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Principal's Newsletter, Week 8, Term 3 2017

posted Dec 4, 2017, 5:58 PM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our HSC Drama class who performed both their group and individual performances to a very impressed audience on Tuesday night.  The Drama, Music and Language students have now sat part of their HSC examinations.

Our Year 8 students participated in their camp earlier this week. Thank you to Ms Alicia North for her wonderful organisation and also to Mr Garry Ng, Mr Ted Kowalski, Ms Chelsey Killey, Ms Robbie Ashhurst and Ms Lauren Killey for supervising this program. Our Year 8 camp aims to promote the values of a resourceful adolescent. The program builds positive family relationships and reliance in adolescents. It encourages students to reflect on their important support networks – their families, friends and teachers. Students reflect on their own strengths and how to rely on these strengths in difficult times. Thank you to Year 8 who behaved perfectly and were a credit to the school.

On Wednesday afternoon our SRC hosted a Trivia and Movie event. The SRC combined with our talented Cooking Club to cook great snacks. Thank you to Ms St Louis for organising the afternoon and all the teachers who were able to supervise and participate. Thank you also to Mr Hutchinson who led the cooking creations.

It was wonderful to see our first newborn lambs on the farm this week.

The Cadet Passing Out Parade is one of our most special events and traditions. It was wonderful to welcome back Colonel Paul Byleveld, former student, to inspect our parade.


Congratulations to CUO Nathan Lee for leading the parade and the outstanding preparation of our cadet unit. Thank you also to WO2 Sakilan Gopalarajah, CUO Winston Woong and CUO Rathepan Raguram.


Thank you to our cadet officers, Capt (AAC) Best, Lt (AAC) McFadyen, LT(AAC) David Shaw and 2LT (AAC) Low, for the enormous role they play in ensuring the success of our cadet unit.


At this parade we honour our Year 12 students who have given so much to the Unit.




RANK                   NAME                              YEARS IN UNIT

CUO                                  Nathan Lee                                                5 years

CUO                                  Rathepan Raguram                                  5 years

CUO                                  Winston Woong                                       5 years

CDTWO2                          Sakilan Gopalarajah                                 5 years

CDTSGT                            Andy Cai                                                     5 years

CDTSGT                            Victor Fang                                                5 years

CDTSGT                            Brandon He                                               4 years

CDTSGT                            Ivan Hou                                                     5 years

CDTSGT                            Connie Jiang                                               5 years

CDTSGT                            Dhnanjay Soundappan                           4 years

CDTSGT                            Elaine Wu                                                   6 years

CDTCPL                             Katherine Cheng                                       5 years

CDTCPL                             Jayden Choi                                                5 years

CDTCPL                             Allen Huang                                               5 years

CDTCPL                              Simon Jing                                                 5 years

CDTCPL                              Geoffrey Lim                                             5 years

CDTCPL                              Jack Shen                                                   5 years

CDTCPL                              Dylan Vom                                                 4 years

CDTLCPL                            Timothy Lehuynh                                      5 years

CDTLCPL                            Jason Liang                                                5 years

CDTLCPL                            Calvin Lin                                                    5 years

CDTLCPL                             Lucas Myeong                                          5 years

CDT                                     Celia Kan                                                    5 years

CDT                                      Annie Lin                                                   5 years

CDT                                      Nisalya Nanayakkara                               5 years

The Secondary Principals Council Western Sydney, Hills Parramatta Network has inaugurated a recognition award ceremony for outstanding teachers in their network. The awards acknowledge staff in our schools who ensure that students receive a quality education in an engaging, inclusive and compassionate environment. Ms Annetta St Louis received the award for “Excellence in Leadership”. The citation that was read at the Awards Ceremony on Thursday afternoon acknowledged Ms St Louis’ contribution to public education.

Have a wonderful week

Megan Connors


Excellence in Leadership

Ms St Louis, Deputy Principal of JRAHS, has dedicated her career to the education of students and development of staff. An innovative and instructional leader, Annetta’s creativity and desire for continuous improvement have led to the creation of programs to challenge, inspire and engage students. Her expertise in student wellbeing creates a safe and supportive environment. A mentor to many, Annetta willingly shares her expertise, knowledge and time with aspiring leaders, early career teachers and head teachers alike. As a teacher and leader, Annetta is an advocate for all students and their families.