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Principal's Newsletter, Week 3, Term 1, 2017

posted Feb 12, 2017, 12:14 AM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

Congratulations to Darshana Kannan of Year 12 who achieved 2nd in the state in HSC Tamil last year.

On Australia Day 2017 Vinushan Kuganathan of Year 10 was named Young Australian of the Year for the Cumberland Area. Vinushan was commended for his volunteer service and community involvement. Congratulations Vinushan.

Congratulations to Jennifer Du of Year 9 who has received the honour of being awarded The Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship. The Foundation’s vision is to develop visible, successful, recognised, confident young women. The scholarship is offered to students in Year 8 and applications for 2018 will be available later in the year. ( )

Thank you to Justin Wu, Brendan Gu and Aaron Lawrence who presented on Tuesday night at the CoJR meeting. All speeches were wonderful and great questions were asked and answered. The Lecture Theatre was a full audience. In upcoming newsletters speeches we will publish.

Next Thursday 16th February at Mothers’ Club we will hear from our four remaining top achievers – Kevin Xian, Vieley Xiao, Rohan Krishnaswarmy and James Fu. Although it is the swimming carnival, Mothers’ Club will still be held at 9.45am in the lecture theatre.

Year 7 have now completed their Creative and Critical Thinking program. It was impressive to witness their enthusiasm, willingness to use their voice, try new things and make many new friends. Ms St Louis, Deputy Principal, has been the driving force of the program and an inspirational leader of this fabulous initiative. Thank you to Ms St Louis. Many teachers were also instrumental in ensuring the success of the program and I wish to thank all involved. Next Monday and Tuesday, Year 7 will go on camp. Please ensure they pack their own bags.

On Wednesday night our Prefects will host the Valentine’s Day Dance from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. I encourage all parents to allow their children to attend. This is a wonderful social time where all years mix together. I have spoken to Year 7 encouraging them to attend. To ensure safety of all students, all parents must be waiting outside the hall at 8.30pm. Students will not be allowed to leave without a parent.

Year 10 completed their first unit of our Study Skills program. It is important that good habits – effective time management, early bedtime, and productive study techniques are practised in the junior years.

On Wednesday night, Year 9 and parents attended their Duke of Edinburgh orientation meeting. This program is a fabulous leadership and development program that allows student to learn new skills, complete physical activity, volunteer and take on adventurous hiking. Thank you Ms Jenns for hosting the meeting and for being our Duke of Edinburgh coordinator. Thank you also to Ms Ramsay for also attending the information night. If you would like further information on the Duke of Edinburgh program please visit

The Swimming Carnival is a very important event in our school calendar. All students are expected to attend and attendance at carnivals is noted on the cover of our school reports. If a child is too unwell to attend the swimming carnival they must provide the school with a medical certificate.

Congratulations to Andrew Cui Year 9 who has successfully auditioned and been placed in the 2017 elite orchestral training program delivered by Sydney Youth Orchestras. Well Done. For more information about Sydney Youth Orchestras, ensembles and the exciting 2017 concert series, please visit the web

Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors


Year 7 Creative and Critical Thinking Program.


This week year 7 formed small groups of 5 to complete their concept assignment. Their brief was – “you are now Prime Minister of Australia…. what would you change, modify or improve.” As a group, students had to create 8-10 posters with visual images to show how the changes would occur.

On Wednesday morning, year 7 displayed their posters and year 8 asked questions and the reasons why images were used or changes made. The hall and the lecture theatre were abuzz with noise and lots of discussion. The posters were colourful, creative and very artistic.

On Tuesday year 7 had their second Passion day where they learnt to cook, to dance, write and recite slam poetry and perform in drama. Each of these sessions was received with great enthusiasm. We hope all year 7 have learnt some new skills.

Teachers have commented on how relaxed year 7 is, as well as confident and friendly. Thursday 9th February begins the more traditional lessons.

Next week a survey will be sent to all year 7 and all parents so you have an opportunity to voice your opinion.

Annetta St Louis

Deputy Principal