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Principal's Report: Week 4, Term 2 2011

posted May 22, 2011, 2:36 PM by Unknown user
Year 9 Agriculture excursion to Tocal. I received a wonderful letter (attached to this report) from the manager of the Tocal Field Day about the wonderful way our Year 9 students conducted themselves on the day. Thank you Year 9 for being such wonderful ambassadors for the school, as well as making the most of the learning opportunities presented.

Year 7 – 10 Assessment. I expect Year 7 – 10 to rest and enjoy their weekend, now that their half yearly exams are over.

Biology excursion to “Field of Mars”. Two Year 11 Biology classes had an interesting field study to the Field of Mars on Tuesday. Two more are going next Tuesday.

The Boyfriend. Tickets have gone on sale for cast and crew. Don‟t miss out on your ticket to this wonderful school event on 2, 3 4 June.

Australian Open Table Tennis Championships. Congratulations to Erny Tsao who has been selected to represent NSW in the Youth (U21) team to compete in the Australian Open Table Tennis Championships in Hobart, Tasmania from 12 June to 18 June 2011. Erny competed in the NSW Table Tennis Junior Closed Championships on 15 May achieving the following: 3 Gold Medals in U15 Boys Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles; Bronze Medal in U18 Boys Singles; and Semi-finalist in U18 Boys Doubles.

Blacktown Mayoral History Prize 2011. If you live in Blacktown, please consider entering this competition. Entries are now open for the 2011 Blacktown Mayoral History Prize, valued at $1,000! The annual Mayoral History Prize aims to encourage the community to embrace the rich and diverse history of Blacktown City and is awarded for a significant contribution to the research, documentation and promotion of Blacktown‟s history. In 2011 prize will be awarded to a student or group of students who live in, or attend school in the Blacktown City area.

Entries will contain information relating to the history and show an understanding of the development of Blacktown City area and should make use of primary as well as secondary resources. They should also be previously unpublished and must contribute to our understanding of any part of Blacktown City. Entries will be accepted in a variety of formats including:
  • Researched works such as books, journals, articles.
  • Documented family or personal histories (including short essays).
  • Oral history interviews in unedited form, accompanied by a brief outline of the topic chosen and a description.
  • Artworks, including photographs, may form part of any entry and are acceptable if a digital copy is provided.
The prize is open to students from all levels and entries close 4.30pm, Monday 1 August 2011.

For application forms contact the Blacktown City Council Customer Service Desk, Blacktown Visitor and Heritage Information Centre, any branch of Blacktown City Libraries or download a copy from The winners will be announced in History Week (3 – 11 September 2011). Council reserves the right to split the Prize or not to award the Prize in any year. For further information, contact Local Studies Librarian on 9839 6000 or email

Resurfacing the Basketball Court: We have been successful in applying for a government grant of $35,000 to upgrade our sporting facilities. Work will shortly commence on resurfacing the basketball court and repairing the fence.

Professor Paul Shellard – an ex student’s career, after James Ruse and the University Medal for Physics at University of Sydney.
  • 2009-date: Director of Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, University of Cambridge
  • 2009-date: Project Leader (Cosmic Defects and Non-Gaussianity) for ESA Planck Satellite project
  • 2008-date: Professor of Cosmology, University of Cambridge
  • 1997-date: Coordinator, COSMOS, the UK National Cosmology Supercomputer
  • 1995-2008: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer (2001) and Reader (2003) in Cosmology, University of Cambridge
  • 1991-1996: PPARC Advanced Research Fellowship, University of Cambridge
  • 1987-1989: Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for Theoretical Physics, MIT
  • 1985-1987, 1989-1991: Research Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge
  • 1983-1986: PhD in Quantum Effects in the Early Universe, University of Cambridge. Supervisor: Professor Stephen W. Hawking
Research (as listed on the University of Cambridge website): “I am a member of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP). My research endeavours to advance the confrontation between theories of the early universe and empirical cosmology, focusing especially on the primordial fluctuations for large-scale structure formation. Ongoing investigations of the science that can be extracted from the cosmic microwave sky includes work on critical tests to distinguish between inflationary models or even to identify the distinct signatures of cosmic defects. I lead a nongaussianity project within the Planck Surveyor satellite consortium. I have a longstanding interest in phase transitions in the early universe which can form cosmic strings or other cosmological defects. Among their dramatic observational consequences which I study are the origin of dark matter axions, the existence of stable superconducting string loops (vortons) associated with high energy cosmic rays or other phenomena, and primordial backgrounds of gravitational waves which may lie within the range of the forthcoming generation of detectors. Since its inception in 1997, I have been coordinating COSMOS, the UK National Cosmology Supercomputer, an essential tool for quantitative progress in theoretical cosmology.”

Next Week

Monday 23 May: Year 11 Brainstorm production Wired; School assembly Pd 3; Year 10 science oral presentations; Teach NSW senior conference (3 students) Parramatta.

Tuesday 24 May: ICAS Computing all Yrs 7,8, and select students in 9/10; 2 Yr 11 biology classes to Field of Mars; Yr 10 science oral presentations; UMAT study 9 – 5pm 84 Yr 12 students in 3 groups at different times; musical rehearsal to 9pm.

Wednesday 25 May: Athletics Carnival all day; 6.30 Meet the Music Yrs 9/10/11.

Thursday 26 May: Mother’s Club meeting 9.30 ; Religious services will replace periods 2 and 7 – other periods will run in the following order – rollcall after recess, 5,4 (+Yr 8 meeting),1 (+ Year 7 meeting),6,3; Yr 10 science oral presentations; 6.30 Meet the Music Yr 12;

Friday 27 May: Bandalism Yr 8 pds 1/2; Shades 4 Aids Mufti Day; Yr 10 science oral presentations; Musical rehearsal to 9pm; Cancer Council Cake Morning Tea.

Saturday 28 May: Musical Dress rehearsal all day