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Principal's Newsletter, Week 7, Term 4, 2017

posted Dec 4, 2017, 6:32 PM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers for their amazing work this term. In term 4 it is a whirlwind of setting exams, marking exams and writing reports for year 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as doing the same for the first HSC assessment period for year 11 (Yr 12 2018). I would also like to thank the office staff for all they do in ensuring that all reports are ready before the end of the year.

Planning for 2018 continues with a new calendar, a diary for students, theatre groups booked, carnivals organised, dates for special events and of course Orientation Day and Presentation Day and the end of year concert at the Concourse. Please make sure you purchase your tickets from the accounts office.

On Monday year 10 had their presentation ceremony for the Urban Challenge. I think the students were just as excited as they were following their path and solving puzzles around Sydney. The winning team was number 4. Photos have been added to the newsletter so you can see their joy. I must admit I do think the teachers were just as excited to hear the result of the challenge.

Tuesday was the Year 7 Gala day. Year 7 students were placed in teams with some Yr 9 PASS students who acted as their coaches.

On Monday Mrs Golding and I attended a course on how to plan for the school’s budget for 2018. We have made a start and have everything ready for Ms Connors when she returns.

The canteen committee met on Tuesday to look at tenders for a company to operate our canteen for the next 3 years. It was pleasing to see many canteen operators apply to take on the business of our canteen operator. We are committed to having a healthy canteen. The decision will be finalised soon.

The first assessment period for Year 11 (now Yr 12) began on Wednesday. Just a reminder that if anyone is sick on the day of the exam, then a phone call must be made to the office and Mrs Mayers must be given a medical certificate. This certificate is found in the assessment booklet or on the intranet. The students must report to Mrs Mayers as soon as he / she is well and Mrs Mayers will decide on the day / time for the student to complete the exam.

Thursday saw the first year 8 beach day. 8A and 8K had a fantastic day at the beach learning about surf awareness. It is important for all Australians to be confident in the water. The other year 8 classes will go next week.

Also on Thursday year 7 were able to have a Medieval Show organised by the history faculty in the Lecture Theatre. Year 7 were also involved with the History mastermind. Year 8 had their gala day on Friday.

I was fortunate to be invited to the Book Club which meets on Wednesdays at lunchtime. The group has grown to at least 20 year 7 and 8 students who read and discuss books. They will need to find a larger space. At the moment they meet in the small meeting room in the library.

Programming continues with planning days for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics English and Ancient History. Getting ready for 2018 certainly is a challenge.

Gala Day for year 7 was Tuesday 21st November at James Ruse and Cumberland High Schools. Touch football, soccer, T Ball, basketball and netball were played during the day with lunch at Cumberland High School. A huge thank you must go to Kaarin McKenzie, Garry Ng, Peter Low, Jason Driscoll and Lisa Knight. Five rounds were played and each round was about 35 minutes.  The year coaches were Chenming Feng, Christine Jo, Nayeni Kuhasri, Grace Li, Quention Wo, Jennifer Cheng, Winston Huang, Eric Vuong, Esaias Feng, Christina Lee, Dineth Fernando, Vivian Wang, Justin Chen, Kelly Ni, Alan Chen, Amanda Shi, Dahee Kim, Ethan Li, Keru Lau, Ben Tran, Nikita Gupta and Tracey Nguyen.

Students from year 9 and 10 who were interested in games were lucky enough to have Ms Zhu organise League of Legends.


Week 8a

Tuesday November 28th           Yr 8 Thinkers in Education

Wednesday November 29th      Yr 7 Thinkers in Education

Thursday November 30th         Yr 8 Beach Day

                                                Yr 8 State Debating Camp four students

Friday December 1st                Yr 10 Formal – The Epping Club

                                                Yr 8 State Debating Camp four students


Week 9b

Monday December 4th              End of Year Concert at The Concourse 6.30pm

Tuesday December 5th             Year 7 2018 Orientation Day

Yr 12 Drama Performance - all day

Yr 9 Japanese BBQ Cooking Incursion

CoJR Cake Day

Wednesday December 6th        ISCF Christmas Service in Hall

Thursday December 7th           Presentation Day

ISCF end of year BBQ 3pm

Friday December 8th                Cadet Annual Camp

Have a wonderful week

Annetta St Louis

Relieving Principal