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Principal's Newsletter, Week1, Term 3, 2014

posted Jul 22, 2014, 4:08 AM by Unknown user

Relieving Principal’s Report

James Ruse is not a school that slows down in the holidays. The students and staff were at school for many activities such as band rehearsals and the robotics team.


Work began on our larger than life chess board in the garden at the front of the school. It is looking really fantastic and we cannot wait to have our inaugural chess game played by our talented chess team. This should be finished by week 2 of this term.


On Monday (the SDD) each faculty spent the day studying the Australian Curriculum and then rewriting school programs. This is a time consuming activity and still there is much to be done. The work will continue this term and into term 4 so that we are ready to implement these programs at the start of 2015.


Tuesday was the first day for students and it was lovely to see everyone came back from holidays with a smile on their face. In period 3 we had our NAIDOC assembly where Ms Burgess mentioned the Indigenous trip in the September holidays. 25 students will go to central Australia with Ms Boatswain and Ms Burgess where they will meet and work with Indigenous Australians.


Congratulations go to Praveen Wijerathna who gained a silver medal and Yang Song who gained a bronze medal in the International Maths Olympiad in Cape Town last week. Australia gained 11th place – one of the strongest positions in many years.


Year 12 enter their last term at James Ruse and it will be a busy term with the trials HSC in week 3 and 4. Straight after this will be the submission of work for subjects with a practical component- drama projects, drama performances, the body of work for Visual Art and Extension 2 projects as well as language oral exams.  For parents of year 12 my advice is to provide a quiet place for them to study, keep them well fed, keep them well hydrated, allow them to have a break now and again and do a little bit of exercise. It is important for parents not to nag too much. We trust the year 12 students to create their own study period. They are able to plan what they need to work on. No one can study for hours at a time. Research has shown that profitable study is for a period 2 hours maximum and then they should have a break and study a different topic or subject. Year 12 should be doing no more than 4 hours a night. It is important for teenagers to have 8 – 9 hours of sleep. That is what is needed if information is to be retained.

Thursday this week we had our Prefect Induction Assembly where many parents presented a prefect badge to the prefects of 2014/2015. This year we inducted 2 members of staff to the honorary prefect position. Mr Alan Best and Mrs Lyn Flanagan both became honorary prefects. Mr Best has been an integral part of our annual school musical for 40 years. Mrs Flanagan who is Head Teacher Administration and a wonderful Biology and Chemistry teacher was also the prefect co coordinator for 20 years.  After the assembly we celebrated with a lunch for parents and prefects.


This weekend the school enters the Waverley Band Festival. This will be at John Clancy Auditorium at UNSW. We wish them all the best of luck.



Annetta St Louis

Relieving Principal