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Principal's Report Week 4, Term 3 2013

posted Oct 23, 2013, 5:09 PM by Unknown user
The HSC trial examinations continue this week. The organisation has been very smooth and we thank Mrs Flanagan for that. However, we have had a few illnesses. Students and parents are reminded to make sure they contact the school on the day of any illness so we can make alternative arrangements.

Year 12 students who study Extension 2 English, Music, Visual Arts and Languages will have either practical examinations soon or a major work to be handed in. This is a very stressful time and we know our students will be fully committed to completing these major works.
The HSC music students will perform on August 26th in the Lecture Theatre. Please come along and enjoy an amazing concert and support the year 12 students.

The Australian Science Olympiad Examinations will be held on August 7th – Chemistry, August 12th – Biology and August 14th – Physics. Students must consult the Science Noticeboard to check the examination venues.

Last Saturday Mr Stanley organised and supervised the entrance test for students who wish to be enrolled in our school next year in year 11. This test is marked by an outside agency and results really help us select the correct students for our school.

On Wednesday 7th August 16 students competed in the Great Engineering Challenge. Also on Thursday, 20 year 10 students attended the Brain Bee Competition. Year 11 PDHPE students completed their First Aid day.

The students from High Resolves have been so busy with their projects within the school and in the community. Last week students went to Parramatta on Saturday to create their Project Me. The aim of this day was to increase happiness in the community. Ms Murphy accompanied the students and they arrived at 7:30 in the morning and left late in the afternoon. Ms Murphy reported that so many of the general public were impressed and amazed at the talent and commitment of the students from our school. The happiness spread throughout the community. The students co–ordinated the day with Beyond Blue and Headspace, which provides support, information and service for young people and their families across Australia.

Another High resolves Initiative from 9T is called ‘The Healthy Games – May the Scale be ever in your favour’. The aim of this project is to increase awareness of the importance of fitness in our lifestyle. The project will run over four weeks at lunchtimes from week 5 – week 8. Activities will include sack races, three legged races, Pac man, an obstacle course and a final competition on the last day.
During language lessons this week the students competed in the Language Competition.

Many students have taken part in the 40 hour famine and it is now time to bring in the books and money raised for charity. I would like to remind all students that raffle tickets are due. Please hand them in in roll call over the next week. Wonderful prizes will be won.

Amnesty students put on their creative hats to create a hand painted mural in the quad on Wednesday. The mural will be hung up as a sign of support for those less privileged than ourselves.

Debating in English and History continue to keep the staff busy with many wonderful success stories. Also chess is always busy on a Friday afternoon with Mr Khoury.

Next week will be our religious service on Thursday 15th August.

I would like to remind all students, especially year 7 that they should be working toward receiving an award at the end of the year. The James Ruse award system is explained in the school diary and we hope that many, many students will gain an award. Students must be involved in extracurricular activities, sport and some music.

Car Parking
I would like to remind all parents not to stop outside the main gate in Felton Rd to drop of your son/ daughter. This creates such a bottleneck in the morning and afternoon. We do want to stay on very good terms with our neighbours but we have had many complaints about cars parked across their driveways and blocking the road.

Please drive up Felton Rd and drop your son/ daughter near the hall. Congestion is a worry for the school and we are concerned that an accident may happen.