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Principal's Newsletter, Week 3, Term 2, 2015

posted May 12, 2015, 1:43 AM by Unknown user

Last Friday we had a visit by many builders who are keen to apply for the job of renovating the science labs. They measured each lab, took photos and made copious notes. They are to complete their application by 14th May. After that there is a 4 day period where a financial group will look at the costs and then a company will be selected. This is so exciting. We hope to start the first stage of the project in June. Labs C 1.1 and C 1.2 will be the first stage. This should take 10 weeks and then C 0.1 will be stage 2 and completion should be finished in about 5 weeks.


This certainly is a busy week with 2 camps. Year 11 have been to Morisset and Year 9 to Somerset. It was fantastic to see the sun shine so each camp could enjoy the outdoors and all the activities. Camp can only be successful with the support of many teachers. My thanks go to Ms Brooks, Ms Ng, Mr Pakes, Ms Burgess for their hard work on the year 9 camp and a big thank you to Ms Jenns for her organisation of this camp. I would also like to thank Ms Zhu,  Mr Gerlach, Ms Fernandez, Ms Hameed, Mr Gengiah, Mr Hutchinson and Mr Long and of course Mrs Chan who organised the year 11 camp.


Congratulations to our year 9 and 11 students who have demonstrated superb skills in resourcefulness and team work at both camps. I had the privilege of attending the year 9 camp which was a wilderness adventure where all students learnt hiking and survival skills. Day 1 involved the students learning navigation, first aid, camping and successfully packing a backpack (less than 13 kilos with tent, sleeping bag, food, water and clothes). Students slept in their tents at base camp, singing and telling stories around the campfire while preparing for the big hike. On Tuesday students began the hike, each group was assigned leaders for different sections, every student embracing their turn. The first leg was the most challenging - a vertical ascent of about 200m. Students armed with maps and compasses had to navigate the best and safest route. Once on the ridge the scenery was spectacular. The students impressed me with their care and attention to the assigned task and their genuine concern for the safety of their group (including their teachers). Scenarios were played out to test skills and our students were amazing at meeting these challenges. Set in the beautiful Colo River valley the students were able to have a fabulous time with each other. I am so proud to see the development of year 9 students into mature, responsible and caring individuals.

On Monday 11th May, year 8 and 10 will start their half yearly exams and the following week, year 7 and 9. Also next week is NAPLAN. Year 7 and 9 students will sit for NAPLAN on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


On Tuesday night Bravin Ragavan, an ex James Ruse student, came to speak at the COJR meeting. His focus was on the importance of extracurricular activities at this school. Bravin is in the last year of a Commerce/ Law degree and the parents were privileged to hear him speak with passion and commitment about having a balanced education and how well Ruse does equip all students for their role as leaders at university. Mrs Mayers, the Head Teacher of English, also spoke about English from year 7 to year 12. Her speech covered the importance of reading at night, writing practice and the need for all students to seek help if they are worried about their writing. She also focused on the need for students to read magazines, newspapers, watch TV and also visit the theatre. Many questions were asked about HSC texts and the difference between Advanced English and Extension English. It was wonderful to see such a huge group of parents at this meeting.


On Thursday Mr Driscoll organised a meeting in the Lecture Theatre about cadetships for 2016. It was great to see so many interested senior students attend this meeting.


Coming Events:

Week 4B               Year 8 and 10 Exams

                        Year 11 English Orals

                        Year 7 and 9 NAPLAN (Tuesday – Thursday)

Thursday 14th               Year 10 Business Studies Competition

Week 5A              Year 7 and 9 Exams

Monday 18th                 Table Tennis Gala Day

Tuesday 19th                 ICAS Computing – Year 7 and 8; SDD and IPT students

Wednesday 20th           Big Science Competition

Thursday 21st               Year 11 Field of Mars biology excursion


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors