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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 2, 2017

posted Jun 19, 2017, 12:41 AM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

It was an honour to meet a relative this week of the first family to live on and farm the land surrounding Barrengary House. Anna Underwood, whose grandfather grew up on the site, was thrilled to be shown our archives and given a tour of the school. Thank you to Mrs Kunz who not only looks after our archives but is always eager to learn more of our history. Ms Underwood provided these wonderful photos of the Felton / Underwood family and Barrengary House.

Next Wednesday afternoon is our parent teacher meeting for Year 7 students and parents. We encourage students to attend the interviews with parents. The meeting will be in the hall. Teachers have been asked to adhere strictly to the 5 minute time limits and interview schedule.

Mothers’ Club will host their Annual Food Day next Thursday. This wonderful event brings many parents, grandparents, ex-students and friends into the school to cook delicious food and raise funds for our science laboratory refurbishment project. Please encourage your children to bring their money and purchase the fabulous dishes. The canteen will not be open on this day.

As we approach the end of the financial year please consider making a tax deductable donation to our building fund. The building fund has reached $151000 since the gymnasium funds were passed to our Asset Management Unit last year. We are beginning the planning process to refurbish at least two new laboratories and our science prep room. If funds permitted we might be able to complete an additional two labs.

Please ensure your student (Years 10,11 and 12) is able to join us at the SRC Alumni night on Tuesday at 5.30pm. The SRC has engaged a diverse group of ex-students to mingle and socialise with students. Students will learn of a vast array of careers and paths our Alumni have followed.

Coming Events


Week 8A

Monday June 12th                    Public Holiday

Tuesday June 13th                   Year 12 English Extension 1 Oral Assessments this week.

                                                Year 9 and 10 Nyholm Lecture Theatre

                                                Oztag Tournament

                                                5.30pm Alumni Night


Wednesday June 14th              Regional Cross Country

                                                Year 11 Debate

                                                3.30pm Year 7 Parent Teacher Night


Thursday June 14th                  Year 11 Meeting

                                                Year 10 History Debating

                                                Year 10 IPT Assessment

                                                Mothers’ Club Food Day


Friday June 16th                      Duke of Edinburgh Hike

                                                Year 11 History Debate

                                                Year 9 Personal Impact High Resolves Leadership program


                                                Year 11 & 12 Vaccinations


Week 9B


Monday 19th June                    Year  9 and 10 Shakespeare Interactive

                                                Period 6 and 7 Years 7-10 Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

                                                Year 11 Crossroads

Tuesday 20th June                   Zone Athletics

                                                Year 7 Shakespeare Interactive

Wednesday 21st June               Zone Athletics

                                                Year 8 Japanese Incursion

                                                Year 11 Debate

Thursday 22nd June                 Year 10 Subject Selection Night 6.30pm

                                                Whole School Assembly Period 4


Friday 23rd June                      Year 11 Camden Excursion

                                                Year 7 Meeting

Saturday and Sunday              Cadet Bivouac


Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors