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Principal's Newsletter, Week 8, Term 4, 2017

posted Jan 27, 2018, 8:47 PM by Unknown user

Principal’s Report

Year 12 can be a very stressful time. I am pleased to announce that all went well with the first assessment period. Ms Novotni has organised some mediation and relaxation sessions for Year 10 and Year 11.  Meditation is a powerful tool for the mind and body. It slows the heart and breathing rate which induces a relaxation response. This lowers blood pressure, clears the mind allowing greater concentration and focus, improves energy and sleep quality, stimulates digestive function and brings about a general feeling of wellbeing.  We hope all Year 10 and 11 will be open to the process and realise the benefits of both meditation and relaxation.

This week painting has begun on many of the farm buildings and also on the cottage on Jenkins Road. All the Agricultural teachers are very excited as are our farm hands. The buildings are long overdue for some refurbishment

Year 8 and Year 7 were lucky enough to have Thinkers in Education on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. Students were in small groups representing different countries and they had to solve many puzzles and use logical reasoning to decide who may have caused a virus to spread around the world. The game was called Pandemic. I was so impressed with Year 8 and Year 7 for their scientific knowledge, their energy and their ability to work so quickly. The commitment from each group was sensational and the atmosphere was electric. Thank you to Mr Hutchinson for organising this amazing day. The actual program is used in many companies to help choose the correct person for a potential job.

The Year 10 formal will be at the Epping Club on Friday December 1. It is always a wonderful evening with Year 10 looking sensational in their formal outfits. Staff will be entertained by the talent of many Year 10’s with song and dance numbers.

At our staff meeting this week all teachers were able to add to the school plan. This plan will be used for 2018 -2020.

Please remember that any notes for half day absence or any request for leave must be applied for in advance. If a student has to leave school early, then a note must be given to Mrs Mayers or Mrs Novotni at about 8:30am. If for any reason a student needs to leave before the end of the school year a form must be filled in. This form is available from the front office. Please do not send any request via email to either Deputy or Principal.

A reminder too that the uniform shop is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8am till about 2pm. It may be time to get new uniforms for 2018.

I would like to remind all parents that it is important for you to discuss bullying and harassment. It is not appropriate for any student to make someone else feel uncomfortable for any reason. It is hurtful if a student is called a name. It is hurtful if someone posts inappropriate photos or comments on any social media site. We do not want any student to feel uncomfortable or hurt by the thoughtless action of anyone. A student who is seen as a bystander can be just as much at fault. Bystanders need to make sure they help stop any harassment or bullying. A few words such as “that is not appropriate” can be very powerful.

8L and 8T completed their beach awareness on Thursday this week. 8A and 8K were lucky to complete their surf awareness last week. All students need to be strong swimmers and be aware of the dangers of the surf.  Thank you to all PE staff who have tirelessly organised beach days as well as gala days in the last two weeks.

This is wonderful debating news. The Year 10 debating team are the junior debating winners having debated on Wednesday. Charlie Yang was named debater of the tournament.

Congratulations to Year 8 students who were part of Thinkers in Education on Tuesday. One team set a new world record. Congratulations to Hannah Cho, Anna Newman, Ariel Huang, Linda Wang and Maria Jang. Ariel Huang was the top individual player in the year group.

Have a wonderful week

Annetta St Louis

Relieving Principal