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Principal's Report Week 6, Term 4 2013

posted Nov 13, 2013, 7:00 PM by Unknown user
It is with great pleasure that I announce that one of our wonderful Agriculture teachers and Year 11 Year Advisor, Mrs Karen Johnston, was successful in being promoted to the position of Head Teacher Agriculture at Hurlstone Agricultural High School. We are very proud of Mrs Johnston’s success and pleased for her. News like this is always a little bittersweet as we will miss Mrs Johnston and her contribution to so many aspects of the school. We wish her all the best in her new school.

Mrs Heather Weber’s wonderful contribution and voluntary service as the President of MANSW has been recognised by her receipt of a NSW Outstanding Professional Service Award by the Professional Teachers’ Council of NSW. We extend our congratulations and our gratitude to Mrs Weber for her service both to James Ruse and to the many students and teachers of Mathematics across NSW.

Mr Neil Pakes will step in as Year 12 Advisor next year and the very experienced and dedicated Mrs McKenzie will fill the role of Assistant Year Advisor.

We welcome Ms Boey Wong to our staff. Ms Wong was successful in gaining the position of our Uniform Shop Manager and will be a wonderful asset to our school community. Congratulations to Ms Wong.

Congratulations to Brendan Ma (10) who has been chosen to move onto the Grand Final round of the Voice NSW Competition. The very best speakers were chosen from the preliminary rounds. Students, like Brendan, that were selected to advance had:
•    A specific and original solution,
•    A solution that seemed viable within the framework of their response,
•    A speech that analysed the potential shortcomings of their solution, and
•    Outstanding and engaging manner.
We wish Brendan all the very best in the Grand Final.
Students in Years 7-10 are in the process of receiving their results from various exams and assessments. Please remember it is very important for the development of your child’s positive mental health that you praise their effort not the results that they receive. No result in the junior school should be considered important to future success. Years 7 -10 is all about learning how to learn and mistakes should be encouraged. Sometimes a disappointing result in Year 9 or 10 can be the making of a student later on. Please allow your child to reflect on their results with the view to improve further. Putting pressure on students will build anxiety and lead to a lack of self confidence in later years of schooling. Each year our high achievers report that they have valued the support and trust their parents have given them. They also mention that positivity in the family is crucial to success.

We need to build positive partnerships between teachers, parents and students to truly excel at school. Please contact your child’s Year Advisor if you have any concerns or would like some guidance or advice.
Advisors and Assistant Advisors:

Year 7    Ms Keira Brooks and Ms Joyce Ng
Year 8     Ms Sofia Hameed and Mr Morgan Gengiah
Year 9     Mr Trent Wilson and Mrs Stella Chan
Year 10 Ms Kristy Webb and Mr Tim Flood

Please remember to show your children that you love them and are proud of them regardless of their results. After exams it is a great time for a family outing – lunch, movies etc – your child will remember these special times later.

Year 10 have had a wonderful time at camp – if a little wet! The behaviour, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of this year group are always superb. Thank you to Mrs Novotni and Ms Russell for your fabulous organisation of the camp and for the many teachers that were able to give up their time to attend – Ms St Louis, Mr Grant, Mr Stanley, Mr Wilson, Ms McKenzie, Ms Webb, Ms Murphy, Ms Simadas, Ms Burgess, Mr Pakes, Mr Perrins, Mrs Bowen, Ms Tsai, Mr Woo, Mr Pronger and Mr Driscoll. Without such a supportive and committed staff, James Ruse would not be able to offer the fabulous wellbeing curriculum and camp program that is so beneficial to the holistic development of our students.

Year 7 enjoyed a taste of medieval history on Tuesday. Dressing up in chain mail is ever popular with students. Thank you to HSIE for this program.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend the combined meeting of the CoJR and Mothers Club yesterday. Constable Jason Roughley educated parents on how to keep your children cybersafe and to allow them to grow into ethical and legal digital users.

Social Justice in 2014 will continue to flourish. With Ms Murphy taking leave in 2014, her role has been divided into four areas and will be served with a team approach. Ms Adrienne Steele will lead our Social Justice Committee, Ms Jenny Burgess will implement High Resolves, Mr Trent Wilson will deliver our Global Active Citizenship programs and Ms Kate Boatswain will develop our immersion programs. Thank you to these teachers for volunteering to take on these additional roles.

Special Religious Education (Scripture) in 2014 – In 2014 we are changing the time we offer Scripture which will now allow students in Year 9 and 10 to attend if they wish.

Scripture will occur on Wednesday Afternoon at 2.30pm (Period 7).

Students in Years 9 -12 that are returning from sport may now choose to attend. In an email to students in Years 9 – 12 next week, we will ask students if they would like to opt in. This will allow our Religious Service Providers to ensure we have enough teachers. In 2014 we hope to offer Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu scripture.