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Principal's Newsletter, Week 6, Term 2, 2016

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Principal’s Report


Our debaters are to be congratulated on their performance at the Year 7 and 8 competition at Parramatta High School. It was so wonderful to see like-minded students from both schools sharing their interest in debating and making many new friends!

Special thanks also to the year 10 debaters who, together with the year 9 debaters from Parramatta High, adjudicated the debates on the day, and conducted a workshop for the 7 and 8 teams in the afternoon. Thank you to Ms Keira Brooks, HT Teaching and Learning and Debating Coordinator for initiating and organising this new competition.

Our students also competed in the da Vinci Decathalon last week. Year 8 came 1st in Maths and 3rd in English. Year 7 came 3rd in English, 3rd in Maths and 2nd in code breaking. Thank you to Ms Zhu for looking after our team and organising the da Vinci Decathlon.

Year 10 achieved 1st place in Maths and Science and 3rd in coding. They were 2nd overall.
The year 11 team was 2nd in English and 3rd in Maths. There were over 1300 students present. Thank you to Mrs Ramsay for looking after our senior teams. Congratulation to all our students on a fabulous competition and an exciting learning experience

Thank you to the staff, parents and students that attended our Year 8 Information Night. Information on the process and our subject booklet is available on the Sentral Parent and Student Portals.

Thank you to over 130 students who volunteered to give up one day of their weekend to volunteer to collect for the Red Shield Appeal. This is a wonderful and challenging experience for our students and also a vital help to our community.

Many Year 10 students have also completed another stage of the High Resolves Student Leadership program at WSU Parramatta campus on Saturday.

Thank you to Mrs Jennifer Bowen, Head Teacher Gifted and Talented, for organising and supervising the day.

An enormous thank you to the 55 parents that prepared, cooked and sold food on Monday at the Korean Food Fair. It is so important our students see their parents being willing to serve and help the community in such a positive and happy way. The connections and friendships made amongst the parents are also invaluable.


Korean Parents (organised by years)

Year 7: Estella Koo, In Hyun Moon, Hye Sook Kim, Jin Hee Kim, Catherine, Minjoung Yeo, Jackie Kim, Gina Jun, Jin Hwa Kim, Eun Kyong Kang, Sung Im Seo, Sujung Hyun, Sharon Sohn, Miyong Han, Karl Lee, Kyoung Kim, Mee Gyeong Yi, Seonghee Shim, Misuk Jeong, Sunyoung Oh,

Year 8: Catherine Jo, Hyunjoo Cho, Celina, Younghwa Jung, Seunglae Shin, Catherine Jin, Peter Feng,

Year 9: Yun Shin, Minah Kim, Yung Jung, Jin Hee Kim, Joanne Lee, Helen Han, Lois Kim, Kim Song, Sung Hee Lee, Tina Lee, Mia Kim, Luchia Sim, Helen Park

Year 10: Chloe Choi, Hyunjoo Jun, Jina Song, Jungyi Ha, Okyi Song, Haejin Kim, Taennie Cha, Mijin Moon

Year 11: Carrie Lee, Min Chi, Jeehee Kim, Helen Park, Hanna Yoon, Sarah Lee

Year 12: Chloe Choi, Catherine Jin, Kim Song

Year 12 2014: Jane Oh (mother of Patrick)

COJR Liaison: Wen Wen

An enormous thank you to Jungyi Ha for coordinating this amazing event and for Wen Wen and the CoJR for assisting. I would also like to express our gratitude to the families of the 6 ex-Ruse students who donated money and assisted us with the purchasing of ingredients for food:

Dayoung Lee (Yr12, 2015), Sean Kim (Yr12, 2015), Patrick Oh (Yr12, 2014), Lorraine Oh (Yr12, 2014), Audrey (Yr12, 2013), Brian Park (Yr12, 2010). Such a generous gift.

In total the Korean Food Day raised $5362.15.

On Tuesday night we held our Mid-Year Band and Music Concert. Thank you to our teachers and conductors for preparing our students for this superb performance. Thank you to Mr Richard Brus, Mr Patrick Wong, Ms Christine Pringle and Dr Anthony Clarke.  The students performed a wonderful variety of performances to a large audience. Thank you to the many families that came along even in the horrible weather we were experiencing.

I have discussed with a number of parents the issue that some younger students are using their mobile phones inappropriately both at school and at home.  Ideally younger students do not need data on their phone. With no data at school, students are only able to access the internet through the DET’s secure wireless and at home the family Wi-Fi.


All technology use must be negotiated between parents and their children and limits / boundaries must be applied to younger students. These limits are relaxed as the child reaches the senior school. In homes with younger students, technology including mobile phones need to be used in the open areas, charged in the kitchen etc. and not left in bedrooms overnight. Building a relationship where your child feels listened to but understands that limits are necessary and must be adhered to is very important in Year 7 and 8.

The following resources provide great advice on keeping your children safe.



Thank you to Mr Ian Goggin for organising another year of Photo Days. These photos provide special memories for our students and are a particular highlight for Year 12.


Thank you also to the many parents that were able to attend the Mother’s Club Meeting yesterday. Thank you to Mrs Liza Mayers and Mrs Jennifer Bowen for providing such informative talks.

On Tuesday night at the CoJR Meeting, Yang Song, Joshua Lin and Simon Yang, will speak to parents and students on the process involved in applying to overseas educational institutions. This meeting will be at 6.30pm in the lecture theatre. Students in year 10 and 11 and their parents who are thinking of beginning this process should come along. Last week I saw the following lovely post from our ex-student, Anna Zhong. Anna has just graduated from Harvard.

“My heart is full as I say goodbye to my time at Harvard.

People ask me why I came here all the way from Australia. The answer is that I wanted a liberal arts education, something I couldn’t find back home, that would allow me to unapologetically learn everything from the sciences to the humanities, and to love and understand people who are very different to me. Thank you, Harvard, for empowering me to discover and succeed in a field that I used to think was for men -- a field that I never dreamed of trying before I came here. Thank you for teaching me to think critically about the issues of the world, and for surrounding me with classmates who inspire me to fight for a better one. Thank you for challenging me to create, lead, and fail, and to be passionate about what I do. Thank you for helping me find my voice and understand my identity. And thank you for the accomplished and wonderful people who have become my family here, whose range of stories and identities has helped me appreciate the diversity of this world. I am so blessed to have these people, my ride-or-dies.

Finally, I want to thank my parents, whose immigrant story motivates me to not only work harder, but also to find something worthwhile to work on. Their sacrifices have made this Harvard dream possible.

Congratulations Class of 2016. Now, it's on to the next adventure!”

 Week 7B                       HSC Assessment Period begins

Monday 6th June                      Year 9 and 10 Debate

                                                Year 10 “Away” Riverside Theatre

Tuesday 7th June                      Year 7, 9 and 10 Shakespeare on Trial

                                                6.30pm CoJR Meeting in the Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 8th June                 UNSW Maths Competition 7-12

Thursday 9th June                    Year 10 Meeting P5

                                                Year 11 Meeting

                                                Year 10 and 11 Debating

                                                Year 8 Meeting P2 and 3

Friday 10th June                      Year 10 Macbeth in the Lecture Theatre

                                                Year 9 Romeo and Juliet in Lecture Theatre

                                                Year 7 Midsummer Night’s Dream in Lecture Theatre

Week 8A                                 HSC Assessment continues

Monday 13th June                     Public Holiday

Wednesday 15th June               Sydney West Cross Country

Thursday 16th June                  Year 12 English Extension 1 Orals begin

                                                Year 7 Parent Teacher Information Afternoon

                                                Year 9 Meeting p5

                                                Year 11 Reports given to students

                                                ASPIRE Day for Year 7

Friday 17th June                       Year 10 Dairy Excursion

Saturday /Sunday 18th /19th     Cadet Term 2 Bivouac

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors