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Principal's Newsletter, Week 8, Term 4, 2015

posted Dec 5, 2015, 3:51 PM by Unknown user

Congratulations to our Year 7 students who displayed fabulous sportsmanship and skill to win the 2015 Gala Day against Cumberland High School. Thank you to our teachers, Mrs McKenzie, Mr Driscoll, Mr Low and Mrs Ramsay and also Year 9 PASS class for coaching and supervising the event.

Congratulations to our Western Sydney Regional Debating Team who are Silver Medallists in this Year's State Debating Championship. Two members of the Western Sydney Team, Abbey Sim and Daniel Selvadurai were named in a team of the best debaters in the tournament. Congratulations Daniel. An enormous thank you to Ms Keira Brooks, Coordinator of Western Sydney Debating and Julie Apps and Brendan Ma for coaching the team.

Over the last week, all students should have received their 2014 Yearbook. Thankyou to everyone that contributed but especially to Mr Ian Goggin who coordinates, collates and ensures the beautiful quality of our publication.

An enormous thank you and congratulations to the Community of James Ruse and Indian and Sri Lankan families who delivered an amazing Food Day yesterday. The wonderful aromas, tastes and friendship on display were a fabulous welcome to our new families on Orientation Day. Our parents worked tirelessly on both Tuesday and Thursday to prepare this magnificent feast

A special thank you to our volunteers and donors:

Food Day coordinators: Abha Sinha and Sandya Nanayakkara

Other volunteers: Buddhi Jayasooriya (Yr 7), Ash Dey (Yr 9), Stephanie Tiong (Yr 9), Shiromi & Dinesha Fernando (Yr 7), Kishani Gunawardana (Yr 12 & 8), Nilu (Yr 8), Praba Prabaharan (Yr 7), Winton & Geetha Anton  (Yr 7), Namal Nanayakkara (Yr 10), Sri & Moly Skantharajah (Yr 8), Bhavna Goyal (Yr 7 & 8), Mili Someshwar (Yr 8), Pradnya  Gourshettiwar (Yr 8), Veena Hariharan (Yr 7), Abha Gupta(Yr 7), N Loganathan (Yr 8), Amrapali (Yr 9), Poonam Nanchahal (Yr 7), Karthiyayini Gopalarajah (Yr 10), Mathumathy  R, (Yr 7),Para Parameswaran (Yr 11), John & Shirani Anandanathan (Yr 8)  Jan Wang (Yr 9), Karen Lim (Yr 11), Yvonne Lo (Yr 7 & 9), Sue Fang (Yr 9), Tian Chun  (Yr 10), CoCo Lea (Yr 7 & 8), Lisa Ke (Yr 12), Sharon Su (Yr 9), Xiao Ying Yang (Yr 7), Michelle Soon (Yr 10), Kathy Wang (Yr 9), Susan Wun (Yr 10), Rita Huang (Yr 12), Sue (Yr 9), Disna Nanayakkara (Yr 7) , Sujatha Mehta (Yr 10), Manoj Gohel,

Young Adults: Tanya Sinha, Kajan Parameswaran, Upeka & Muditha Nanayakkara, Sarah Anandanathan

Thank you to Mr Long, Mrs Hayes, Mrs Haslehust-Smith, Ms St Louis, Mr Wong, Ms Walker, Ms Ng and Ms Belevski for the organisation and implementation of Orientation Day. Year 6 students joining us in Year 7 2016 were welcomed by speeches from Darius Zhu and Joshua Salama and looked after by our newly elected Peer Support Leaders for 2016.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students who have applied for and been selected as Peer Support Leaders.

Katherine Cheng

Michael Budiarto

Astha Malik

Mayank Gupta

Geena Sharma

Calvin Lin

Ashley Wong

Anthony Ha

Nina Tang

Kieran Zeng

Nisalya Nanayakkara

Leon Wang

Jennifer Qian

Jonathan Cheng

Elaine Wu

Nathan Lee

Darshana Kannan

Tasneef Helal

Annie Lin

Andy Cai

Supriya Segal

Dhnanjay Soundappan

Sandra Chen

Steven Liu


Congratulations to the following year 10 students who have been successful in developing a film, Punchline, that has been selected to be shown at the Pulse Film Festival at Nepean High School.

Phillip Xie                                 Richard Mo                              Edmond Su

Jonathan Cheng                       Nathan Lee                               Sakilan Gopalarajah

Joshua Yang                             Tony Huang                              Aimee Death

Week 10B

Monday 7th December               End of Year Music Concert at The Concourse Chatswood

Tuesday 8th                              Presentation Day

Wednesday 9th                         Year 8 Science Enrichment P5 and 6

                                                Prefect Sports BBQ and Colour Run

Thursday 10th                           Cadet Annual

                                                Year 7 Science Enrichment P1-3

Friday 11th                                P1 ISCF Christmas Service

                                                P2 Farewell Assembly to select Staff

Week 11A                               Cadet Annual Continue

Tuesday 15th                             Christmas Prefect Concert

                                                7-10 Reports given out

Wednesday 16th                        HSC Results

Thursday 17th                           Year 12 BBQ

Have a wonderful weekend

Megan Connors