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Principal's Report Week 7, Term 1 2013

posted Oct 16, 2013, 12:45 PM by Unknown user
Our 2013 Musical is now in rehearsal. Mr Alan Best and Mr Patrick Wong have auditioned our Year 11 students for the Oscar Straus Musical “A Waltz Dream”. Successful cast members are:
  • Angela Zou
  • Joyce Yang
  • Stella Ye
  • Karina Shum
  • Jessica Yang
  • Kwynne Yuan
  • Jessica Huang
  • Patricia Wu
  • Swathi Sridharan
  • Daniel Feng
  • Kevin Shi
  • Paul Kim
  • Dev Kuhasri
  • Patrick Oh
Congratulations to these talented Year 11 students. Keep Thursday 30 May, Friday 31 May, Saturday 1 April June free for the musical this year.
As mentioned last week, our Show Team presented our School Display at the Castle Hill Show. Ms St Louis, Mrs Pooviah and I were very pleased to attend the judging, enjoy the impressive display and see these wonderful students receive many ribbons of success. We achieved:
  • Blue Ribbons in the categories of “Knowledge” and “Teamwork”
  • A Red Ribbon in the category “Audience Participation”
  • The Students Choice Award and the very prestigious “Mancell Award”.
An enormous thank you to Mrs Karen Johnston for all her hard work and effort and to the wonderful team of Year 8 and 9 students.
Our Rural Youth team also submitted “honey” products and Anthony Mai of Year 7 won the Blue Ribbon for his honey Anzacs.
Our Save the Children charity club raised over $300 on Monday with a bake sale.
We have had some fantastic sports results this week. Congratulations to the JR Zone swim team, especially our age champions Hannah Qu, Yale Yi and Jason Guo; we were placed 2 Sydney West Swimmers: Angela Chen, Hannah Qu, Jessica Guo, Jason Guo, Elaine Yan and Guanyi Wu. The following relay teams have progressed to the State Carnival: 17+ Girls, 13 Boys, 14 Boys, 16 Boys and All Age Boys. Eric Choi, Lucas Chan and Yale Yi have also progressed to the State for individual events – Yale Yi is competing in 8 events. Well done!

Our boys’ knockout cricket and basketball teams are through to the following round. The following students have been selected to play in Zone teams:
  • Girls’ soccer – Alicia Lee, Catherine Yin, Rosalie Chen
  • Girls’ basketball – Vivian Shang, Pearl Wong
  • Girls’ tennis – Rachel Yang
  • Boys’ basketball – Radman Zhang, Michael Hong, Jonathan Lui
Jessica Guo is currently competing in the National Cross Country Championships in Perth. We are proud of all our amazing athletes.

Our Duke of Edinburgh participants have had their training day and are prepared for their first hike this weekend.

On Thursday and Friday Year 9 participated in the first stage of their student leadership and global citizenship program of High Resolves.

Our Year 9 laptops have arrived in the school and are being prepared for the students by a group of TSOs from neighbouring schools. On Monday night at 5.45pm we will host our Year 9 Parent Meeting for Year 9 students and parents to explain the process and responsibilities of the laptop. It will be held in the Hall.

Epping Buses – we are still having trouble fitting all our students onto the very crowded buses to and from Epping. Bus Inspectors have been visiting the school as we have pleaded with Sydney buses for another bus. Letters by parents explaining the situation and the travel problems this bus is causing your children might assist us in achieving our aim.

Next Tuesday night will be our 2nd and begin at 7.45pm. Our guest speaker will be Amy Murphy, our Relieving Head Teacher Teaching and Learning and also Social Justice Coordinator. After speaking with representatives from Sydney University today the importance of our students’ participation and leadership of programs such as social justice programs was emphasised particularly in relation to flexible entry and scholarships. Questions like “How do you, as a parent, instil a sense of justice in your child?” or “How do you, as a parent, make your child stand out from the rest?” will be addressed by Ms Murphy.

The focus of Ms Murphy's presentation will explore the importance of social-emotional intelligence in the 21st century. She will address how this can be achieved through the participation in social justice initiatives and cultural immersion experiences. It is through these experiences that your child will learn the value and significance of effective cross-cultural awareness, the importance of cultural safety and sensitivity and also enhance their key 21st century skills such as - creativity, independence, respect, collaboration and empathy. This presentation will delve into the 2013 Central Australia experience - so if you are interested and/or have questions about this trip, please come along!

Good luck to our HSC students who begin their second round of assessments. Remember to praise your child’s efforts as you see them studying and working hard over the next two weeks. Lots of good food and nagging them to get to bed at a reasonable hour is always useful.

Have a wonderful week.