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Principal's Newsletter, Week 4, Term 2, 2016

posted May 29, 2016, 1:46 AM by Unknown user

Aniruddh Chennapragada (10) has had a fabulous week in the USA at the Intel ISEF 2016 competition. Aniruddh has won 4th Grand Award in the Environmental Engineering (Physical Sciences) category and a US$500 prize.  Aniruddh’s project was to convert pistachio shells into plastic.  The Australian team have done extremely well achieving four Fourth Prizes and one Third. Congratulations to all.

“Dear Young Scientist Supporters,

I hope you have been able to share our wonderful performance today at the 2016 ISEF Grand Awards Ceremony by having a look at our most recent posts on our Facebook page

For those who don’t know, our Young Scientist team won 4 Grand Awards, which is just an amazing performance. Historically only 25-30 % of all finalists receive a Grand Award so to have 4 out of 6 (66.7%) is a wonderful achievement. Since 1999, we have now won 23 Grand Awards from the 45 projects that we have presented (51.1%), which indicates how internationally competitive our STEM projects are.

Our four Grand Awards winners were Jade Moxey, Macinley Butson, Aniruddh Chennapragada and Nga Nguyen. They all won 4th Awards in their respective categories, each receiving $500 USD. Meanwhile, Hanna Sutton from the national BHPBSEA team won a 3rd Award. Australian teams have never won so many Grand Awards before, since our first participation in 1999. It is also interesting to note that the 4 students who won Special Awards last night, were totally different from today’s winners. Therefore 9 of the 12 Australian ISEF finalists came home with a prize.

One of these Special Award winners, James Poyitt, has been featured in a Science News article that has just been uploaded to the internet at

Today has just capped off what has been a wonderful week for all of the Young Scientist team over here in Phoenix. Also don't forget to watch or record the Weekend Today show on Channel 9 on Sunday (tomorrow) which has a segment on our Australian ISEF teams.” 15th May 2016”

On Friday our Year 11 students participated in another part of their Crossroads program – RYDA. Road Safety Education, in association with Rotary, provides the RYDA program to students. The aim of the program is to reduce the incidence of road trauma for young people. Our students were very engaged and interested in the day.

Next Tuesday night, 24th May, at 6.30pm we will host Sydney University’s Information session for Year 10 students.



Official School Welcome

Megan Connors


University Welcome

Professor Tyrone Carlin, DVC (Registrar)


Careers of the Future

Dr. Karl


The ATAR, Scaling, Assumed Knowledge

Assoc Prof Anthony Master or Professor Jacqui Ramagge


Student Perspective

Student Ambassador


Discussion Panel


Opportunity to speak to University representatives



Event Concludes



We will be still holding our own Year 10 Information night on Thursday 21st July to ensure students have a full understanding of the subjects available to choose from.


Year 7 – 10 are now finished their exams and should be very proud of the effort they have put in to preparing themselves and studying. Please ensure you praise their hard work before the results come out. It is very important that parents and students value effort over results.


The Year 8 Information Night which allows parents and students to learn about the many subjects offered in Year 9 will be held on Monday 30th May – please note this date has changed from the one previously published in the calendar.


I strongly encourage all students to give up one day of their weekend – Saturday 28th or Sunday 29th – to volunteer collecting for the Red Shield Appeal. Ryde Rotary helps us transport and supervise the students so they are always looked after by an adult and always with other students. Students can meet at 8.30am at school or at West Ryde Station. It would be best if Year 7 students were to meet and be collected from school. This is a wonderful learning experience for our students and also a vital help to our community.

A message from Spencer Hu, President of Interact:

The Red Shield Appeal is an awesome volunteering event open to ALL YEARS.  It's door knocking for the Salvation Army from 9am till 2pm with a barbecue to finish off, volunteers will be going in groups of twos so bring a friend along to sign up! Every dollar you raise goes to putting a roof over someone's head or to helping a disadvantaged student stay in school. Volunteers can choose to volunteer either day or even both days. 


Sign up to the online roster using this link:


Date and Time: 8:45am till 2pm on the 28th and 29th of May (Last Weekend of May) 

Location: Volunteers can choose to be either picked up and dropped off at school or at West Ryde Station 

What to wear/bring: Comfortable but appropriate clothes and a positive attitude!

More information on the Red Shield Appeal can be found at this link:


Week 5

Monday 23rd May                     Athletics Carnival (all students must attend)

Tuesday 24th May                     Year 10 and 11 Da Vinci Decathlon

                                                Year 11 Biology excursion

                                                Year 10 VA workshop

                                                Year 9 Music Performance in Lecture Theatre

                                                Sydney University Year 10 Information Night – Hall 6.30pm

Wednesday 25th May                Year 10 Seminar

                                                Year 10 and 11 Da Vinci Decathlon

                                                Year 9 Camp

Thursday 26th May                   Year 9 Camp

                                                Year 11 Biology Excursion

                                                Year 7 and 8 Debate

Friday 27th May                       SRC Conference at JRAHS

                                                Year 11 Touch Football Gala Day

                                                Year 7 and 8 Debate

Saturday 28th May                   Year 10 High Resolves Leadership Day at WSU

                                                Red Shield Appeal

Sunday 29th May                      Red Shield Appeal


Week 6

Monday 30th May                     Year 8 High Resolves Day

                                                Year 10 Time Management Seminar

                                                Korean Food Day

                                                6.30pm Year 8 Information Night (Change of date)

Tuesday 31st May                     ICAS Science

                                                Whole School Assembly P5

                                                6.30pm Mid-Year Concert

Thursday 2nd June                    Photo Day 1

                                                9.45am Mothers’ Club Meeting

Friday 3rd June                                    Photo Day 2

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors