of the art science labs will all promote sustainable practices. Our infrastructure will reflect all the best learning environment of a 21st century school.


  • Our students will still be at the centre of all decision making and we will see evidence of improved teaching and learning practices in every classroom or online community. Our teachers will be showcased as leaders of gifted education and their expertise sought on the global stage.


  • Our community will be emotionally intelligent and staff, student and parent wellbeing, will be our focus. Committed to service and culturally sensitive, all members of our community will be included and seek to make a positive difference.


  • Our school culture will be dynamic and vibrant, fostering collective capacity and systemic innovation – we will be seen as a leader of change across all fronts.


  • We would be seen as a success story of the implementation of local decision making – our transition to more autonomy will have improved all areas of school life.


These are my thoughts and dreams but what is most important is that we create a vision for the future that is shared and meets our combined goals. I am so honoured to have been given this opportunity to lead this fabulous school and its community. I wish to thank all the kind students, parents and staff that have offered me their congratulations and ask for your ongoing support as we move into an exciting future.



On Wednesday, we all took part in another chaotic but very special day at Ruse – we combined an Indian and Sri Lankan Food Fair, Orientation Day and our Grade Sport Finals to create a wonderful impression for our 2014 Year 7 students and their parents.


A huge thank you to the Indian and Sri Lankan parents who gave up so much time to prepare and cook so many delicious dishes for us. The school always feels so happy and vibrant when students and their parents work together. An enormous thank you to Mrs Abha Sinha and Mrs Sandya Nanayakkara for their leadership of the day and their commitment to our school.


Thank you to Mrs Gillian Haslehust-Smith for her expert organisation in completing the enrolment of our 2014 Year 7 students and her organisation of Orientation Day. Thank you to Mrs Elton, Mrs Threlfo, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Parker, Mrs Kunz and Mrs Bowen who worked tirelessly to ensure all students are able to transition smoothly to JRAHS. Our Year 10 Peer Support leaders, trained by Ms Novotni, did a spectacular job looking after the students. Mrs Effie Lee, Mrs Boey Wong and the many volunteers who worked in the Uniform Shop and in the Library were so effective and successful in helping the day run smoothly.

Volunteers are so important to the school. We really need lots of help in the canteen next year as many of our Year 12 parents are moving on. Please contact Mrs Kwan or Mrs Truong if you are able to help.


Last weekend, three JRAHS Robotics teams competed in the national finals. One of our three teams was successful in reaching the grand final and performed very well.  This JR team also won the Innovate Award, for good design. Thank you to Mrs Pooviah and Mr Pronger for their enthusiasm which has inspired our students to pursue this science and thank you also for being so willing to give up so much time (so many nights and weekends) to support the Robotics Club. On Wednesday 11th December, the Robotics teams will accompany Mrs Pooviah and myself to Sydney University to thank the Engineering Faculty for their sponsorship of our US team and to enjoy an incredible learning experience which includes meeting NASA Astronaut and Lawrence Hargrave Professor of Aeronautical Engineering, Dr Greg Chamitoff.


Thank you to the Music and Band faculty for another fabulous end of year concert. Special thanks to Mr Patrick Wong, Mr Glenn Armitage and Adam and Christine our wonderful conductors.


As I write this, I look forward to attending another fabulous Year 10 Formal. Thank you to Ms Webb and Mr Flood for your dedication and superb organisation.
Megan Connors
6th December 2013