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Principal's Newsletter, Week 9, Term 3, 2014

posted Sep 30, 2014, 5:42 AM by Joshua Lau
Congratulations to Edwina Kuang, Stephanie Wu, Anisha Gunawardhana and Brendan Ma of Year 11 who became NSW Debating Champions last Friday after convincingly defeating the very accomplished team from Sydney Girls. Brendan was also recognised as the best speaker of the event. Well done. Congratulations also to their coach Ms Kristy Webb who has been with the team since Year 7.

Last weekend accompanied by rain, leeches and finally some sunshine, our Duke of Edinburgh hikers battled the weather to have another stimulating hike. Thank you again to Ms Katrina Jenns and Mr Neil Pakes.

On Tuesday we celebrated Awards Day and the wonderful achievements of our Year 12 students. Malini Raj, Class of 1998, gave a wonderful presentation stressing the importance of seeking opportunity and challenge as students pursue their careers and futures. Our graduating class have been superb role models to our junior students. Year 12 are a diverse and creative cohort and we are so proud of the collaborative approach they are taking to their last weeks of study. Next week we continue our celebrations with their concert on Monday, luncheon with parents on Tuesday and a day of relaxation at Balmoral on Wednesday.

Thank you to Mr Jason Driscoll for sharing his careers talk on Thursday evening to Year 11 and their parents.

Today our Social Justice Committee coordinated by Ms Adrienne Steele held our third Ideas Forum (IF). This student led initiative is our version of the Ted Talks. Thank you to the following students who were willing to share their thoughts and opinions with us and practise their skills of persuasion and public speaking. It is impressive that this completely voluntary event is so well subscribed.

Jeffrey Khoo Yr 10
Samuel Chu Yr 10
Henry Chen Yr 10
Kevin Ly Yr 11
Wayne Wong Yr 8
Anthony Mai Yr 8
Dragon Liu Yr 8
Iris Chen Yr 10
Victoria Soo Yr 9
Shristi Mehta, Susan Nguyen, Supriya Segal, Mithula Premachandran, Jaya Kachwaha, Maria Ditu, Tina Nguyen, Gabrielle Seberry Yr 9
Adam Leung, Parashar Patel, Vincent Xiao, Kevin Cai Yr 8
Richard Tong Yr 12
Brian Marr Yr 11
Kelvin Zhou Yr 11
Sakilan Gopalarajah Yr 9
Reihana Tsao Yr 8
Gemma Qian Yr 8
Vesta Tang Yr 8
Victor Fang Yr 9
Annie Bai Yr 10
Alice Yan Yr 10
Joseph Jeong Yr 8
Annirudh Channapragada Yr 8
Daniel Yan Yr 10
Bob He Yr 11
Nathan Lee Yr 9
Simon Jing Yr 9
Steven Liu Yr 9
Kevin Shi Yr 12
Brendan Ma Yr 11
Susan Zhang, Julie Phan, Helen Park, Katherine Nguyen, Susanna Liang Yr 9
Daniel Choi, Daniel Jiang-Zhu, Connie Jiang, Jason Liang, Annie Lin Tony Huang Yr 9
Ashnith Wickramanayake Yr 11
Simon Yang Yr 10
Jumaana Abdu Yr 10

Congratulations to Vishni Ravindran (11) who has been invited to perform Veena in an orchestra in a concert in San Francisco.

Congratulations to Upeka Nanayakkara (11) who has been selected to attend the NSW Youth Constitutional Commission in November. Upeka will debate the recognition of Aboriginal Australians in the Australian Constitution.

Science Lab Refurbishment Progress Report – Public Works are beginning the tender process to refurbish our laboratories. Hopefully work will begin in Term 4.

Our Years 9 -11 Orientation Day occurred today. In 2015 we have offered places to eighteen Year 9 students, two Year 10 students and twenty four Year 11 students. Select students assisted in the transition of these students into our school.

Next week will be an amazing week at Ruse. It begins with a Cadet Bivouac to the Blue Mountains on the weekend. Our Strings and Senior Wind Ensemble are touring the Bathurst Region and our Indigenous Australia Immersion program leaves on Sunday.

Year 8 will participate in a new and exciting cross-curricular program all of next week. A dedicated team of teachers led by Mrs Jenny Bowen, our Head Teacher Gifted and Talented and comprised of Mr Jace Davies, Ms Katie Twomey, Ms Ashlee Walker, Mr Jamie Gerlach, Ms Meena Prasad, Mr Warren Stanley, Mr Mark Long and Mr Trent Wilson, have developed a unique and rich task that will allow students to explore the sustainability of Parramatta City in 2050. The week will begin with an excursion to explore Parramatta. Students have formed groups, created a team name and logo and will work towards developing a trade display. A number of guest speakers will also contribute to the project throughout the week. A huge thank you to this creative and talented team of teachers who have put in such a massive effort to produce this task.

On Thursday night is our Cabaret Night for 2015 at 6.30pm, it is very important that our talented performers have an audience on the night. All parents of these students should attend and enjoy the night. It is a great opportunity to meet other James Ruse parents and teachers. It is very disappointing when I see parents drop their children off and do not come inside. Even if your son or daughter would prefer you do not attend (as many are typical teenagers) please come in and show them how proud you are of them and their school. Thank you in advance for your attendance.

Have a wonderful week and a fabulous holiday.
Megan Connors