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Principal's Newsletter, Week 6, Term 4, 2015

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Principal’s Report


Musical 2015 “Viva Mexico”

A huge congratulations to the cast and crew of our 2015 Musical. Ms Burgess, Ms Annetts and Ms Hann have led a large team of teachers in the production of this event. Thank you to Mr Widmer, Ms Walker, Mr Goggin, Ms Murphy, Mr Gerlach, Ms Isherwood, Ms Rynne, Ms Kong, Mrs Prasad, Mr Hutchinson, Ms Mayers, Mr McFadyen, Mr Yeo, Mrs Hayes and Mrs Haslehust-Smith and also to the many staff that are also supervising backstage. Thank you to the parents that as usual have been a wonderful support to the production: Wardrobe Co-Coordinators: Doris Khoo and Meeae Song, Costumes: Production Team and Coordinators, Principals’ costumes supplied by The Wardrobe, Chatswood, The Ironing Team: parents of Cast Members, The Mothers Club and P&C


TICKETS are still available for tonight and Saturday – please come.


The spectacular production is special as it involves so many students. So many students explore their artistic and creative style and often step out of their comfort zones. In this newsletter I will acknowledge the Principals and Chorus by name but in next week’s I will also list the names of those students who have made up the Orchestra, Sound and Lightning, Set Crew, Hair and Makeup and Stage teams.



Joanna Cao, Jeffrey Khoo, Susanna Li, Rowena Young, Supuli Ranasinghe, Jessica Sun , Daniel Yan, Chris Song, Henry Chen , Brian Choi, Suryansh Sharma, Joel Jenson, Sheree Nguyen-Hoang, Cameron Hinton, Anita Ma, Sarah Bak, Kevin Zhu , Raymond Cheng, Katherine Jian


Year 8

Edna Chen, Flora Cho, Abha Gourshettiwar, Amy Hoang, Jocelin Hon, Justine Hu, Betty Huang, Iris Joo, Christy Kim, Grace Kim, Flora Lee, Nicole Li, Peonie Lin, Erica Mai, Leila Nguyen-Hoang, Sharon Thio, Lauren Wang, Nina Wang, Hannah Yuan, Thurgga Thamilarasan.

Year 9

Phoebe Au, Minho Cha, Emily Chen, Michelle Chen, Aniruddh Chennapragada, Jessica Chia, Eric Choi, Hayes Choy, Daniel Forrest, Albert Fung, Joshua Heckenberg, Joseph Jeong, Shilan Jiang, James Jun, Amanda Lee, Jeany Lee, Joshua Li, Yvonne Lin, George Lu, Christy Ma, Anthony Mai, Yelin Nam, Amanda Shui, Jack Sun, Vesta Tang, Reihana Tsao, Angela Wang, Audrey Wang, Wayne Wong, Hannah Wrigley-Carr, Edward Xu, Jack Yu, Martin Zeng, Alaina Zhang, Richard Zhang, Sabrina Zhang, Kaitlin Zhong.

Year 10

Aastha Bansal, Marina Cao, Kevin Ding, Victor Fang, Rachael Hanly, Adam He, Helen Park, Calvin Lin, Srishti Mehta, Nisalya Nanayakkara, Carla Pham, Jennifer Qian, Geena Sharma, Jack Shen.

Year 11

Henry Chen, Brian Choi, Katherine Jian, Kerrie Leung, Annie Li, Jordana Wang, Katrina Wu, Beverly Zou.


Congratulations to Asnith Wickramananyake (12) and Helen Han who have won prizes in The Radiant Peace Education Awards. Asnith won the Essay section and Helen won the Art component.

Athletics Carnival – Another fabulous Ruse carnival. There were smiles all round as students participated in so many events. Year 12’s celebrated their last school races and everyone enjoyed a lovely day with their friends. Thank you to our PDHPE staff and Mr Low for organising yet another great carnival. Thank you to all our staff who supervised various events for the whole day.

Geography competition success:


Edwin Xu – Equal Third in Australia in the Junior Level - prize: book, and special certificate.


Oliver Yau – Equal Third in Australia in the Junior Level - prize: book, and special certificate.


Emily Zhang –Equal Third in the Junior Level - prize: book, and special certificate.



Jenson Xie– Equal Eighth in Australia in the Intermediate Level - prize: book, and special certificate.

Congratulations to Edwin, Oliver, Emily and Jenson.

2015 RSL ANZAC Art Awards are now open and will close on 30th October. This year’s theme is ‘RSL 100 years on: Navy – Army – Air Force’. For more information please visit the website

Next week our HSC students sit another set of assessment tasks. As well as Year 12 we have year 11 students sitting Agriculture and PDHPE and also Year 10 students sitting IPT and SDD. Please notice your child’s preparation for the exams and praise them on their effort. Ensure each child is getting plenty of sleep and if you are concerned about your child please contact the relevant year advisor:

Year 12 - Ms Webb,      Year 11 - Ms Chan,        Year 10 - Ms Hameed

If a student is unwell they must not sit the assessment task. Parents should contact the school and take their child to a doctor. Students will then be granted illness and misadventure.

Last week Darshana Kannan (10) competed at the CHS Netball selection trials. Although Darshana was not able to make this year’s team she had a wonderful time and reported it was a great experience with over 100 girls trying out.


Aaron Lawrence (11) and Aaron Xuan (7) will be attending The Arts Unit Music Camp. Congratulations to both students. Aaron Lawrence is also using the camp as his residential program for his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Da Vinci Decathlon: After a long day of answering questions our year 7 team came 2nd for Maths and the year 8 team came 3rd for Maths, 2nd for Philosophy and 1st for Cartography. According to Ms Zhu they all had a wonderful day – thank you Ms Zhu for promoting and supervising this fabulous program. On Wednesday year 9 competed and achieved a fabulous second place overall. Well done to everyone.

This gorgeous picture reminds us of a very important message. Please encourage your children to read, borrow books from the library and spend time each day reading for pleasure. Every English teacher I have ever heard give advice on writing says to “read, read, read!” We all learn so much from the world from reading and it also encourages our ability to dream.


Bring Your Own Devices – As a school we have a “no games’ policy and we need each families help in achieving this. In the past the school controlled what was allowed on each computer and what was downloaded. Now that families own the device we do not have that ability. I do ask that parents (particularly of year 7 and 8) audit their child’s device regularly and ask students to remove games. Students have been asked not to play games at school and if found playing games in class, at or at lunch will be disciplined.

During the week I read an interesting article on myopia in the SMH. The study points out the importance of “outside time” for the preservation of healthy eyesight.


The CoJR meeting next Tuesday 2nd June starts at 6.30pm in the Lecture Theatre. We have invited a guest speaker from Sydney University to discuss courses, applications and scholarship options. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about University. Students in Year 12 do not need to attend as a presentation at lunchtime will be held for them after the exams.


Coming Events

Week 7B               HSC Assessments

Sat 30th & Sun 31st       Red Shield Appeal 9 am

Saturday 31st          Musical 6.30pm

June 1st                        Year 9 SDD excursion

June 2nd                       Year 7 Parent Teacher Night Afternoon 2pm-4pm

June 3rd                       Zone Athletics

                                    ICAS Science

June 4th                       Zone Athletics

June 5th                       Year 10 and 11 History Debates

Week 8A              HSC Assessments continue

Monday 8th                   Public Holiday

Tuesday 9th                  Year 11 English Ext 1 task

                                    Strings Concert 6.30pm Lecture Theatre

Wednesday 10th            Zone Cross Country

                                    UNSW Maths competition

Thursday 11th               Year 12 Extension 1 Oral extensions in class

                                    Year 9 PASS excursion

Friday 12th                   Year 12 Extension 1 Oral extensions in class

                                    Year 10 Dairy Excursion

                                    SRC Biggest Morning Tea

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors