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Principal's Newsletter, Week 5, Term 3, 2014

posted Aug 15, 2014, 2:30 PM by Unknown user

Fabulous News! This week we have learnt that the Department of Education and Communities is committing to a capital works project to begin refurbishment of our oldest science labs. With this wonderful grant, committed funds from the CoJR and continued fundraising and donations to the Building Fund we should be able to refurbish three labs – C1.1, C1.2 and C0.1. We began the planning process in conjunction with Public Works this week.


Congratulations to Tanya Han, of year 12, who has the honour of receiving one of only six Marie Bashir Peace Awards for 2014. Tanya is an incredible young woman who embodies the school’s ASPIRE values and is committed to the service of others.


Congratulations to our mathematicians who have done so well once again in the invitational UNSW Maths Competition. Congratulations to Praveen Wijerathna (12) who came first and Yang Song (11) who came 2nd in the senior division. Congratulations also to Justin Wu (10 ) who came first in the junior division and Kevin Xian (10) who came 2nd.


It is with great pleasure that I announce that Ms Daisy Kong will join our Science Department as a permanent member of staff.


This week we had the pleasure of spending the day with Professor June Maker, known for leadership in the field of gifted education. It was wonderful to share our strategies with such a renowned researcher and author.


Thank you in advance to our parents who are holding the Chinese Food Fair on Tuesday. Please ensure you send some extra money for your children to buy some wonderful dishes. It is such a fabulous event each term and students love to see their parents at school. The CoJR are committed to helping us refurbish the labs – please support this project and also the Raffle. Students need to return their sold raffle tickets as soon as possible to either the Uniform Shop or Rollcall.


Year 12 Drama will perform the practical component of their HSC assessment on Monday – we wish them all luck.


Year 12 and our HSC students have completed their trial examinations this week. The school always seems very quiet without them in class. Practice is the key ingredient to HSC success and the Trial exams are a vital practice. Receiving good feedback and really looking at gaps of learning are the next steps for our students. It is the period of time between the trial and the HSC and the collaboration that occurs that ensures our success at JRAHS. Please support your children through this time. Please praise them before their results come out. Praise their efforts not their results.



Coming Events - Week 6

Monday 18th August                  Drama HSC Performance Exams

                                                Year 8 Skyworks Excursion

Tuesday 19th August                 CHINESE FOOD FAIR day

                                                Year 10 Elevate Education Study Skills

                                                Year 9 SDD excursion

Wednesday 20th August           Meet the Music

                                                Year 7 v 8 Debate

Thursday 21st August               Mother’s Club Meeting 9.30am Lecture Theatre

                                                Year 10 Gloucester Excursion

Friday 22nd August                   Year 11 Semi Final Debate

                                                Year 10 Gloucester Excursion

Week 7                        Preliminary Assessments

Monday 25th August                 HSC Concert Recital 7pm in the Lecture Theatre

                                                Year 8 Resourceful Adolescent Camp – 2 days

Tuesday 26th August                Year 8 Resourceful Adolescent Camp

                                                Year 7 Study Skills program – Elevate Education

Wednesday 27th August           Year 10 High Resolves Students at Social Justice Forum

Thursday 28th August               Year 9 Visual Arts Excursion to Art Express

Friday 29th August                   Amnesty International – “Children’s Day”

                                                Year 9 High Resolves P1-3

Saturday and Sunday   30th &31st August         Duke of Edinburgh Silver Hike


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors



Drama News

Next Monday Year 12 Drama students will perform for the HSC. Markers will arrive at 11:20 and leave at 4:30pm. There are usually two HSC markers and maybe a senior marker. Students must perform a group piece that is between 8-12 minutes long.  We will have 2 group performances. They will be followed by 7 individual performances. These are monologues which last for 6 – 8 minutes.


On Friday 15th August the students will spend the day rehearsing in the space. We have recently had professional lighting in the drama room so the students will be very well prepared for their performance.


In year 12 drama this year we have 9 talented students. 2 of who will complete a portfolio of theatre criticism and a design project. These are also due on Monday 18th August. At the end of Monday all year 12 drama students will have finished 60 % of their Drama HSC.


Annetta St Louis

Deputy Principal


The 53rd Annual UNSW School Mathematics Competition 2014:

Congratulations to the following students for their outstanding results in the UNSW mathematics competition. James Ruse students have performed very well again in this competition taking First Prize in each division. All students have been invited to a presentation ceremony at UNSW on September 12th. This is an elite competition with only the top students from around the state competing.

The results are as follows:

Senior division

First Prize: Praveen Wijerathna 

Second Prize: Yang Song

High distinction: Ray Li, Karen Gong

Distinction: Raymond Han

Credit certificates: Patrick Song; Pok Him Siu; Wilson Liu; Andrew Pan

Junior division

First Prize: Justin Wu

Second Prize: Kevin Xian

High distinction: Sriganesh Thavalingam; Adrian Law

Distinction: Brendan Gu, Michelle Kim, Steven Liu, Harish Suresh.

Credit Certificates: Michael Budiarto; Jackie Chen; Harry Dinh;  Sanchit Gupta; Haradarshna Kannan; Bridget Hwang;  Wanzhang Jing; Jeffrey Khoo; Aaron Lawrence; Kannan Subrapriyan; Eric Tan; Simon Yang; Yale Yi; Sam Zeng; Jenny Zhao.


AMO - This week also saw 10 students invited to sit the Australian Senior Mathematics Olympiad which is the beginning of the selection process for next year’s Olympiad team. Congratulations to Yang Song, Karen Gong, Raymond Han (yr 11) Kevin Xian, Justin Wu, Simon Yang, Harish Suresh (yr 10) Bobby Dey, Harry Dinh (yr 9) and Linus Cooper (yr 8) for being selected.


Heather Weber

Head Teacher Mathematics