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Principal's Newsletter, Week 2, Term 4, 2016

posted Nov 26, 2016, 9:30 PM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

I was privileged to see year 10 students present in a very creative way last Friday information about the High Resolves Project. It was wonderful to see creative, clever and innovative presentations. I must thank Mrs Bowen for all her hard work in organising the High Resolves program at school. The meetings have often been after school and the energy and commitment has been exemplary. Thanks again to Mrs Bowen for her patience and her wonderful organisation. Year 10 High Resolves students presented information about their project to Mrs Weber, Mrs Mayers, Mrs North and myself last Friday afternoon.  It is inspiring to hear such articulate and passionate students speak about what they have learnt. They certainly will be admirable leaders of the future.

 The Duke of Edinburgh team completed the Bronze walk last weekend at the Royal National Park. Thank you to Ms Jenns, Mrs McKenzie and Mr Pakes for taking 70 students away on this fabulous walk.

 On Tuesday the Agricultural Enrichment group presented their Archibull entry. Mrs Hameed and Mr Goggin worked tirelessly with the agricultural enrichment students.  This year the cow is decorated with a huge hamburger. As each cow has been decorated it then adorns the school playground. This provides a rich conversation for many visitors who arrive at James Ruse and are mesmerised by the cows.

 On Monday afternoon we had a staff meeting where we were lucky enough to get Jocelyn Brewer a psychologist and school counsellor speak to the staff about “ digital nutrition”.  Jocelyn is a psychologist and a teacher who has been studying teens for over 8 years. She provided practical strategies for parenting in the digital age and was able to answer questions about video games, social media and digital cultures.

Jocelyn spoke about technology being an integral part of 21st century learning. Schools need to support young people to develop healthy online habits that maximise the benefits of digital devices and avoid traps of problematic internet use.  We need to address the tension between the need to use technology for learning and the inclination of young people to use these devices as leisure activities.

Jocelyn will speak to the mothers’ club on Tuesday November 15th at 10 am and I urge all parents to attend.

Term 4 is the term when each faculty looks carefully at their programs and they are able to take some time to re–write and update the programs for each stage. Mr Wong and Mr Gerlach have worked on CAPA programs this Monday.

The prefects have hosted the Game of Houses this week with the lecture theatre being a popular venue on Tuesday at lunch. Each house competed against a very talented teachers’ team to answer jeopardy-style questions on Maths, English, HSIE, Science and General Knowledge. Ms Briggs, the prefect coordinator, is doing a wonderful job thinking of new ways the prefects can help within the school.

The school has just received a timeline for the building of our own gymnasium. Next Tuesday will have a meeting to discuss the final arrangements before work begins.  The area behind T block will be a building site so it will be cordoned off and all deliveries will be via the farm not through the school grounds. This ensures the safety of all students and all the workers who will be on site.

 Ms Connors will return to school on Monday 24th October. I have had a wonderful time in the relieving position and enjoyed meeting some new parents, working constantly with students and planning and talking with all the talented staff. I thank them for their support while Ms Connors has been on leave.

Annetta St Louis

Relieving Principal