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Principal's Report Week 2, Term 1 2013

posted Feb 8, 2013, 3:52 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 17, 2013, 1:53 AM ]

This is our first newsletter for the year so I would like to welcome all new students and their parents to James Ruse and also say a big welcome back to students and parents who have been with us for a while.

As Ms Treskin has retired, I will be acting as Principal for 5 weeks and then Ms Connors will take over till the end of the term. As soon as we know if a new Principal will be appointed by merit selection we will certainly forward the information to the whole school.

What a lovely break we have all had. We are so proud of our 2012 year 12 students who have achieved such great results. All of our students did so well in all their subjects. Six of our students achieved an ATAR of 99.95. They were Beryl Lin, Stephen Paredes, Stephen Phan, Johnny Huang, Victor Khou and Shelley She. The median ATAR for year 12 was 99 which is outstanding.

New staff for 2013: We welcome Heather Weber from Kellyville High school as Head Teacher of Mathematics. Also we welcome Kate Boatswain into the PE department and Joy Tsai who will be replacing Ms Henry for a short while. Mr Greg Pitt has returned to Science while Mrs Pooviah is acting as Relieving Deputy.

Holiday Information: In the holidays a new COLA (Covered Outdoor Learning Area) has been added to the playground. It is still under construction and should be finished in the next few days. It will provide much needed shelter for our students at recess and lunch and will also be used as area for a year assembly. We have also had a new kitchen built in the hall which will be very useful when we have our information nights and any functions.

The plough that has had pride of place in our rose garden has been repaired by the Men’s Shed from Chatswood. It is now back in position.

In the holidays also we have had Mr Adam Tomkins and students here completing a stocktake for the Band program. At least ten students have also been working tirelessly on the Robotics Project (with guidance from Mrs Pooviah) so they are ready for the next level of the competition in St Louis in the April holidays.

Benjamin Chen (year 12) was one of sixteen National Summer Art Scholarship participants in January. We received 4 magnificent art books as a present for his participation.

Kelly Wu, Richard Tong, Brendan Ma and Tanya Han have been selected for Youth Parliament. They will shadow a local member and be an important part of discussion about current issues.

Andre Lo received a certificate of merit for his essay for the Radiant Peace Foundation and a cheque as well.

Year 7 2013: Year 7 have had a smooth start to High School. They have established a position in the playground and were amazed to see the celebrations and food as part of Chinese New Year in the playground on Monday. Confucius was available with some words of wisdom for all who listened. It was lovely to see year 7 participate – they were very good at picking up M and M’s with chopsticks. It was lovely to see so many new mothers welcomed into the Mothers’ Club for 2013. Some even stayed and helped in the canteen. School spirit is alive and well at James Ruse.

Safety Reminder IMPORTANT

I would ask all parents who drive their son or daughter to school to drop them off near the school hall not near the front gate in Felton Rd. We are trying to avoid a bottle neck at this gate. We are also trying to stay on good terms with our neighbours.

Year 7 parents are reminded to say goodbye outside the main gate of the school and allow their son or daughter to enter the playground on their own. We are encouraging independence.

Lost Property: If your son or daughter loses a hat or jumper or bag, they can see one of the deputies – Ms Connors or Mrs Pooviah or check the table in the corridor of L block. It is the responsibility of the child to search for their property.

Enquiries: If you have an enquiry about any school matter, please ring the front office and ask to speak to the right teacher. Year advisors are the first port of call for any enquiry.

Year 12 Mrs McKenzie
Year 11 Mr Low (while Mrs Johnston is on leave) Year 10 Ms Webb
Year 9 Mr Wilson
Year 8 Mrs Hameed
Year 7 Ms Brooks

It is not appropriate for a parent to go to a staffroom before or after school. You must contact the office if you wish to speak to a teacher.

Each deputy does supervise 3 school years. Ms Connors supervises year 8, year 10 and year 12 and Mrs Pooviah (usually Ms St Louis) supervises year 7, year 9 and year 11.

If your son or daughter is ill at school or has an accident, the school will notify you. IT IS IMPORTANT that no student rings home and tells their parents if they are sick. Our system is set up for the safety of students and also the correct protocol for the DEC. When you are notified as a parent that your son or daughter is ill, please come to the front office where you must sign for your son or daughter.


Annetta St Louis

Acting Principal