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Principal's Newsletter, Week 6, Term 3, 2017

posted Sep 3, 2017, 12:49 AM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

An exciting week at Ruse, we moved into our brand new gymnasium. Our wonderful new facility is finally ready to be used. After 25 years of fundraising by our parents, students and staff, our $3.2million has created this fantastic resource. We will have an official opening later in the year and invite our ex-students and parents back to celebrate. This week we hosted a first aid course in the gym, shared with parents from Mothers’ Club and the CoJR, invited students on a guided tour and played our first game – a staff v students’ netball game. Please enjoy the collection of photos below. Thank you to all the many members of our community who have donated and fundraised for so many years for our gym.

Peer2Peer is a wonderful program started by Year 12 James Ruse students – Victor Fang, Sanchit Gupta, Phillip Xie and Travis Wu. The students wanted to start a weekly board game activity at Parramatta where students from all schools could socialise, have fun and unwind from school work. The boys had to sort through the logistics of gaining a room at Parramatta Library and attracting other students. As you can see by the photos, students of all ages attended and played many different games. This is fabulous initiative for our local community.

Our Year 9 science students and their teacher Mr Hutchinson enjoyed a video conference on STEM in Science week. A great use of our fabulous video conferencing facilities.

Congratulations to our Year 7 and Year 9 students who received very pleasing NAPLAN results this week. Year 9 displayed an impressive growth in areas such as writing. In 2018, NAPLAN is moving online and Year 7 and 9 are required to complete a “readiness test” for NAPLAN in week 9 – this will involve 2 X 2 hour online exams. The trial is to test the online environment and the capabilities of our network. The 2018 version of NAPLAN is targeted to be more intuitive allowing students to reach higher levels of questions than the paper version. 

On Tuesday afternoon we began our 2018-2020 school planning process. Staff discussed the areas of “Learning”, “Teaching” and “Leading”; the three domains of the School Excellence Framework. At the Mothers’ Club meeting on Thursday, I asked parents to share their suggestions on how the school could support their child’s learning and development into successful, happy James Ruse Men and Women. A number of years ago we surveyed our entire school community – students, staff, ex-students, parents, ex-parents – on who they thought the James Ruse Man and Woman should be – the results revealed:


A James Ruse man or woman of the future will be a person of strong values, integrity, determination, creativity, success and most of all happy.


The survey specifically revealed the following characteristics and the purpose of our next 3 year plan will be to continue to develop these values and characteristics.


Summary of 2014 survey results:




Friendly, outgoing


Able to handle failure with positivity/ resilient


Reliable/ responsible


Confident/ self-assured


Passionate/ inspirational


Respected by others

Good communicator



Happy or content






Healthy and fit


Work ethic

Tries best at everything they do

Have big goals/ passionate

Successful – not necessarily material wealth success

Innovative/ critical thinker /inventive


Hard working

Creative /flexible



Motivated to achieve success but not selfishly motivated




Treatment of others

Caring/ compassionate/empathetic

Community orientated

Encourages others

Socially aware – interested in affairs of the state and world and how they can make a difference






Financially successful







































Also at Mothers’ Club we enjoyed listening to the journeys of our former students – Nicole Wong, Rohan Swami and Milton Lim. 

Thank you to Mothers' Club for the wonderful donation of almost $20000 to finish the air conditioning of the school. Parent fundraising over the past 5 years has now air conditioned every classroom in the school.


The CoJR have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this year’s raffle. Thank you to the Executive of the CoJR for the many hours they have dedicated to fundraising for the school. Thank you to all students and parents for bringing back the sold raffle tickets. Congratulations to the many winners of fabulous prizes.



Week 7B


Monday 28th August                Preliminary Assessment


Tuesday 29th August               HSC Music Recital Night 6.30pm


Thursday 31st August              Australian Informatics Olympiad


Week 8A


Monday 4th September                        Year 8 “Resourceful Adolescent Program” Camp


Tuesday 5th September           HSC Drama Showcase 6.30pm


Wednesday 6th September      Year 7 Science Practical Test

                                                SRC Trivia afternoon


Thursday 7th September         Year 8 Geography Excursion


Friday 8th September              Cadet Passing Out Parade


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors