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Principal's Report Week 6, Term 1 2012

posted Mar 8, 2012, 2:37 PM by Unknown user
Week 6 has been a typical mad week at James Ruse AHS – lots of creative and collaborative learning and lots of excellent time management as our students participate in a huge range of programs every minute of the day. Thank you to all the parents who support our school philosophy. Thank you to all the staff and student leaders who make this possible.
Consultation process for Local School Local Decisions: The school has begun a consultation process regarding whether or not we should volunteer to be in the next stage of more devolved decision-making, which eventually will occur in all schools. This is from the invitation we received from the Deputy-Director General, Schools, Mr Greg Prior:
The NSW government is committed to Local Schools Local Decisions. As part of its implementation in all schools, the Commonwealth Government National Partnership on Empowering Local Schools will be the first opportunity for approximately 230 schools to be involved with all Australian States and Territories to enhance schools‟ capacity to make decisions at a local level. The attached selection criteria have been developed to identify schools that are strongly placed to experience success in a more devolved decision-making environment.
Under the National Partnership, enhanced decision-making at the school level will occur in the following
  • governance (including consultative and evidence-based planning and reporting)
  • funding and infrastructure (including financial planning, budget management, decisions on minor capital works, maintenance and purchasing)
  • workforce (in particular, alignment of the school staffing profile including teaching, leadership and support positions to the needs of students and the school community).
The criteria developed for the Expression of Interest provide the contextual information required to assist in the selection of schools. These criteria have focussed on areas that demonstrate the potential and level of readiness for schools to operate in an enhanced decision-making environment as identified in the Commonwealth Government guidelines.
Schools will participate in a comprehensive suite of professional learning and training for school leaders to assist them to manage a more flexible workplace environment. They will also be required to participate in an independent evaluation process commissioned by the Commonwealth.
School leaders have asked for more detail about the expectations for volunteering for the initiative. When you volunteer you will be a pioneer and part of the design and development of a new system that will support better systems and processes in our schools.
  • All schools will be able to make local decisions reflecting their specific context to improve outcomes for students.
  • Schools will receive $40,000 - $50,000 as a one-off payment.
  • The school may be part of the LMBR initial implementation phase – up to 160 schools will be in the first tranche in 2012 with the remainder to follow.
  • School leaders will be given more flexibility to make decisions about financial and human resources.
  • The school will work with a new funding model for 2013.
  • Some of the school‟s systems and processes will change as the LMBR systems are implemented.
  • The school will receive professional learning to complement a new skills set.
  • School staff in the LMBR program will receive individual and group support from the LMBR team in implementing systems. This will involve specific training.
  • Principals will receive the benefit of coaching and mentoring from some of the 47 pilot school principals who have experienced a more flexible decision making approach.
For more information on the National Partnership Agreement please follow the link below.
We have until 9 March to put in an expression of interest, if we decide to do so. (Final decisions are made by the Regional Director, Mr David Phipps, as to whether our EOI is submitted). I am consulting with the executives of COJR and the Mothers‟ Club, given the short time frame. If you would like to express your point of view please contact Patricia Xu, president of COJR or Agatha Jo, president of the Mothers‟ Club.
SRC Planning Day: What a wonderful group of independent learners our SRC members are. I was able to observe part of their planning day. It was a joy to watch the organised way they analysed how to improve school processes, raise school spirit and work for the wider community. I am sure you will all be excited by their final plans for 2012.
Drama and Film: given last year‟s successes I am looking forward to our Shakespeare thespians competing in Term 2. Rehearsals are progressing well. The Film Fest Enrichment class will also give some of our aspiring film producers an avenue for their talents.
Grinchball games tournament: Despite the weather, students have been competing at recess and lunchtime this week, demonstrating their sporting skills, teamwork and camaraderie.
Clean Up Australia Day: More than 200 students have volunteered to clean up the school this Friday at recess and lunchtime – a wonderful group of volunteers. Thank you to Ms Mayers and Go Green; thanks to the SRC.
Social Justice Programs: Thanks to Ms Murphy, these continue to grow. Details of the work of our Social Justice Committee are widely publicised in this newsletter and in the daily notices. I am looking forward to getting reports from the students attending the UN Youth Conference on the weekend in March. Look out for an exciting program in the September holidays. I have asked Ms Murphy to present to the Selective Schools Principals‟ meeting being held at our school next Friday 9 March.
NSW Adolescent Vaccination Program: This was conducted for students in Years 7 and 10 on Thursday. Year 10 students had their dTpa (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccinations; Year 7 had their first dose of HPV and Hep B vaccinations.
International Women’s Day celebrations: Students will be attending the IWD breakfast in the city. Other students will be attending a Women in Science Forum at Macquarie Uni. SRC are planning our own celebrations.
Table display in the library: Year 9 Design and Technology students have had a wonderful display of their work in the library. Thank you to Mr Widmer for inspiring his students to reach such excellent standards of craftsmanship.
Sound and Lighting: Please encourage your child to apply to join this team by submitting a written EOI to Mr Widmer, if they have an interest in sound and lighting. This team has huge responsibilities during the year, and the students develop very sound skills in this area.
2012 DER-NSW Parent Survey: We seek your views on the NSW one-to-one laptop program. A formal
evaluation of the program is being undertaken by the New South Wales Department of Education and
Training in collaboration with the University of Wollongong. It is an effort to determine how the DER-NSW
program may impact on learning and teaching education across the state. The evaluation has taken place over
3 years. Please go to the link below and complete the 2012 survey. It won‟t take you too long.
To access the link please enter it into the long address bar at the top of the page of your internet browser
(not into a search engine such as Google) and press enter or go – this will take you to the survey. Individuals
cannot be identified in the data. Evaluation reports to date can be viewed online:
Next Week:
Monday 5 March: Year 10 work experience; Chem Olympiad Final – 5 students
Tuesday 6 March: Year 10 work experience; 3.30pm – Launch in lecture theatre – global education resources
Wednesday 7 March: Year 10 work experience; Chem Olympiad Final – 5 students
Thursday 8 March: Year 10 work experience; Peer Support p5;
Friday 9 March: Year 10 work experience; Selective Schools Principals Meeting at JR I2 – 4pm.
Larissa Treskin