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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 4, 2016

posted Nov 26, 2016, 9:44 PM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

 Late last term, our Year 10 students competed in the Brain Bee Challenge at WSU. Congratulations to Aingkaran Sakthivel whose very high score in the individual section earned him a spot amongst the top 8 who then went on to compete in the Finals, where he was placed 4th in the State. This is an incredible achievement.

 The Year 10 team consisted of Vanessa Burns, Minho Cha, Monica Cho, Esha Gupta, Jacky Jiang, Connie Huang, Leona Jiao, Toby Ou, Max Wang, Julia Jin, Earl Kwok Jacob Ou, Shirley Wang, Earl Kwok, Aingkaran Sakthivel, Jack Yu, Connie Huang, Naomi Luo, Katelyn Zhang, Jiayi Zhang, Julia Tran, Elton Yang, Anthony Mai, Janet Shim, Jack Yu, Joshua Li, Gemma Qian and Joshua Li. Well done to everyone.

Congratulations to Mark Long who has been successful in gaining the position of Principal at Penrith High School. We wish Mark every success and happiness in his new role and thank him for his contribution to James Ruse over the last three years.

Next Thursday I would like to invite all our Volunteers and Parent Helpers to attend our annual thank you morning tea. The event will be held at 9.30am on Thursday 1st December in the Staff Common Room. Mark is able to come back to join us for this event and say farewell to the parent body. We so appreciate the service our parents, grandparents, friends and volunteers give to our school. Please join us if you are available.


Next Thursday December 1st at 6.30pm we are hosting our first Alumni Careers night. Hosted by the SRC twenty six ex-students are coming back to share their stories with us. This is an amazing opportunity for students to explore post university options. Our Alumni attending are from a range of backgrounds: leaders in finance, media, law, medicine, education, government, dance, entrepreneurs, computer science and more. The target audience are Year 10 and 11 students but interested Year 9 students are welcome. Please encourage your child to attend as it is important we have a great audience for our alumni. Congratulations to our SRC for initiating and organising such a fabulous event.

 On Friday 2nd December we will hold our Year 10 Formal. This is a very special night for our Year 10 students. It is held at 6pm at The Epping Club. There is an opportunity from 5.30pm for students to have their photo taken in the spectacular foyer. Families are able to come in and take photos. To ensure the safety of all children, I ask that parents collect their own children at 10.00pm from inside the Epping Club. I have stressed to Year 10 and written in the permission note the importance of ensuring that no after parties take place. I ask for the support of all parents in assisting the school ensure the safety of all children.

Coming Up

Week 8A                      HSC Assessment continues

Monday 28th November             Year 9 Drama Carlingford West

                                                Year 10 SDD and IPT excursion

Tuesday 29th November            STEM workshop “Thinkers in Education” Year 8

                                                Amnesty Event at lunch

Wednesday 30th November       STEM workshop “Thinkers in Education” Year 7

                                                Year 10 Alcohol Seminar

Thursday 1st December             Year 9 Meeting

                                                Year 10 Maths assessment

                                                Parent and Helper Thank you Morning Tea –9.30am                                                                                       Alumni Night 6.30pm in the hall

Friday 2nd December                 Year 10 Formal 6-10pm

                                                Year 8 Geography Excursion

Saturday 3rd December            ISCF Conference         


Week 9B      

Monday 5th December               End of Year Concert 6.30pm

                                                Practice all day

Tuesday 6th December              Year 6 into 7 Orientation Day

                                                Indian and Sri Lankan Food Day

                                                Year 8 Surf Awareness (L&T)

                                                High Resolves Summit

                                                Year 10 Japanese Excursion

Wednesday 7th December         Prefect Colour Run

                                                Candy Cane deliveries

                                                Year 10 Mathematics Assessment

                                                SRC Evaluation Day

Thursday 8th December            Presentation Day

Friday 9th December                 Cadets leave on Annual Bivouac

Have a wonderful week.

Megan Connors