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Principal's Report Week 5, Term 4 2013

posted Nov 7, 2013, 4:49 PM by Unknown user
We have just received the superb news that two of our students – Ben Chen and Elaine Dong of Year 12 have been nominated for ArtExpress. Congratulations to Ben and Elaine and also to Mr Ian Goggin, their very talented and dedicated teacher. To quote Ms Joanne McMillan:

“Elaine's work "Unnatural Selection" consists of 22 drawings and is a marvellous fusion of imagination, scientific accuracy, and technical skill - she has achieved remarkable things with a humble blue bic biro!
Ben's work "Random Face from a Postcard: Journey Through Modernity" consists of 3 mixed media panels which explore themes of 20th century art practice in a confident, original and expressive manner.”

On Monday we watched the wonderful presentations of our year 9 High Resolves’ School Action Projects. This fabulous leadership program allows all year 9 students to collaboratively lead a real project. Students self-evaluated their projects; critical of their weaknesses, happy that they were able to overcome them and proud of their achievements. An enormous thank you to the teachers involved - Ms Murphy, our coordinator and Mr Wilson, Ms Burgess, Mrs Mason and Ms Webb. We are the only school able to offer this program to our entire year 9 cohort as our teachers have been trained as implementers and are committed to developing the leadership capacity of our students.

The School Action projects in 2013:
  • 9A     “Beautifying the school environment one door at a time”
  • 9C    “Putting breakfast first”
  • 9K    “Promoting physical fitness in year 7”
  • 9L    “Happy teachers”
  • 9T     “Happy healthy games, may the scales be forever in your favour”
Each project was fabulous and reflected the uniqueness of the particular class.  9A faced many logistical challenges as they endeavoured to paint the English classroom doors. 9C used meticulous research to provide a healthy breakfast to year 8 students. 9K began their 'Race ‘Round Ruse' and led all year 7 through a day of fitness. 9L provided a beautiful morning tea to staff, created wonderful origami flowers and produced a photo collage of every teacher - they did indeed make happy teachers. 9T also focused on fitness and health, training 7T over three successive weeks and then competing in the healthy Hunger games - a lovely bond was created between the two classes. Thank you to year 7 and year 8 students who were willing participants in these projects.

Congratulations to our Informatics team. We have once again received 6 invitations to the National Scholar School for Informatics to be held in Canberra between the 9th and 19th December. Congratulations to Atul Barman (8), Daaron Chiu (11), Daniel Choi (8), Winston Gu (9), Ishraq Huda (10) and Ray Li (11). Our appreciation must go to Kenneth Wong, our ex-student, who trains students in Informatics each week and also to Ray, Ishraq, Daaron and of course Joshua Lau (12) who have been wonderful mentors of our younger students.

Last Friday, Mrs Heather Weber travelled with our 5 Australian Mathematics Competition medal winners to Adelaide for the award ceremony. Of the 25 medals awarded, JRAHS achieved 5! This is an outstanding result. Only one other school received multiple medals (2). Congratulations once again to Linus Cooper (7), Reihana Tsao (7), Yang Song (9), Simon Yang (9) and Ray Li (11).

Over the last weeks and all weekend, our Robotics Club, led by Mrs Sheila Pooviah have been building robots and programming them to compete in their scrimmage competitions. A huge thank you to Mrs Pooviah who has given up so many hours supervising our students, spending most of her weekend with the team and then taking them to Macquarie University on Sunday. Thank you also to Mr Pronger for assisting in the building process.

HSIE have organised two major excursions this week, Year 8 Geography completed their fieldwork at Warragamba Dam and Year 9 History have visited Canberra. Thank you to Mr McNulty and Mrs Kowalski for organising these wonderful learning experiences.

On Tuesday night we experienced the wonder and talent of two schools combined as one band. The Bushfire Appeal Concert was a fabulous success – all bands were magnificent and a large amount of money was raised. Thank you to Mr Armitage and Mr Brus for preparing and conducting our bands.

Once again our Year 10 Agricultural Enrichment class have designed and created an entry into the Archibull competition. The judging which involves students presenting their explanations of their process and creation took place last week. Thank you to Ms Sofia Hameed for her leadership of this project and for Mr Ian Goggin for his ability to foster such creativity.