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Principal's Newsletter, Week 6, Term 4, 2015

posted Nov 13, 2015, 12:25 PM by Unknown user

We have had a fabulous week at James Ruse. We received more spectacular news. One of our group performances and one Individual Project will be showcased at On Stage.

Daddies for Dummies:

Group Devised 
Ben Liu 
Brian Marr 
Wiley Ye 
Kelvin Zhai Liu


And the Individual Project
Bob He (Director's Folio)

Congratulations to our talented Year 12 Drama students and their amazing teachers Ms Amy Murphy and Mr Jamie Gerlach.

On the 10th November, former Ruse students who are veterans were invited back to witness the unveiling of a Veterans’ Honour Board. We were privileged to have many veterans return, including Repatriation Commission, Major General (Retired) Mark Kelly. The School Captain of 1964, Mr Peter Schultz and veteran of the Vietnam War, was inspirational in beginning this project and travelled from Queensland to be part of the ceremony. The JRAHS Cadet Unit demonstrated superior discipline and protocol in their parade which was inspected by Major General Kelly. The school was also honoured to receive a boxed Australian Flag and Commanders’ Coin from former student Rear Admiral Trevor Jones who is currently commander of Joint Task Force 633 in the Middle East. The Australian flag had flown over the ANZAC service in Baghdad earlier this year on April 25th 2015. I believe that connecting with our past, honouring our former students and commemorating the spirit of ANZAC is an important part of the spirit of James Ruse.

2015 was another hugely successful year for James Ruse Agricultural High School in the Australian Mathematics Competition. In addition to the healthy number of High Distinctions achieved in this year's competition, special mention goes to 4 students: Yasiru Jayasooriya and Jason Leung of Year 7, Aryan Someshwar of Year 8, and Linus Cooper of Year 9. They were each invited to Government House in Perth where they received their AMC Medals, presented by Kerry Sanderson, the governor of Western Australia. Moreover, Yasiru, Jason and Aryan also received a Peter O'Halloran Award for achieving a perfect score in the competition. 

The ceremony kicked off with Kerry Sanderson acknowledging the work that the AMT (Australian Mathematics Trust) is doing in promoting the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) around Australia as well as congratulating the 31 medal recipients on their achievements. After the medals were presented, the celebration continued via a luncheon held at the Mercure hotel where students, parents, school representatives and executives of the AMT mingled and enjoyed a musical performance. A huge thank you to Mr Ng who travelled to Perth to represent the school at the presentation.

Overall, it was a very proud moment for James Ruse Agricultural High School, being the most represented school in the ceremony. And for those who attended the event for the first time  (including Mr Ng) it was an eye opening experience meeting some of the future, if not already, top mathematicians in the country. 

With parent donations contributing to the refurbishing of one lab and the NSW Government funding two more, we now have facilities that match the success of our students in the world of science. With 14 Chemistry, 9 Physics and 6 Biology classes in the senior school the 8 laboratories at Ruse are in constant use. Students from year 7-12 not only enjoy their science classes but also take part in science enrichment and Olympiad training after school. This year 26 students have been invited by Australian Science Innovations to the elite schools of excellence in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth and Environmental Science. Our parents are wonderfully supportive of the school, fundraising with a major raffle each year and multicultural food days. Students are very excited to begin lessons in new laboratories with superior facilities.

We have a new Scientist-in-School partner Dr Wilhelmina Huston; University of Technology, Sydney. Dr Huston will begin our partnership by training our three Biology Scholars in microscopy techniques before they go to summer Scholar School. We welcome Dr Huston to our team.


Week 7A

Monday 16th November             Intermediate Concert Band Tour

Tuesday 17th November            Intermediate Concert Band Tour

Wednesday 18th November       Year 9 Meeting P4

                                                Year 8 Warragamba Dam Excursion

Thursday 19th November           Parent Helper Thank you Morning Tea and Assembly 8.50am

                                                Year 8 Debating Competition at Hurlstone

Friday 20th November               Year 8 Gala Day Vs Muirfield

Week 8B

Monday 23rd November HSC ASSESSMENTS begin

                                                Year 10 Peer Support Camp

                                                Year 12 Formal

                                                Duke of Edinburgh Safety Assessment

Tuesday 24th                            Year 10 Camp

                                                Year 9 JSDC Training Day

                                                Year 9 Latin / History Excursion

Wednesday 25th                       Visit from Yanco Agricultural High School

Thursday 26th                          Year 8 Meeting P8

                                                Year 8, 9 and 10 UWS Debating Development Day

                                                White Ribbon Day

Friday 27th                               8A and 8K Beach Day

 Have a wonderful weekend

Megan Connors