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Principal's Newsletter, Week 8, Term 1, 2017

posted Mar 24, 2017, 1:17 PM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

On Monday we celebrated another hugely successful cross country carnival. All students participated well and some exceptional performances were recorded. Thank you to Mr Low, Mrs McKenzie, Mr Driscoll, Ms Russell and Mrs Novotni who organised and ran the event so smoothly. Thank you to Mothers’ Club who sold refreshments at the end of the race to the many thirsty runners.

Over the last two weekends Ms Jenns and Mr Pakes have led two Duke of Edinburgh hikes, one very soggy and one beautiful. The students have coped well with the changing weather and were praised for their positive behaviour. Thank you Ms Jenns and Mr Pakes.

The Girls KO Volleyball team played Cumberland in Round 2 of the competition. All girls involved played well to WIN 3 sets to 1. They now move into Round 3. Our boys team was narrowly defeated by Cumberland (2-3). The boys all played with great determination and won the first 2 sets. 

Congratulations to Aletheia Yosaviera of Year 11 who competed in Round 2 of the Lions’ Club Youth of the Year last Tuesday night. Please read Aletheia’s reflection below.

Earlier this year we held our High Achievers’ Assembly, attached in this newsletter is the transcript of Muditha Nanayakkara, our guest speaker’s speech.

Musical Tickets are now on sale:

To purchase your ticket to this year’s musical – Wizard of Oz – please go to the Try Booking site: or 

Please be aware that our school gates are locked at 5.30pm. All activities (with the exception of Advanced Strings) will finish at 5pm to ensure students leave the grounds directly.


No supervision of students who are not in activities is provided after school. Students are not to wait after school for their parents to collect them - every student should be able to make their own way home on public transport if leaving at 3.05pm.


On Monday a student was locked in, thankfully he was able to contact me (0419637967) and able to be "released". Students have been advised that they must never attempt to climb the fences and if locked in they must call me or DET security 1300363778.



A letter received by the Principal regarding one of our James Ruse students:-

I just wanted to take the time to email my congratulations for the attitudes, behaviour and actions of one of your students on a Blue Mountains train on the 16/03.  This young man conducted himself in a way which put many of his fellow adult passengers to shame. His actions are testament to his school, his parents and most importantly himself.
I first noticed, this young man dressed in your school uniform, engaging with a man in a polite and respectful manner who had bumped him trying to get out. Unknown to your student, this man’s behaviour prior to this encounter suggested that he may have had a disability. Only moments before he had been rocking in his seat and trying to suppress the noises of his fellow passengers. Your student’s politeness and respect, was to be just one of his fantastic attitudes and conduct that I witness from when he got on in Paramatta, to when he got off in Penrith.
However, his actions did not stop there. Every time I looked up I noticed him engaging those around him with further acts of kindness and respect. At one point, he offered assistance to a man struggling to carry luggage up the stairwell. On another occasion, he refused a seat, choosing to remain standing. Instead he offered the recently vacated seat to a senior passenger who had “been working all day” so they sit down. Upon finally getting a seat at the next stop, after all the other passengers had been seated he noticed a primary school student in the stairwell above and offered him a seat. Furthermore, he struck up conversations with some elderly people around him, paying interest in their questions and observation. He was courteous, polite and at all times whilst remaining concerned with those around him. He did so many things for such a relatively sort train ride.
As a fellow high-school teacher, I know that our young men and women are often the first to receive criticism should they do the wrong thing and feel that alternatively, this young man should be congratulated. I just wanted to let you know of what has occurred and congratulate your school on such a well-rounded young man. Unfortunately, I can only provide you with very limited details as to his identity. I overheard him say that his name was David, and other than his appearance of red curly hair can’t offer you much more to identify him by.

Coming Events


Week 9A

Monday March 20th                 HSC Assessment

Tuesday March 21st                 HSC Assessment

Yr 9 Science Prac Exam

Wednesday March 22nd           HSC Assessment


Thursday March 23rd              HSC Assessment


Friday March 24th                   HSC Assessment


Week 10B


Monday March 27th                 SRC Tissue Box Drive

                                    UNICEF Book Drive


Tuesday March 28th                Musical Technical Rehearsal

                                                Year 7 Police Talk

                                                Year 10 Debate


Wednesday March 29th           Sport Final

                                                6.30pm Musical Preview – Year 12 invited to preview


Thursday March 30th               ISCF Easter Service in the Hall

                                                Year 11 v 12 Debate


Friday March 31st                    Musical Opening Night 6.30p.m


Saturday April 1st                    Musical Closing Night 6.30pm                         



Week 11A


Monday April 3rd                     Year 10 Work Experience                               

                                                Year 9 Assessment in class

                                                3.30pm Year 12 Parent Teacher Night


Tuesday April 4th                     Year 10 Work Experience

                                                Year 9 meeting

                                                Prefect Afternoon Tea at James Ruse


Wednesday April 5th                Year 10 Work Experience

                                                Meet the Music – Opera House

                                                Year 8 meeting


Thursday April 6th                   Year 10 Work Experience

                                                Year 8 Study Skills

                                                Year 7 and 8 Maths task

                                                3.05pm Prefects to visit Children’s Rehabilitation Unit; Westmead Hospital


Friday April 7th                                    ANZAC service 10am

Japan Overseas Excursion

                                                Year 7 Royal Easter Show excursion

                                                Sport Trials

                                                Gold Duke of Edinburgh Hike

                                                Last Day of Term 1

 Megan Connors