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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 2, 2014

posted Jun 21, 2014, 4:35 PM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our Year 10 Brain Bee team. All twenty two year 10 students were impressive in their preparation and commitment. In the final round, Bridget Hwang, Jade Pham, Jeffrey Khoo and Daniel Ho, won the overall School Team competition. As well as a fabulous trophy the students won a selection of neuroscience books. Congratulations to Jade Pham who was the overall winner of the competition and will represent NSW at the nationals in Perth. Thank you also to our Year 11 mentors who prepared our team and an enormous thank you to Mrs Pooviah for her leadership, expertise and coordination.

The full team included:


Jeffrey Khoo

André Lo

Daniel Ho

Bridget Hwang

 Dennis Ying

 Iris Chen

Jade Pham

Cathy Wang

Cynthia Yu

Sriganesh Thavalingam

Joanne Liu

Chaewon Lee

Aaron Lawrence

Georgia Sun

Balaki Parameshwaran

Michele Fu

 Supuli Ranasinghe

Brendan Gu

 Jenny Zhao

 Michelle Kim


Each year the Sydney Hills Youth Awards invites students to submit applications for a number of categories. It is with great pleasure that I announce that a number of our students have been successful in 2014.

·         Upeka Nanayakkara (11): Finalist for Arts and Culture, Education and Training. Winner for Volunteering.

·         Helena Qian (12): Finalist for Volunteering

·         Mudith Jayasekara (12): Finalist for Sports and Achievement

·         Vishni Ravindran (12): Finalist for Arts and Culture

Applications open each January.

Thank you to our Year 7 parents that attended the Year 7 parent teacher afternoon last week. Our Year 8 and 11 night (4pm-7pm) is coming up on June 23rd. Year 8 subject selection evening will be held prior to the parent teacher night (June 17th) to allow further discussion of subjects.


Unfortunately we have had three cases of Hand, Foot and Mouth disease reported to us. Hand, foot and mouth disease is a common viral infection which is easily passed from person to person. It usually causes a mild illness. Good hygiene helps prevent infection. It is usually not a serious illness, and occurs mainly in children under 10 years of age but can also occur in older children and adults. It is not related to the foot-and-mouth disease that affects cattle. When symptoms do occur, they include blisters that start as small red dots which later become ulcers. Blisters appear inside the cheeks, gums, and on the sides of the tongue, as well as on the hands and feet. Please consult your doctor if symptoms arise and please keep your child at home until they are well. Please see the attached factsheet provided by NSW Health.


As part of our Year 7 wellbeing program next week we will host Senior Constable Jason Roughley, our police liaison officer, who will discuss the importance of safe “cyber” behaviour and cyberbullying. Please remember that as parents you must be aware of your child’s internet use and profile. Computers, mobile phones etc should be removed from the bedroom at night. One of the issues with cyberbullying is that it never ceases – in past generations if bullying was occurring at school, the home was still safe, however with the intrusion of technology some children find it difficult to switch off – therefore parents must.


Our Senior Concert Band Tour starts on Sunday 15th for three days. This tour is the first of our band program this year. Mr Brus, Mrs Elton and Mrs Bowen have worked very hard to ensure this is a successful tour. Students will be visiting and performing with the Hunter School of Performing Arts, primary schools and nursing homes. Performances are a crucial part of the growth of our band program. Mr Stanley and Ms Walker will accompany Mr Brus in leading this tour. The SCB involves talented performers from Year 7 through to Year 10. I would like to commend the Year 10 students on their leadership of this group.


Uniform – It is very important that all students wear our school uniform with pride. Our uniform and the manners of our students are often complemented by members of the public. Please ensure ties are worn correctly, girls must wear the correct white socks (not black) or black tights. Students in Years 9-12 must wear the tracksuit on Wednesdays to school or wear school uniform and change into sports clothes. Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is wearing uniform correctly.


Lost Property – Please label all elements of your child’s uniform; most importantly the blazer. We have many items of lost property including at least 5 new blazers. Send your child to inspect the lost property cupboard in L Block corridor or the cupboard outside Mr Long’s office.


Coming Events:

Sunday 15th June          Senior Concert Band Tour (15-17th)

Monday 16th June         Social Justice Conference at JRAHS

Tuesday 17th June        Year 8 Information Night – Subject Selection 6.45pm;

                                    Canteen Helpers Thank You Morning Tea – 9.30am

                                    Nyholm Lectures 4pm

                                    Shakespeare on Trial

Wednesday 18th June   Year 12 Macquarie University Excursion

                                    SRC Dance 6.30 -9.30pm

                                    Shakespeare on Trial

Thursday 19th June      Combined Charity Fundraising MUFTI day

                                    Year 12 Macquarie University Excursion

                                    Year 8 Fretwork incursion

Friday 20th June          ASPIRE DAY – Year 7

                                    Year 12 Macquarie University Excursion

                                    Year 8 Brainstorm Productions – Period 2 and 3

Week 9 – SRC week

Monday 23rd June        Photo Day 1

                                    Year 8 and 11 Parent Teacher Night 4pm

Tuesday 24th June        Year 9 High Resolves Workshop p1-3

                                    Photo Day 2

                                    Elective Music Concert 7pm Lecture Theatre

                                    HSC Drama Performance 1pm

Wednesday 25th June HSC Drama Performance in Drama Room 1pm

Thursday 26th June      Year 9, 10 and 11 Drama Night

Friday 27th June          Year 10 Dairy Excursion

                                    Whole School Prefect Assembly P6

                                    Year 11 History Debate


Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors