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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 4, 2015

posted Nov 20, 2015, 11:32 AM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our Year 8 Enrichment Class who have won the prestigious APSMO trophy. It was wonderful to welcome Pauline Kohlhoff, former student, from the class of 1993 back to present the trophy.

Amnesty celebrated culture with a fabulous Multicultural Day. Many students dressed in the national dress of many nations, enjoyed music, food and dancing throughout the event. Thank you to our JRAHS Amnesty team for running this event.

Our Year 9 Japanese Class, with Ms Alicia Hall, their teacher enjoyed an authentic Japanese BBQ in the beautiful farm setting. Every member of the class was involved in cooking and preparing aspects of the banquet. Thank you to Ms Hall for providing such a rich experience for our students.

Jeffrey Khoo (11), who attended the NSW Schools Constitutional Convention at NSW Parliament on Monday 10 November, has been selected to participate in the National Schools Constitutional Convention in Canberra from 16 - 18 March 2015. We wish Jeffrey well in this experience next year.


Congratulations to our Intermediate Concert Band who have performed beautifully on their recent tour to the South Coast. Mrs Hann, Mrs Pringle and Mr Heffernan were full of praise for the behaviour and effort of each student. Thank you to our teachers for taking our students and to Mrs Cathy Elton who organized the tour.

Two emails below were received from schools the band visited.


Email 1:

“Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou


As Band coordinator, you have made my job so much easier.  I won't have to convince students that being in the band is a worthwhile experience.  Your performance showed them just what being in a band can be. 

You have inspired them so beautifully.

The James Ruse Students were so enthusiastic and eager to help. Please thank them from me for being such wonderful role models. 

I sincerely hope that we can develop this relationship between our bands in the future.”

Email 2:

 “What an amazing, harmonious acoustic performance the students of James Ruse High School displayed when playing for our star stunned students of Engadine Public School!

We are so thankful for the opportunity you provided to inspire our students to continue in their musical passion and to initiate interest in some of our up and coming students planning to take up music in the future. 

The students of your school were a credit to you and the teachers who led them through their day with us - and we, as a school were mesmerised by the talent of your Year 8 and 9 students.

Thank you again for the valuable experience and we hope to be included in future projects such as this in times to come!  

It was a remarkable experience - I enjoyed being serenaded by the sounds wafting across the school!  Please pass on our sincere gratitude to the staff and students involved.”



            End of Year Concert


            Time: 6.30 pm


            Venue:             The Concourse, Chatswood


            A fabulous night last year, please come along. Tickets available through the Accounts Office.

Megan Connors


Celebration Sing Concert

On Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th November 26 students gave their precious time to rehearse and perform in an amazing concert at the Sydney Town Hall.

They all fronted to Chatswood HS on Saturday to work with the combined choir made up of community groups and other schools. They rehearsed all day with 3 conductors and then fronted again on Sunday at 9.30 at the Town Hall to work with the orchestra.

The concert then started at 7pm opening with the primary schools combined choirs.

The high school and adult choir sang excerpts from Handel’s “Messiah”, Berlioz’s “Te Deum” and Les Miserable with great gusto and skill.

My thanks and congratulations go to:

Eden Lee, Zami Lee, Josh Heckenberg, Matthew Ku, Joseph Jeong, Ashley Wong, Eric Roh, Anthony Mai, Sharon Thio, Flora Cho, Calla Lee, Jess Li, Kathy Li, Anagha Kanive-Hariharan, Aimee Death, Carla Zhuang, Sara Fernando, Shalini Vijeyakumar, Leona Jiao, Emily Zhang, Angela Huang, Christy Ma, Kevin Zhu (8), Joanna Zhou, Wayne Wong, Erica Mai.

Also to the parents and staff: Ms Murphy and Mrs Fernandez who came to watch the concert. All proceeds go to the Music Therapy Unit at Westmead Hospital

Mrs Rachel Hann

Music Teacher

Multicultural Day Report

Amnesty holds Multicultural Day every year to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Australia. This year, we wanted to focus specifically on reminding the school to experience other cultures, whilst embracing our own heritages.

Planning for the event started in Term 3, with the Amnesty members brainstorming ideas on how to get this message across. We came up with selling cultural food in a ‘stall’ layout (with each table or ‘stall’ selling food from a different region of the world), a culturally themed game show consisting of a 7-second challenge, a blind food quiz and a Chicken Fight Tournament and cultural mufti. 

Unlike other years, we wanted to draw emphasis on experiencing cultures we weren’t exposed to everyday, such as those from Scandinavian and Nordic regions. One way of doing this was to prevent Amnesty members from bringing in food that was from their culture or an ‘Australian’ food. This turned out to be very successful, and we ended up selling foods such as Scottish tablet, barfi, a traditional Indian dessert as well as Bavarian cheesecake.

We also wanted Multicultural Day to serve as a reminder to rekindle the connection with our own cultures. As we grow up in such a multicultural society, we often forget about our own backgrounds. We achieved this by promoting the school to wear any cultural clothing they had – this was a huge success with many people wearing their traditional cultural costumes such as hanboks, kimonos and kurtas.

Thank you to all the Amnesty members and teachers who helped make this day happen. It was truly a day to remember.

Maths Faculty News

APSMO (Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiad) consists of 5 problem solving exams held over 5 months. The aim of the competition is to foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity in mathematics. This year we entered 5 teams, 4 year 7 teams and a year 8 team. We were delighted to get the news that one of our teams, the Year 8 Gauss team, had been named APSMO team of the year. At the assembly on Friday Pauline Kohlhoff an ex student from 1993 was delighted to present the trophy to the winning team. Bruce Chen also received a special award for gaining full marks in all 5 tests. Our year 7 teams finished 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th with Alexander Phan, Yasiru Jayasooriya, Richard Huang, and Samuel Lam being acknowledged for gaining the top marks in the other teams.

The Maths enrichment program is held over two terms where students complete 12 problems in years 7 and 8 and 16 problems in years 9 and 10. It requires consistent effort and high level mathematical skills. Only the top students across Australia compete so a high distinction is an outstanding achievement. The cut offs this year for  a high distinction for Euler and Gauss was 44 out of 48, Noether was 60 out of 64 and Polya 61 out of 64.


Congratulations to the following students who achieved a high distinction in the maths enrichment program:

Year 8 Gauss

Bruce Chen , Jocelin Hon, Flora Lee ,Kevin Li, Emilie Wu, Jason Yang, Colin Cui, Samuel  Soo, Chelsea Teng, Lily Wang, Jonathan Xiao, Richard Dinh, Wilson Jiang, Richard Qian, Katrina Shen, Iris Soo, Edwin Xu

Year 9 Noether

Brian Du, Louise Cai, Yon Su, Kaitlin Zhong, Jessica Chia, Phillip Liang, Raymond Li, Daniel Selvadurai

Year 10 Polya

Bobby Dey, Adrian Law, Tasneef Helal

Heather Weber

HT Mathematics