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Principal's Newsletter, Week 1, Term 4, 2016

posted Nov 26, 2016, 9:28 PM by Unknown user

Principal‘s Report

Term 4 began with energy and drive. Many staff gave up their holiday time to come into school and prepare for the busy term. The school welcomes Monique Bobanovic into the art department to replace Mrs Englefield while she is on maternity leave. We also welcome Erica Wilkinson who replaces Kristy Webb, Karina Sendt in Science who replaces Liam Birchall and Steve Zounis in Agriculture, replacing Katie Twomey.

Congratulations to Kevin Xian and Bobby Dey, who have received medals for the Australian Mathematics Competition in the senior division. Congratulations to Jason Leung who also received a medal in the junior division. Medals will be presented at Government House in Canberra on Monday 7th November at 2:30pm.

The school is very proud of Chelsea Teng who was a runner up in the The UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing. This competition is designed to encourage and celebrate the next generation of science writers, researchers and leaders. The title of her essay is ‘an innovative instrument: the scanning helium microscope'.  This will be featured later in the newsletter.

 On Tuesday 11th October the school hosted the MAD night. What a celebration of talent from Drama, Visual Arts and Music! The evening format was quite revolutionary for James Ruse with the audience beginning in the hall with a selection of drama and music items. Then the audience left the hall and moved through a series of venues to see some pop up theatre, some musical items and a display of spectacular self-portraits, some wire insect sculptures, sketches and original art works. The evening was a highlight of creativity.

 This weekend the Duke of Edinburgh team will be walking from Bundeena to Little Marley Beach in the Royal National Park. Thank you to our dedicated teachers Ms Jenns, Mrs McKenzie and Mr Pakes. 70 students will be participating in this nature walk.

 The HSC began on Thursday with the first English paper. It was heart-warming to see all students come out of the exam with a smile on their face. I believe if this happens then all goes well for the rest of the exams.

 Year 9 Visual Arts students attended the Art Gallery to see a display by the famous artist Frieda Kahlo on Thursday.  I am sure they will be inspired by the talent of this famous artist.

This morning year 7 had their vaccinations. They are becoming quite used to the little interruption in their day. Of course a lollipop or a lolly does help.

Also today year 10 High Resolves students presented to a panel of teachers. Their passion for social justice and their awareness of world issues certainly was reflected in their projects.

This morning we had a meeting about the new school gymnasium. The builder has been appointed, many site visits have occurred and we are nearly ready to commence the build. A few final details were discussed and soon we will be able to let everyone know the start date.

Term 4 is a busy one with all junior exams, reports, awards and Presentation Day. I would like to remind all parents about the award system. Each student has the opportunity of receiving a Gold, Silver or Bronze James Ruse Award. All the details are in the school diary. A student must obtain a stamp / signature for academic excellence, school curriculum involvement, sport, creative arts, music, school service, clubs and outdoor activities. If a student participates in all 8 of these, he / she will be given a Gold Award. If a student participates in 6, they will get silver and if they are involved in 5, they will get a bronze award. The Gold awards will be given out at Presentation Day.

If at any time you are worried about your son / daughter’s progress please feel free to ring and make an appointment with the year advisor. I ask all parents not to drop into school as all staff are teachers and it is likely they will be on class. The best method is to ring, leave your name and phone number and then the teacher will call you back.

Annetta St Louis

Relieving Principal