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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 3, 2015

posted Sep 2, 2015, 1:41 AM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our 20 passing out Cadets (listed below). These fabulous young men and women have served our unit with distinction. I congratulate CUO Andy Wang for his leadership of today’s parade.


Thank you to our current officers for ensuring the safe and successful operation of our cadet unit - CAPT(AAC) A. Best (1976-), LT(AAC) B. McFadyen (1989-), CAPT(AAC) P. Byleveld (1990-), LT(AAC) D. Shaw (2003-) and 2LT(AAC) M. Li (2007-), 2LT(AAC) P. Low (2010-) and LCPL(AAC) M. Yang (2011-).


I would also like to thank our support staff Mrs Cathy Hayes and Mrs Gillian Haslehust-Smith for the many hours of work they commit to ensuring the success of our important events.


                                        PASSING OUT


RANK                  NAME                                 YEARS IN UNIT

CUO                             HSU Elizabeth                                                 5         

CUO                             KWAN Trevor                                                  5

CUO                             MA Brendan                                                     5

CUO                             MARR Brian                                                      5

CUO                             WANG Andy                                                    5

CUO                             WANGOO Eklavya                                            5

CDTSGT                       CHANG Sarah                                                  5

CDTSGT                       CUI Sarah                                                        6

CDTSGT                       JIA Michael                                                    5

CDTSGT                       NI Andrew                                                       5

CDTSGT                       SIU Victor                                                       5

CDTSGT                       WU Raymond                                                    5

CDTCPL                        CHEN Emma                                                     4

CDTCPL                        KIM Sean                                                         4

CDTCPL                        LIN Joshua                                                      5

CDTLCPL                      HE Bob                                                             5

CDTLCPL                      LIN Aileen                                                       4

CDTLCPL                      XIE Andrew                                                     5

CDTLCPL                      YANG Anthony                                                 5

CDTLCPL                      ZHANG Luke                                                    5

Congratulations to Jade Pham of Year 11. Jade competed in and won the International Brainbee competition which was held this week.

For a lovely article on Jade’s success:

Congratulations to Daniel Selvadurai (9) who was successful in winning the Regional Legacy Public Speaking Competition in Parramatta this week.

 Thank you to the many parents, students and new 2016 families who were able to attend and listen to Dr Carmel Harrington discuss in depth the importance of sleep and the science behind sleep.


Thank you to our Mothers’ Club and the many fabulous parents that gave up their time over many days to buy food, gather donations, prepare and cook food and then serve with happy smiling faces to our very hungry children and staff. Once again we welcomed back past parents and also friends of our parents to help run such a huge event. Special thanks to Jan Wang and the Mother’s Club executive who displayed enormous leadership.


Our sponsors of our Mothers’ Club Food Day were Eastwood Meat Market, Fushin Frozen Food Pty Ltd and Amyson Pty Ltd. Thank you so much.

Our parent volunteers (between Sunday and Tuesday) were:

Year 7

Amy Ou (Alvin), Tracy An (Aaron), Wendy Lin (Reena), Peter Feng (Esaias), Winnie Shen (Jess), Jilan Zheng (Grace), Cathy Zuo (Sally), Xiao Ying Yang (Alan)


Year 8

Coco Lee (Eden Y8, Zami Y7)


Year 9

 Cathy Lee (Amanda), Christina Tsung (Reihana), Sharon Su (Yon), Sue Fung (Albert), Tiffany Heckenberg (Joshua), Susan Xia (Martin), Jan Wang (Nicholas)


Year 10

Susan Wu (Jody), Michelle Soon (Winston), Chuntian (Hantian), Yun Wang (James & Joshua), Angela Tung (Lucus), Lisa Huang (Eric), Jennifer Ho (Dominic), Susanna Law (Adrian), Daisy Wu (Elaine)


Year 11

Angela Chen (Victor & Emily), Abha Sinha (Eva, Ria), Anna Wu (Shawn), Karen Lim (Andre), Monica Ditu (Maria)


Year 12

Rita Huang (Bright), Van Bui (Newton), Sandya Nanayakkara (Upeka), Anna Yang (Sarah)


Ex-parents: Annie Chen, Asiya Ha, Cora Lee, Bonnie Cheung, Effie Lee, Shirley Kwan, Boey Wong

Congratulations to our many successful students who have won prizes in the Australian Mathematics Competition. Mrs Heather Weber has provided a full report below.

Thank you parents and students for your fabulous support of the CoJR raffle. Organising a raffle is extremely challenging and time consuming. Thank you to our CoJR executive who spent many days and nights counting tickets, money and ensuring the smooth operation of the raffle. Thank you Para Parameshwaran, President of the CoJR, for your tireless efforts.

 Yesterday we participated in our Annual Ideas Forum. Students from many years confidently presented their opinions and thoughts on many topics. Hearing our intelligent, thoughtful and confident students voice their ideas was truly inspirational. Our very own version of TED Talks allows a sharing of ideas and opinions that is refreshing, honest and heartfelt. Thank you to Mrs Adrienne Steele for her leadership of this event and our Social Justice programs. Ms Steele created a professional and well organized event that showcased the wonderful diversity of our students.

Yesterday we also hosted a visit from 240 students from Carlingford West Public School. Our Year 10 students were able to exhibit the heritage and uniqueness of our school and buildings. Thank you to Mrs Jennifer Bowen who created this wonderful excursion, ensured our students were well briefed as guides and opened our archives to the Stage 2 students and teachers.

Our science labs are on track and within budget. The demolition of our third lab will begin in the school holidays. Thanks to the wonderful fundraising of our parents we are now investigating the latest technology and equipment to equip our new labs.


Congratulations to Chaeyoung Jeong of Year 8 who has been selected to receive the Highly Commended Award for the 2015 Ministers Award for Excellence in Student Achievement - the Community Languages schools program.


Coming Events

Week 8B                               Preliminary Examinations begin

Monday 31st August                              Year 9 High Resolves

Wednesday 2nd September                   Philosothon

Thursday 4th September                       Australian Informatics Olympiad

                                                            Year 8 Meeting P7

Friday 5th September                           Year 9 Met West Debating PDC Regional Final


Week 9A

Monday 7th September                         Prelim Exams continue

                                                            Year 8 Resourceful Adolescent Program Camp –                                                                                                            Milson Island

Tuesday 8th September                        Prelim Exams (last day)

                                                            Year 8 Resourceful Adolescent Program Camp –                                                                                                Milson Island

                                                            Year 11 Information Night – 6.30pm in Hall


Wednesday 9th September                   HSC Music Performance exams

                                                            Cadet Dinner

Thursday 10th September                     Awards Day

                                                            Year 10 seminar

Friday 11th September                          New Student 2016 Orientation Years 8-11

                                                            Year 9 Meeting

Saturday 12th September                     Term 3 Bivouac

                                                            2010 Reunion in Hall

 Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors