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Principal's Newsletter, Week 3, Term 2, 2017

posted Jun 4, 2017, 2:20 AM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

The Year 11 camp has once again been a wonderful success. Thank you to our Year Advisor, Mr Gengiah, for doing such a great job organising the camp and thank you to the teachers who gave up their time – Ms Romic, Ms Knight, Ms North, Mr Hutchinson, Ms Annetts and  Ms Chan, Three day camps could not happen without our dedicated James Ruse staff. Year 11 are a harmonious, thoughtful and supportive year group and eagerly encouraged their friends to take on challenges and overcome their fears.

Congratulations to Steven Liu (12) who has won a Bronze medal at the Asian Physics Olympiad in Russia.

Thank you to Mr Yeo, teachers and students for the smooth implementation of NAPLAN. It is disappointing that tests such as NAPLAN that should be used to help students learn better are now becoming a source of anxiety and additional pressure for students. I am hoping that we can find better ways of improving student literacy and numeracy to ensure all students are prepared for the future without having to put additional testing pressure on our students. The key for us to improve our literacy is reading – please keep encouraging your students to read. Most teachers are avid readers. In a discussion with our School Captain Fayanne Cui, Fayanne mentioned that she can’t wait for the HSC to end so that she can start reading again. Year 12 is a year when it may be hard to find time to read books that are not related to study but all other years should be making the time.

Share with your child your love of reading and also the books you have read. I recently read a fabulous book – The Shepherd’s Life and if you are looking for something a little different and fantastic we do have this book in the library. Mrs Jennifer Bowen and Mrs Heather Weber have created a program to encourage reading by incorporating reading into maths enrichment. Year 7 have been challenged to read 2500 pages by the end of term incorporating a range of different texts.

With our upcoming junior exams, students are encouraged to develop a study plan by closely following their timetable. Students should still be in bed early (most definitely before 9.30pm) as sleep is the most important part of a healthy study pattern. We can only ask that each child does their best in all activities and exams. I ask parents to please praise students on their efforts and organisation not on the results that they achieve.


ASPIRE day was a huge success. Thank you to our SRC and Ms St Louis for organising this most important school event. Ensuring Year 7 understand what values we as a school hold dear to us is crucial to the continued success of Ruse. Special thanks to Jeffrey Kennedy and Jocelyn Hon of Year 10 who were spectacular leaders of the day. Special thanks also to Mr Ng and Ms Samy-Pullay for supervising the BBQ. To teach and induct Year 7 into the values of Acceptance, Integrity, Service, Participation, Endeavour and Respect; a series of events/interactive activities has been designed by the SRC and is led by students in Year 10 and 9. These activities are updated and changed each year to ensure all students are able to engage with our values. Thank you again to the SRC.

Many students have participated in our Study Skills programs over recent weeks. Further information and assistance is provided by Elevate Education through their website. contains a range of resources students can access after the seminar. These include:

  • A copy of Elevate's best selling guide, Science of Student Success written by the company's founder, Doug Barton. The book retails in bookstores for $20 but is FREE for Elevate clients. It is available to download in PDF mode under the tab 'Books'
  • A range of practice papers for each subject
  • Video tutorials
  • Tips from presenters all around Australia who have recently aced and faced their final years of high school
  • Question forum that allows students to have support even after their Elevate session

To access the online website students can use the following username and password:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter username STUDENT
  3. Type in password pacco

Over the next two weeks, we will begin our faculty evaluation of the PDPHP faculty. We will begin by surveying parents and students. It would be of great assistance if you could take time to complete the survey.


Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors