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Principal's Newsletter, Week 2, Term 3, 2016

posted Aug 9, 2016, 3:33 AM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our fabulous students Maxwell Ding and Andre Lo of year 12. Both students have competed in the International Biology Olympiad in Vietnam and earned a Silver Medal each. An amazing achievement. Both students have mentored and taught our Olympiad enrichment classes after school and send their best wishes to their students who compete in the NQEs over the next 2 weeks.

On Tuesday we had the joy of hosting the Mothers’ Club International Food Day. It was a fabulous event of much laughter, conversation and catching up. The food was spectacular and greatly enjoyed by staff and students. Jan Wang, President of Mothers’ Club, demonstrated her superb leadership skills and created a fabulous team of hard working and committed parents. Mrs Annie Chen, again, gave us her expertise to coordinate the many aspects of the day ensuring all went smoothly. It was lovely to welcome back many ex parents and the “friends of our JR parents” who also came to help.

The amount of money raised on the day is a staggering $8356. We were also privileged to receive a number of cash donations on the day and also once again were able to gain sponsorship for much of the supplies needed.


Cash Donation:

Mr Francis Wong                             $1000 (ex-parent: Amanda Wong 1998)

Mr Ting Kuo Wang                           $2000 (grandparent of Nicholas Rewell)

Mrs Cora Lee                                    $100 (ex-parent)

Mrs Cathy Wang                              $100 (mother of Helen Wang)

Mrs Lucy Ji                                      $50 (mother of James Ji)


Our amazing sponsors who have now helped us for many years:

Amysons Pty Ltd

Eastwood Superfresh

Eastwood Meat Market

Fushin Frozen Food Pty Ltd

PHPC Pty Ltd

Please support these businesses if it is ever appropriate for you.

Thank you also to our amazing parent helpers (organised by years)

Year 7: Ting Ting (Ben Liew), Grace Lai (Bosco Leung)

Year 8: Tracy An (Aaron Yuan), Peter Feng (Esaias Feng), Xiaoying Yang (Alan Wentao Song), Wendy Lin (Reena Chen), Amy Ou (Alvin Deng), Jenny Luo (Damon Lee), Winnie Shen (Jess Li), Sharon Wang (Sabrina Fu)

Year 9: Doris Pua (Jeffrey Y12, Tim Khoo Y9), Vivian Lee (Chelsy Teng), Rebecca Truong (Eagan Jiang), Coco Lee (Eden Lee Y9, Zami Lee Y8), Mocita Wong (Florence Poon)

Year 10: Laura Chen (Richard Zhang), Cathy Wang (Helen Wang), Susan Xia (Martin Zeng), Cathy Lee (Amanda Lee), Sue Fung (Albert Fung), Anna Cai (Louise Cai), Sharon Su (Yon Su), Jan Wang (Nicholas Rewell)

Year 11: Tien Chun (Hantian Chen), Yun Wang (James & Joshua Yang), Michelle Soon (Winston Woong), Jennifer Ho (Dominic Lam), Susan Wu (Jody Pan), Susana Law (Adrian Law), Angela Tung (Lucas Chan)

Year 12: Angela Chen (Victor & Emily Wong), Karen Lim (Andre Lo)

Ex-parents: Boey Wong, Tracy Wang, Van Bui, Cathleen Nguyen, Kim Vo, Rita Huang, Agatha Jo, Asiya Ha, Annie Chen 

Friends of JR: Lucy Hu, Zheng Zhang, Jenny Zhang

Thank you again to our many wonderful parents who model the importance of service and contribution to their children.

On Tuesday night, The CoJR held their first meeting of the term. Thank you to everyone who could attend. Mrs Liza Mayers, Relieving Deputy Principal, gave an inspiring speech on the importance of “English for Life”, the need to look beyond school courses and the HSC and focus on the real goal – being equipped to succeed in life – to think critically, to be creative, to communicate effectively and to work collaboratively with others. Mrs Mayers also introduced Mayank Gupta of Year 11 who spoke about his enrichment experiences that have aided both his development in English and life. He mentioned gaining much from his involvement in the “Young Wharfies” program run by the Sydney Theatre Company. Two of our winning Slam Poets performed – Matthew Ku and Anagha Kanive-Hariharan – to loud applause.

The CoJR Raffle is occurring at present – please encourage your children to return their raffle tickets ASAP. Each Thursday at the Quad Assembly we will be collecting the tickets. More raffle tickets are available from Mrs Mayers.

Congratulations to Jessica Guo (Y11) who competed last week at CHS Cross Country / All Schools and placed second which is a wonderful achievement.

Congratulations to our talented James Ruse Bands that performed last weekend at the NSW School Band Festival. All the bands performed very well with Wind Orchestra achieving a Gold award and Symphonic Band and Jazz Orchestra achieving Bronze awards in their categories.

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors