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Principal's Report Week 6, Term 3 2012

posted Dec 4, 2012, 3:45 PM by Unknown user

Next Tuesday, 28th August, is our Community of James Ruse Meeting which will begin at 6.30pm in the hall. The CoJR have invited ex-student, Theresa Dinh to speak to parents and students (years 10-12). Theresa graduated from James Ruse in the class of 2001 and was the school captain for her year. She studied business and law at the University of Technology Sydney, where she graduated with first class
honours in law and distinction in business (majoring in accounting) in 2007. In 2008, she worked as Associate to Justice Steven Rares of the Federal Court of Australia. In 2009 and 2010 she worked as a lawyer in a large commercial law firm in Sydney. In 2011, she was called to the bar and is currently practising commercial and civil litigation as a barrister at Sixth Floor Selborne Wentworth Chambers.
Theresa will share with us her experiences since leaving JRAHS.

At the Community meeting we will also discuss our concerns with Ausgrid’s proposal to build two transmission stations on our land adjacent to Jenkins Road. Ausgrid has clarified that the developer (Dyldam) has requested that Ausgrid, as the owner of the power lines, relocate them to facilitate the developer's proposal. As this is critical infrastructure to the supply of electricity in the Sydney metropolitan area,
Ausgrid has deemed that the physical relocation works will need to be undertaken by Ausgrid staff and contractors directly. These works will be totally funded by and all approvals sought by the developer. The developer is also responsible for community consultation as part of their development proposal and we have encouraged them at every opportunity to undertake appropriate consultation regarding the relocation of the
power lines. The developer has established a 1800 community relations number - 1800 020 007. However, it is Ausgrid that is not only our neighbour but the owner of this infrastructure, and we hope to continue discussions with them.

It is the school’s hope that a working party of interested parents could be established to assist us in ensuring the safety of our students is maintained. Thank you to those parents who have already shared their expertise and assistance. It would be wonderful if a parent with a legal background in this area could assist this group.

On the same night in the Lecture Theatre, our extremely talented Year 12 Music class will present their practical HSC pieces. This will be a wonderful evening … please attend if you can.

This week’s assembly showcased the diverse successes and talents of our students. Nancy Fu, Brian Gao and Marco Lee (all of Year 12) shared their experiences as part of the Mathematics and Chemistry Olympiad teams. The Brain Bee Champions of Year 10 relayed the exciting competition that led to their success. We watched presentations by the Girraween High Resolves Team (Year 10) and our own Year 10 High Resolves Team. The JR High Resolves have committed to raising awareness of the problems of domestic violence.
They presented a wonderful video which can be viewed at: On Monday afternoon Year 10 will present their project to the High Resolves Organisation and staff. They have worked so hard on their
project and shown exceptional skills in leadership and collaboration. Their website will be launched next week:

On Wednesday our Big Ideas and Questions (Big IQ) was launched to Year 8. A team of Year 8 teachers led by Ms McMillan, our Head Teacher Gifted and Talented, presented fabulous presentations exploring the big questions that relate to their subject areas:

Concept: Environment
Idea or Question: What does it take to sustainably feed and clothe my community?
Areas of Investigation: You are what you eat. Food Miles. Famine – a political problem?

Concept: Relationships
Idea or Question: It is only when we come to accept our differences that we truly belong.
Areas of Investigation: Sacrifice / Compromise. The outsider. Conformity / Individuality. Identity, culture,
people, place, religion, politics, philosophy, fashion, food

Concept: Global Issues
Idea or Question: The world has always been unequal and it’s better that it stays that way.
Areas of Investigation: Population Growth. Sustainability. Human Rights. Economic Inequality. Access to Resources. Climate Change. Economic History. Technological Change. Creativity. History.

Concept: Communication
Idea or Question: Is language bound by communication or is communication bound by language?
Areas of Investigation: Linguistic Genealogy. What constitutes a language? Does a language have any bounds? Are language and communication the same thing? Are our thought processes limited by language?

Concept: Relationships
Idea or Question: Linear Relationships in the Real World
Areas of Investigation: Communication via graphing. Interpretation of Graphs (comprehension).
Experimental Graphing. Experiment using line graphs or statistics across faculties. Be able to apply knowledge to other subjects (such as science, geography, agriculture, technology, art) to show the relevance to other areas.

Concept: Relationships
Idea or Question: Music is an expression and reflection of our world and times. 
Areas of Investigation: Shostakovich’s symphonies, Stalin and World War II Russia. Messiaen’s “Quartet For the End of Time”. “The Reef Project” Australian Chamber Orchestra. 

Concept: Relationships
Idea or Question: Throughout history and into the future; will various forms of dance still have cultural significance?
Areas of Investigation: Tribal Dance. Performing Arts. Social Justice. Music. Multiculturalism.

Concept: Global Issues
Idea or Question: Conserve or Feed?
Areas of Investigation: Economic issues associated with land use and production of food. Significance of agriculture in society vs. conservation and global issues.

Concept: Communication
Idea or Question: Technology – a hindrance or a help?
Areas of Investigation: Global issues. Environment. Process. Sustainability. What is technology?

Concept: Process
Idea or Question: Is art the destination or the journey?
Areas of Investigation: What is art? Process / Product. The creative process – where do ideas come from and how are they developed into artworks? Artistic Exploration. The Visual Arts Process Diary Documentation. Journeys and Travel. The Grand Tour.

Concept: Global Issues
Idea or Question: Our World, Our Choice Areas of Investigation: Environment. Sustainability. Relationships. Process. Communication. Collective Identity. Justice.

Concept: Relationships
Idea or Question: Do we define our relationships or do they define us?
Areas of Investigation: Personal Strengths Emotions Interpersonal problem solving. How do relationships differ from one another? How much power do we have over our relationships?

The presentations by teachers were inspiring and thought provoking. Year 8 will begin this program by participating in an Information Literacy and Research workshop delivered by Mrs Bowen, our Librarian. They will then work on this project in groups of 4 over the next 10 weeks. The aims of the project are to develop the 21st century skills of creativity, collaboration, communication, critical thinking, big picture thinking and

Coming up next week: Justice Week
Tuesday 28th August: Year 8 High Resolves Day; Year 9 Visual Art Excursion to the Biennale of Sydney; 6.30pm CoJR meeting in the Hall, 7.00pm HSC Music Recital. 
Thursday 30th August: Extended Rollcall for Justice Activity; 1.30pm Year 8 Brainstorm Productions in the Hall
Friday 31st August: Preliminary exams begin 31/8 – 7/9
Saturday 1st September: UNSW Open Day featuring the UNSW Prog Comp (starring Joshua Lau, 11, Ray Li, 10 and Ishraq Huda, 9)

Megan Connors
Relieving Principal