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Principal's Report Week 3, Term 1 2013

posted Feb 17, 2013, 1:56 AM by Unknown user

Last year James Ruse donated many books from our library to Mar Nasai Assyrain College in Fairfield. Under the direction of Jenny Bowen our librarian we were able to cull some books and donate these to another school. We just received a thank you letter form John Haskell the Principal and Mary Shamayil, the librarian.

The SRC elections were held last week and year 8 – 12 have voted and elected their Class Captains and Vice Captains for 2013. Congratulations to those students who I know will conduct themselves with dignity and apply themselves wholeheartedly to their leadership role.

Year 7 continue Peer Support activities and on Wednesday were able to see Cybershots, in the lecture theatre. This play presented a serious message about cyber safety and how students can use the internet and social websites safely. A focus was on the use of Facebook and the safety of students.

Valentine’s Day (the whole week really) is a special event at James Ruse. Red roses, songs and gifts were presented to all classes. The Valentine’s Dance was a great success with many new students attending. As always the Valentine’s Day Assembly was a pocket of joy. It is wonderful to see the whole school laugh and laugh.

Many changes will be occurring during the implementation of the LMBR system this year. We had a video conference this Wednesday with Mr Yeo, Mrs Golding, and Mrs Ryan, Mrs West, Mrs Pooviah, Mr Widmer, Ms Connors and myself. Ms Connors and I will be attending a meeting in the city on Friday 15th February to learn more about the changes. When all is clear we will pass on information to staff, parents and students.

Australian Maths Olympiad began this week – Monday and Friday.

Year 12 was lucky enough to have Peter Skryznecki, a poet on the HSC list, come and speak to the students about his poetry and his writing. What a bonus as the students are studying his poetry for the Belonging unit in English.

Congratulations to Krithika Rajashekar year 11 who has written a creative piece for the Mental Health Awareness Week. She was selected as one of the top three submissions for the Hills Mental Health Inter- agency Inc Essay Competition.

Medication: School staff members are not allowed to administer any medication at all. If your son or daughter is not well and needs to take medication, then they are responsible for that.

The school Swimming Carnival is next Monday 18th February at Parramatta pool. The first event will start at 8:45 and the carnival will finish at 2:30. Buses will leave school for the pool at 8:15am. Make sure you have sun screen and a hat for the day.

Drop off at school / parking: Please remember not to park in our neighbours’ driveways when you drop off your son or daughter. We have many complaints from the neighbours and would like to remain on good terms with them. Drive up Felton Rd to the area near the hall this is the safest spot for a drop off or a pickup. Please also do not make U-turns in front of the school driveways as this is very dangerous.

Reminder: The school has many evening activities / meetings / information nights and dances. I would like to remind parents that when a dance finishes that it is important for parents to pick up your son or daughter at the correct time. If a dance finishes at 10:30 then parents should be here before that to pick up their child. Staff have been at school since 7:30 in the morning and they are tired after a day teaching and supervising so they need to get home to their own families. Please be on time to pick up your son /daughter.

Homework: All students need time to finish their school homework. It has come to our attention that many students are having tutoring after school. This can make the student time poor. The school’s work is of the utmost importance as we follow the syllabus outlines for each subject and the required assessment procedures. We do not want students to be overloaded with extra work that may not help them achieve success. Some tutors are not qualified as well. Please re think the value of tutoring and the stress and extra work this places on your son/ daughter.

Annetta St Louis 

Acting Principal